Sunday, 27th of January 2019 Menu Changes to All Day Menu at Whitewater Snacks

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Sunday, January 27th 2019 changes to Whitewater Snacks All Day Menu

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All Day Menunoteschanged from Breakfast served daily until 11:00 a.m. All Kid's meals served with sliced apples, carrots, choice of small low-fat milk or small bottled water; juice box or small chocolate milk available upon request. to Breakfast served daily until 11:00 a.m.
Breakfast Burritodescriptionchanged from with eggs, tater bites, cheese & salsato with scrambled eggs, tater bites, bacon, and cheese, served with pico de gallo and sour cream
Breakfast Burritocostchanged from 8.49to 13
American Breakfastdescriptionchanged from with eggs, bacon or ham, tater bites & toastto with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, tater bites & toast
American Breakfastcostchanged from 8.99to 13
Oatmealdescriptionchanged from with berries and brown sugarto
Oatmealcostchanged from 5.99to 6
Assorted Muffins and Pastriesdescriptionchanged from $2.99 -to $4.00 -
Assorted Muffins and Pastriescostchanged from 3.49-5.49to 5.50
Whole Fruitcostchanged from 1.99to 2
Non-fat Vanilla Yogurt Parfaitcostchanged from 5.49to 7
Chicken Breast Fingersnamechanged from Chicken Breast Nuggetsto Chicken Breast Fingers
Chicken Breast Fingersdescriptionchanged from to served with French fries or fruit, with ketchup and honey mustard
Chicken Breast Fingerscostchanged from 7.49to 10
Parmesan-crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwichnamechanged from Grilled Cheese Sandwichto Parmesan-crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Parmesan-crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwichdescriptionchanged from to served with house-made chips or fruit
Parmesan-crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwichcostchanged from 6.99to 10
Nachosdescriptionchanged from Beef, chicken or pork, with cheese sauce, guacamole, chipotle crema and pico de tortilla chips, cheese sauce, guacamole, pico de gallo, roasted jalapeno, queso fresco, crema, green onions, cilantro. Beef $15.00, chicken
Nachoscostchanged from 11.49to 12.00
Soft Drinksdescriptionchanged from Coke, diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Root Beer, Orange, Light Lemonade, Iced Tea; Regular $3.19; Largeto Coca-Cola Freestyle. Regular $3.99, large
Soft Drinkscostchanged from 3.69to 4.19
Bottled Sodacostchanged from 3.79to 4.19
PowerAdecostchanged from 3.79to 4.19
Bottled Juicescostchanged from 2.99to 5.29
Milkdescriptionchanged from $1.79 /to
Chocolate Milkdescriptionchanged from $1.79 /to
Chocolate Milkcostchanged from 2.99to 3.49
Rice Bowldescriptionchanged from with green onions, sesame seeds, coriander, hard boiled egg, pickled cucumbers, sriracha aioli drizzle. Chicken $11.99, beefto steamed rice, vegetable egg roll, hard boiled egg, cucumber, green onions, sriracha aioli, togarashi spice. Chicken $14.00, beef
Rice Bowlcostchanged from 12.99to 15.00
Artisanal Pizzas from our Pizza Ovennamechanged from Crafted Artisanal Pizza with a Mediterranean Inspirationto Artisanal Pizzas from our Pizza Oven
Artisanal Pizzas from our Pizza Ovendescriptionchanged from 14" artisanal pizzato
Classic Pepperonidescriptionchanged from made with Southern California olli pepperoni, fresh tomato sauce and imported cheesesto Southern California "olli" pepperoni, grana padano, aged provolone cheese
Margheritadescriptionchanged from fire roasted tomatoes, BelGioioso mozzarella and fresh basilto fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, fire-roasted tomatoes, grana padano, aged provolone cheese
Removed Seasonal Pizzafrom Menu Items
Removed Lemon Shrimpfrom Menu Items
Removed 'Nduja Prosciutto Sausagefrom Menu Items
Removed Assorted Cookiesfrom Menu Items
Removed Ice Cream Noveltiesfrom Menu Items
Removed Turkey Sandwichfrom Menu Items
Removed Hamburgerfrom Menu Items
Removed Peanut Butter & Jellyfrom Menu Items
Removed Breakfast Sandwichfrom Menu Items
Removed Baked Tater Bitesfrom Menu Items
Removed Baked Chilaquilesfrom Menu Items
Removed "Mickey" Wafflefrom Menu Items
Removed Pancakesfrom Menu Items
Removed Kashi Cerealfrom Menu Items
Removed Yogurtfrom Menu Items
Removed Cerealfrom Menu Items
Removed Bagelfrom Menu Items
Removed Classic Angus 1/3 lb Cheeseburgerfrom Menu Items
Removed Grilled Chicken Sandwichfrom Menu Items
Removed Carnitas Quesadillafrom Menu Items
Removed Chili Cheese Hot Dogfrom Menu Items
Removed Chicken Salad Sandwichfrom Menu Items
Removed Tuna Salad Sandwichfrom Menu Items
Removed Roast Turkey Sandwichfrom Menu Items
Removed Pesto Chicken Sandwichfrom Menu Items
Removed Grilled Chicken Breast Caesar Saladfrom Menu Items
Removed Small Garden Saladfrom Menu Items
Removed Super Fruit Blendfrom Menu Items
Removed Fruit Platefrom Menu Items
Removed Soft Frozen Cherry, Soft Frozen Applefrom Menu Items
Removed Monster Energyfrom Menu Items
Removed Tomato or V8 Juicefrom Menu Items
Added Forest Mushroom Pizzato Menu Items
Added Charcuterie Pizzato Menu Items
Added Poke Bowlto Menu Items
Added House-Made Hand-Crafted Sandwichesto Menu Items
Added Our Daily Soup Creationto Menu Items
Added Shawarma Chicken Skewersto Menu Items
Added Bulgogi Beef Skewersto Menu Items
Added Mediterranean Vegetable Skewerto Menu Items
Added Edamame Hummusto Menu Items
Added Cheese & Charcuterieto Menu Items
Added Avocado Toastto Menu Items
Added Cali-Grilled Angus Cheese Burgerto Menu Items
Added Chicken-fried Brisket & Waffleto Menu Items
Added Sustainable Fish Tacosto Menu Items
Added Hot Dog of the Monthto Menu Items
Added PBJ&N Sandwichto Menu Items
Added Mini Corn Dog Nuggetsto Menu Items
Added Kid's Power Packto Menu Items
Added Root Beer Floatto Menu Items
Added Seasonal Crostata with Chantilly Creamto Menu Items
Added Assorted Cookiesto Menu Items
Added Sliced Fruitto Menu Items
Added Arugula Saladto Menu Items
Added Caesar Saladto Menu Items
Added Cauliflower Curry Saladto Menu Items
Added Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwichto Menu Items
Added Roasted Vegetable Quicheto Menu Items
Added Three-Cheese Quicheto Menu Items
Added Biscuit French Toastto Menu Items
Added Belgian Waffleto Menu Items
Added Egg White Scrambleto Menu Items
Added Avocado Toastto Menu Items
Added Kid's Breakfast Plateto Menu Items
Added Kid's Waffleto Menu Items
Added Pizzato Forest Mushroom PizzaMenu Categories
Added Pizzato Charcuterie PizzaMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Poke BowlMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto House-Made Hand-Crafted SandwichesMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Our Daily Soup CreationMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Shawarma Chicken SkewersMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Bulgogi Beef SkewersMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Mediterranean Vegetable SkewerMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Edamame HummusMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Cheese & CharcuterieMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Avocado ToastMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Cali-Grilled Angus Cheese BurgerMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Chicken-fried Brisket & WaffleMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Sustainable Fish TacosMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Hot Dog of the MonthMenu Categories
Added For Children Ages 3-9to PBJ&N SandwichMenu Categories
Added For Children Ages 3-9to Mini Corn Dog NuggetsMenu Categories
Added For Children Ages 3-9to Kid's Power PackMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Root Beer FloatMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Seasonal Crostata with Chantilly CreamMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Assorted CookiesMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Sliced FruitMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Arugula SaladMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Caesar SaladMenu Categories
Added All-Day Diningto Cauliflower Curry SaladMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Smoked Salmon Bagel SandwichMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Roasted Vegetable QuicheMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Three-Cheese QuicheMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Biscuit French ToastMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Belgian WaffleMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Egg White ScrambleMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Avocado ToastMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Kid's Breakfast PlateMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Kid's WaffleMenu Categories