Kringla Bakeri og Kafe Reopens in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion

While the AllEars.Net team was at Epcot yesterday to take in and experience the Epcot Intermational Food and Wine Festival we noticed we might get to see the reopening of Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in Epcot’s Norway pavilion. What alerted us to this? Well, the bakery was being guarded by a very imposing viking!


Sure enough, not long after that the doors opened and the cast members came out to announce that Kringla Bakeri og Kafe was open for business again!


We were so excited to be some of the first people in the new Bakery!

Upon entering we noticed right away that the bakery is about double in size and now allows for easier flow of guests. There is a queue system set up, but don’t worry, even though larger and concentrating on improved flow, the Bakery did not lose any of its charm. You still feel as if you walked into a small, local bakery in Norway (or what we would imagine that would feel like!).





The menu board has the main entrees listed on it and you can pick them up from the fridge in a “grab-and-go” style. You can also add a canned Rekorderlig Pear Hard Cider, Voss Water, and other cold beverages.




As you walk along the bakery there are basically three cases, two of them carrying the same items. The first and third cases have:

–Viking Chocolate Mousse
–Cinnamon (with Raisins), Chocolate, or Sweet with Almond Pretzels
–Berry Cream Puffs (with alcohol)
–Anna’s Birthday Cake cupcakes
–Frozen Mini Cupcakes
–Rice Cream
–School Bread

The second case includes:

–Assorted Muffins
–Yogurt Parfaits
–Samples of the Sandwiches

Enough reading – now check out the photos!












Drinks include Viking Coffee (with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream) as well as Nordic Draft Beer including Aass Pilsner, Einstol White Ale, and Einstok Toaster Porter.


The outdoor seating appears to be much the same as it was before. The main difference is that you do exit the bakery from a new door on a different wall. This was part of the improved flow for guests.


We did notice some favorites were missing such as Cinnamon Loaf and Meatballs. When we asked a supervisor she said they are not there now, but was not sure if they be there in the future. That gives us one more reason to visit again – as if the decadent baked goods weren’t reason enough!

Now we have one more place to add to our must-do list on our visits to Epcot!

Are you as glad as we are that Kringla is back?

8 Replies to “Kringla Bakeri og Kafe Reopens in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion”

  1. Very happy that the bakery is open. My only criticism is that the Gravlax is being served on a “everything” bagel instead of the hearty bread previously used. First, you can eat an “everything” bagel anywhere –the previous bread was better tasting and seemed more like something you would eat in Norway.

    Second, if you have to use a bagel instead of the hearty bread, why not a hearty bagel. Not everyone wants to eat all that garlic and onion – which kills the taste of the salmon.

    This was one of our favorite choices for lunch. The “everything” bagel was a big disappointment.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. We are coming down in October. We are so excited!
    Yay! School Bread and the Smoked Salmon Bagel!
    Our two favorites!
    See ya real soon!
    Dave and Mary!

  3. I’m so happy it’s open again!!! I know the Viking Dog is not on the menu as it was only on the temporary kiosk while they were remodeling. Do you know if there is any chance the kiosk will be open during the Food and Wine festival or if the Viking Dog will be added to the Kringla?? I don’t know if you got to try it, but it was so good and so filling!! We always split them between 3 or 4 people during our visit!

    DEBK replies: The kiosk was not open today, and the Viking Dog has not been added to the Kringla menu, sorry.

  4. Is there any gluten free goodies?

    DEBK replies: Nothing is marked as explicitly gluten-free, but we’ll be stopping in again this weekend and will ask!

    UPDATE: It seems that the only gluten-free goodie on Kringla’s menu currently is the rice dream.

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