Disney Hotels Become Pet Friendly at Select Resorts

EDITOR’S NOTE: For more details on this program, please visit our new Pet-Friendly Hotel Rooms page HERE.


The Disney Parks Blog today announced the beginning this Sunday, Oct. 15, for the first time ever, the Walt Disney World Resort will welcome guests — and their dogs — to four of its resort properties!

Four Walt Disney World resort hotels
have been designated dog friendly. Each property’s per night/per room pet-cleaning rate is:

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort $50/night
Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort $50/night
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort $75/night
Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort $50/night

A maximum of two dogs per guest room can be accommodated. Each guest room will have easy access to outdoor pet walkways for exercise and green spaces with pet relief areas.

Dog lovers will find plenty of Disney amenities and special touches for their four-legged friends.

At check-in, Pluto’s Welcome Kit includes mat, bowls, a pet ID tag, courtesy plastic disposable bags, puppy pads and dog walking maps. Also included: a Pluto “Do Not Disturb” door hanger indicating to hotel staff that a pet is in the room.

Disney enjoys a partnership with Best Friends Pet Care, an on-property full-service facility that can provide assistance with pet daycare and other pet services (fees apply).

Pet merchandise is coming soon to participating resorts.

While dogs will be allowed to stay in guest rooms, they will be expected to be well behaved, leashed in public resort areas and properly vaccinated. For more information about the new dog-friendly trial program, including other restrictions and policies, guests may contact 407-W-DISNEY. DVC Members should contact Member Services at 800-800-9800.

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82 Replies to “Disney Hotels Become Pet Friendly at Select Resorts”

  1. I am excited to try this out, I think the people that are against it should know that this is a trial and those of us with dogs are certainly going to be sensitive to other guests, we don’t want bad dogs and bad owners either.

  2. Not sure I like the idea. If your on vacation why do you need your pet. I think this will cause issues with non pet guests and grounds crew issues. I know
    I will not be staying in the resorts thT allow it. I don’t pay that kind of money to hear someone’s dog barking or stepping in something. You know there are some dog owners who don’t clean up after there pets. Bad idea.

  3. I don’t like the idea of dogs at the resorts. We also have dogs but would never think of taking them to Disney world. One time me and my grandsons were at a pet friendly hotel. They wanted to use the elevator and when the doors opened a woman and her pit bull came out. Can you imagine being in an elevator with a pit bull? Maybe people should take their pets o on their own vacation.

  4. First, let me say that I am a huge pet fan. Dogs, cats, you name it, we either have them or have had them in the past. However, when we travel, a pet/house sitter stays at our home so that the pets routines aren’t unnecessarily disrupted. I know that some people love to travel with their dogs, but leaving them in an unfamiliar hotel room all day while they are at the Parks, does not make for a good time for the animal. Not to mention the stress to other visitors at the Disney resorts that are accepting dogs. If Disney wants to offer this, they need to build a designated resort property specifically for dogs and their owners to stay in. Would be right up Disney’s alley, I would think.

  5. Our family absolutely adores dogs. We have 3 they are our babies. Having said that, we go to Disney to ride rides and eat at restaurants, all of which our dogs cannot and should not do. We spend very little time in our room, so to bring our dogs is silly.
    I do think it’s a bad idea to allow dogs at the resorts. We ALWAYS stay at POR because we love that resort. However, I hope that on our next trip we don’t have to dodge dog mines for those that do not pick up after their pets. When dogs go to strange places, some tend to mark their territory. How will Disney know that the carpets need to be shampooed? By then, the smell and stains would be set in and the room will stink. No one wants to stay in rooms that smell of dog urine/feces.
    There’s a pet resort just down the road from the resorts, right? If people want to bring their animals to Disney, take them to the animal resort close by and spend time with them there.

  6. I think this is a great idea. People now, more than ever before are traveling with their pets. The pets will be in certain areas of the resort so people with allergies do not need to worry. I have 2 tiny Maltese babies who are better behaved than some children. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Thank you Disney for allowing people to travel with all their family members.

  7. Disney’s Yacht Club is our favorite resort, but I don’t want to share it with dogs. Will they be allowed in the lobby, on the walkways? Just don’t think Disney is that hard up for money!

    DEB KOMA REPLIES: Disney says in its official statement: “Certain floors or sections of a hotel will be designated as dog-friendly, while the majority of areas will remain canine-free to accommodate Guests with allergies or other concerns.” In addition, only licensed service animals are permitted in Food & Beverage areas, Club Lounges, Pool areas, Fitness Centers and other public guest areas.
    Dogs are not permitted at Disney Springs or in Disney Theme Parks; only licensed service animals are permitted in these areas.

  8. Actually I love that our fur babies are now being allowed in certain resorts. I have noticed some negative comments, and understand allergy issues. Simply let them know and I have a feeling they are setting aside certain rooms/sections to accommodate the pets. This will also go for the people that are afraid of dogs as well. I also need to say that from experience, most people that travel with their pets, especially to WDW, you will find that the pets are better behaved than some people! I travelled with my 2 mini-schnauzers, who were also trained as service animals for 14+ years. They went before their training and after. Most times people never even knew they were there unless they saw them. We always stayed in pet friendly places and they were frequent visitors at the Disney Kennels during the day. This was when Disney ran them and after Best Friends took over. Please don’t be negative about the decision, the pets won’t be running loose. I always, always tell people ASK FIRST, THEN PET. This is common sense and parents should also be watching their children outside of the rooms anyway. Disney has researched their decision before they made it – they always do. If you don’t want to be around the pets, then maybe you want to reserve at a different resort.

  9. I love dogs! In fact, I love dogs more than a lot of people I know..lol. However, we would never bring our dogs with us to Disney. My husband and I hit the parks at rope drop and don’t come back to our room until 10 p.m. While I hate boarding, and miss our dogs greatly while we are on vacation, they are much better off at a boarding facility where they have their own routine and are well cared for.

  10. Not a fan of any animals staying in a hotel room that I might be staying on a future trip. To leave an animal in a hotel room all day makes ZERO sense.

  11. I hate the fact that dogs are allowed in the hotels. There are enough challenges now at Disney in trying to keep things clean, this adds another burden which will impact all of us

  12. We stayed at the Beach Resort during the recent Hurricane Irma and there were a large number of evacuees staying at the hotel with pets. It was fun to see people walking through the lobby with giant fish in bowls, and small rodents – and there was even a pet parade arranged as part of the hurricane indoor activities – but some of the guests were not as careful with their larger dogs as they should have been. We had an incident in an elevator, when a guest with a rather vicious dog tried to get in on the second floor, to be stopped by a concerned parent with a scared child. The policy of allowing dogs in the hotels will only work if guests are accommodating of the feelings of those around them and keep their pets strictly under control. This doesn’t always happen outside The World and Disney may well find if difficult to enforce.

  13. As a annual pass holder at Disney World & frequent visitor, I am very unhappy about pets being allowed in certain resorts. I am booked for the Beach Club for 10 days in June 2018. I do not want my vacation ruined by a barking dog, being placed in room that smells like a dog, dog hair on the carpeting, animal urine/excrement on the grass, and the possibility of my child being bitten by a dog. I think this is a bad idea all around. I hope Disney reconsiders this idea.

    DEB KOMA REPLIES: Hi, the Beach Club is not one of the designated pet-friendly resorts. The Yacht Club next door, however, is.

  14. I am a dog lover but think this is a TERRIBLE idea. First it’s stressful for the dog you are taking them to an unfamiliar place & leaving them locked in a room all day while you go to the park. I think that is just cruel.
    Second a lot of people are allergic or afraid of dogs so you are putting other guests at risk of Asthma attacks hives etc. Or having children or adults stressed or with anxiety because there are dogs in the area.
    Third, what has happened to Disney’s high standards? It seems like another money grab by Disney & that saddens me.
    Port Orleans riverside is one of my favorite hotels, but I will no longer be staying there or at French Quarter because I ma sure people will walk their dogs along the path that connects the hotels & when I walk early in the morning, I like to just have a nice peaceful quiet walk

  15. I am a dog owner but extremely upset over this change in pet policy. I have a reservation in November and now have to find another hotel other than Port Orleans to stay in. If you want to build a new pet friendly hotel then do that and do not subject everyone to your crazy idea. Dog owners who what to take a dog to Disney are the crazy pet parents I don’t want to vacation with. I don’t want to be in my room listening to someone else’s yipping dog and they are in the parks having fun and I am paying alot of money to be miserable in my room with their pet. Disney will have lawsuits over this thinking and end up loosing 💰 and loyal customers like myself who have been coming for 40+ years. Keep the crazy, out of control pet parents in a separate resort!
    Where will you draw the line? What about cats, snakes, birds etc. They are pets too 😲😕

  16. I think the idea of allowing pets at Disney hotels is terribly ill advised. Personally I am afraid of dogs as are some of my family. I would not feel comfortable having dogs running around the properties. But as a practical matter, where will people walk their dogs, who will clean up after them?
    Who will take care of these pets when the owners want to go out for the day? Will maids and staff be able to enter rooms where a pet is left alone?
    And there is always the problem of people allowing their dogs off the leash, which is a really big worry for me. Thank you, W. Bertini

    DEB KOMA replies: Disney has addressed some of your concerns in their official policy. You can read more about it here: http://allears.net/acc/pet-friendly-resort-hotels.htm

  17. I was very disappointed to hear that Disney is allowing dogs at select properties. I am not a fan of dogs and would be uncomfortable staying at a resort with dogs. POR was my favorite resort too! In addition, my husband is allergic. Staying in a room where a dog has been could send him to the ER with severe asthma!
    In addition, many people are afraid of dog. Dogs can be loud, and how many guests would be willing to leave the park to take their dog for a walk? It is unfair to place the animal in a strange, unfamiliar environment, then leave it alone for long hours. Will dogs be allowed at the pool? Many dogs love to swim and would want to cool off in the pool.
    My suggestion would be to have one resort that is exclusively for pet owners. That way they can come to WDW with their pets, but are kept separate from the rest of us!

  18. THIS IS AWFUL!!! Best Friends Pet Care isn’t good enough?? Pets are animals…period…they are not humans!! Stop treating them like they are humans! I don’t care how well your dog is trained OR he hasn’t “bit” anyone…this is a slippery slope and it was working just fine. Please Disney please reconsider.

  19. Kudos to the pet owners who disagree with this new policy! They are truly the ones who know what they are talking about. So many people do not know how to handle their dogs, and they think that their dogs are “people”. Well surprise! Dogs are not people — they are animals. There is no such reall thing as a “pet- parent”, a saying that is being promoted these days. Only dogs and cats can have dogs and cats and people have human babies! And that’s going to be part of the problem here — people thinking that their pets are human. And it’s true, not many pet owners can not control their animals. When it comes to small children it’s not a good idea to have a lot of dogs around either. Maybe these pet owners won’t think it’s such a good idea after some small child gets bitten by their dog and they get sued and so does Disney! What’s worse, it will be too late. By then someone will already be hurt. Your dog knows you! He doesn’t know other people or children that are strangers to him. And many people assume their dogs are friendly toward everyone. Small children don’t know the difference and will want to pet and play with these animals and possibly get hurt.
    I see real problems ahead with this for Disney!

  20. This upsets me. I am a DVC member. I visit twice a year. I am highly allergic to animal dander. I get sick which causes asthma and bronchitis.
    I certainly hope I don’t have to listen to barking dogs or kids chasing them when they get loose.
    Florida is so hot, the A/C runs all of the time. Have they considered the requirements to keep the A/C (filter & duct work) clean? Also the furniture, drapes, & carpeting? I guess I will have to live on Benidryl just to visit.
    I guess I will now consider selling my DVC.

  21. Well that rules out those hotels in the future. Unfortunately there are owners that either just don’t care (dog mess left, untrained dog etc) and ones that care too much. How long before a poodle is transformed into Minnie or Ariel. Terrible decision but at least it is only 4 hotels to boycott.

  22. This is a horrible idea! I have allergies and being fastidious, this is very unsanitary! We spent 3 years fighting fleas ( and have NO pets) from dog walkers passing our corner home. We have traveled from California for a good number of years, but if this is expanded, I can’t envision returning. Bad, bad decision in Disney’s part!

  23. I love my pup, but she’s not coming to Disney with us. Between the extra room fee and airfare, it would cost more than twice what I pay to board her in a kennel near home. I worry that dogs could get loose and get hurt or hurt someone or hurt another dog. If that happens, you know it will be posted online before the paramedics get there to help, which would be a publicity nightmare for Disney. It was wonderful that Disney allowed dogs during the hurricane emergency. As a long-term policy, this is not a good idea.

  24. No please not animals in the resort. I have terrible allergies to animals and to many foods, the last thing I need is an animal that has stayed in my remove that I have payed a lot of money for. I usually stay at PO French Quarter and love it
    I understand the love people have for their animals but having them stay in a room all day while family is in the park, how can that be fun or fair to the animal.

  25. I am a pet owner. We had to give up our dogs because of allergies and asthma. Both my husband and son. I am also leary of people not keeping there pets on leashes and picking up there messes. Plus i don’t want to be next to a room with a barking dog all day. We couldn’t stay at these resorts. how many will take advantage put there smaller dogs in bags and bring into food establishments and other places that they should not. I love Disney but this changes a lot for us.

  26. I am an animal lover but I see Disney setting themselves up for disaster and law suits. There are so many questions.
    Just another money maker for Disney.

  27. We evacuated to The Yacht Club during Hurricane Irma and there were a lot of dogs at the hotel. I assumed it was because of the hurricane that they allowed it. I must say it was not a good experience at all. Our corner room overlooking the quiet pool had a dog in the next room and we had to listen to constant barking. Now that I find out this is to stay and that two dogs will be allowed to be ina room, I will no longer be a guest at my long time favorite resort. I think it’s a bad morning be on Disney’s part

  28. First of all, I love animals especially dogs but I must say that this is one change that I hope Disney overturns. I don’t believe that animals other than service dogs belong in the resorts (or the parks). It is unfair to leave an animal in a small room for the majority of the day. Even if the owner comes back and walks the dog(s) or hires someone to walk them the pet is still alone in the room for the majority of the day. I know a lot of pet owners that are good at cleaning up after their pets but there are many who will not do so properly and the rooms will begin to have an odor and it is nearly impossible to clean all of the hair and dander out of carpet and drapes and other furnishings. Then there will be the issue of dog “business” in the landscaping. There are just too many issues to deal with (allergies, dogs barking, damage to rooms, dogs in areas where they are not supposed to be (check in areas, pool areas), people who have a fear of animals). There is already a nice place to board pets at Disney. If needed, spend money to enlarge it instead of making the rest of us have to deal with these things.

  29. So disappointed! We are a family of 5, so our choices are already limited! My oldest son and myself suffer from pet allergies, so now we are REALLY limited in our choices on where we can stay, we can’t really afford Deluxe resorts, so now we’re stuck at (currently under construction) Caribbean Beach? Forever!?! Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but for what I pay for my Disney vacation, I don’t want to have to worry about our allergies!!!

  30. I love our dog almost as though she is a member of the family. She means so very much to each one of us and gives us the type of love and presence that only a dog can provide.

    Having said that, I would not want to take her to Disney World and leave her in a strange hotel room all day long. Additionally I like the somewhat pristine environment provided for in a Disney World vacation and barking dogs, hairy rooms, pee stained floors and outdoor areas used as animal toilets are huge turn off to me.

    I am also very skeptical just how clean the rooms would be after a few weeks or months of this treatment. I’ve been to plenty of hotels that bill themselves as dog friendly and after the first couple of years they inevitably are filled with the many traces the dogs leave behind in spite of the best efforts of the hotel staff to keep up with the issues. As far as the advice given above that those of us don’t care for this policy should just get over it, I think I shall decline to accept that advice. When I am paying several thousand dollars for a hotel room, entertainment and other accommodation I don’t think I should have to “get over” anything. The company that I am enriching with my money should instead acclimate themselves to a policy that suits the vast majority he of their guest

    Additionally, those of us that have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the Disney vacation club should not have to tolerate Disney moving the goalpost on issues like this; we are entitled to the accommodations exactly as they were when they were purchased, not simply modified to fit yet another money-grab.

    I hope Disney will quickly reverse policy on this.

  31. I am a dog lover, but I am dismayed by Disney’s decision to open the 4 resorts to dog guests. My dog does not come on vacation with me, and I do not plan on bringing him ever on vacation with me. He can stay at home with relatives or in a kennel, but he does not need to go to WDW with me. If they want to include all guests and especially those who travel with dogs, then Disney should build a resort specifically for those who wish to room with their dog instead. My friend has allergies and is not comfortable around dogs and hence, she had to cancel her reservation for Riverside for 10 nights this month and is now staying off property instead of next door to me at POR. POR was always our resort and now it will never be again. Dogs are okay out at Fort Wilderness as they always have been, but not at other resorts. I am totally against this idea. What about the housekeepers who have to attempt to clean a room where a dog is present? Will the dog slip past her and get out to go look for his “mom” or “dad”? Will they have to stay in a crate while the owners are out in the parks all day? Am I going to have to listen to a dog whine or bark all day with separation anxiety? What will happen the first time a child (or adult) gets bit by someone’s dog? My vacation is no place for your dog. Leave them at home or don’t come. Next thing you know folks will be bringing cats, snakes, mice, reptiles, ferrets, etc. This is opening Pandora’s Box and it’s a bad idea.

  32. So, so very disappointed in this decision by Disney. Having stayed at Riverside 7 Times, we have had our last stay there. We have allergies to dogs . Even if there are “assigned” pet areas, I’m certain they will make their way into the lobby and eventually the pools even if posted that they are not permitted. And what about the pets left in the room to bark the afternoon away while other guests may be trying to catch a nap? I will be reserving our next Florida vacation at Universal Studios. This is so sad but I imagine we will enjoy spending our thousands of dollars per vacation at Universal.

    DEB KOMA REPLIES: Hi Denise, Since you mention you have allergies, I just wanted to point out to you that you’ll need to be careful at Universal as well. Several of the hotels at Universal have been pet-friendly for years: Portofino Bay, Hard Rock Hotel, Royal Pacific and Sapphire Falls.

  33. Just curious about the $50-$75 PER DAY up charge. If you stay one night, it’s $50-$75, if you stay a week, it’s $350-$525. Is the room cleaned seven times as much? If not, why not a set fee for cleaning, no matter the length of the stay.

    DEB KOMA replies: I believe the charge is per night, so you have a good point.

  34. The only dogs I want to see at Disney are Goofy and Pluto. We are highly allergic to dogs and my autistic son is terrified of them, even if they are on a leash. What will Disney do if the dogs are howling and disturbing other guests? I like dogs, but they need to stay at the Disney pet care area, not the resorts.

  35. As a dog lover and DVC owner, my family has driven nearly 20 hours to WDW with one of our dogs, reserved VIP accommodations at Best Friends (which is a fantastic facility with great staff) during the day for her, and then picked her up each evening and stayed off property to be with her. While we no longer do this, I think this is a great test and I have always thought there should be a property where this is possible. I am not an advocate of leaving a dog in a hotel room alone for the day and feel there should be a requirement to prevent that. Many who don’t want to stay in a room that a dog stayed, might be surprised that they may have already considering the prevalence of service dogs that visit. There are many luxury boutique hotel groups that have always been welcoming to pets and haven’t experienced issues with the policy. Few guests will cross paths with a dog staying on property; I wish the same could be said for ill behaving children that we are all subjected to on Disney transportation and in signature restaurants while their parents turn a blind eye. Being a DVC owner, I’m confused why the concern from other DVC owners considering none of the properties in the test are DVC properties. It would be beautiful to see everyone less concerned about dogs in hotel rooms when there are unfortunate families across the country that have lost everything as a result of hurricanes and fires.

  36. I’m thrilled, personally.

    But this isn’t really anything new – it’s just expanded. Service Animals have been staying at the Disney resorts forever.

    Also, for anyone concerned, I’m certain it is just going to be for specific buildings and/or rooms, and if Disney keeps to their normal policies, dogs will be limited to very specific walking/relief areas.

  37. I have a dog, but think this is a truly bad idea. If the dog cannot be left alone for more than 7 hours, your day will be spent running back and forth between parks and resort. And this is not a free service. And what happens if the dog does not “behave”? Does the the family have to go home? Will there be a limited number of rooms available? What happens when an allergic or scared child runs afoul a dog? This whole thing is just rife with problems. Dog droppings where not expected. I know several resorts I will no lo g er frequent..

  38. My wife and I have been annual passholders for many years and travel from Ohio to stay st Port Orleans Riverside at least twice a year, usually with 2 grandchildren along. We have stayed there since it wa Dixie Landings. We will not be staying there in the future if pets continue to be allowed.

  39. Terrible idea Disney. I get pets are part of a family (“fur-babies” and all). And I don’t think that there will be a rash of terrible dogs trashing rooms, peeing on beds and carpets, and biting people. HOWEVER. There WILL be messes and there WILL be room damages. Even good dog owners have a degree of nose blindness. For allergy sufferers, once an animal has been in a room, it is nearly impossible to get them out. Unless Disney has permanently designated and segregated the rooms for pets at these resorts there is no way an allergic person could stay at the resort again. For me personally it is cats. But I could be two rooms away from a room with a cat and have a horrible allergic attack (yes I am that sensitive and I’m sure dog allergies can be just as bad). And regarding cats – I’m sure that would be next on the list as the policy moves from “dog friendly” to “pet friendly”. Overall this is an especially shocking and disappointing move since Dis has been making such great strides in becoming dietary allergy/challenge friendly and accommodating for people with different abilities. Makes me seriously reconsider going again (we just got back from a great stay at Riverside).

  40. This new policy makes no sense. And what were they trying to achieve by launching it out of the blue, forcing guests to stay on the phone for hours trying to redo reservations.

    I’ve read numerous comments by people with allergies, (some so severe it could require a trip to the ER) bemoaning this new policy. Then there are cast members who have been giving guests erroneous information. Probably because they were not properly informed themselves. Sloppy work Disney, sloppy work.

    Just a note: Every site I’ve visited seems to have more nays than yeas. Even some pet lovers are against this.

  41. I think dogs are great. But maybe not so great at any of Disney’s resorts. Perhaps if very specific rooms were being designated “dog friendly” it would be just okay. Many people are afraid of dogs or have allergies. I know that some people can’t bear to leave their pet behind, but it is supposed to be a vacation – for every guest at the resort. Worrying about making sure Fido has food and water and letting him out to take care of business doesn’t seem like much of a vacation; and Fido might not find it to be very exciting to be surrounded by so much activity and noise. Next door neighbors likely won’t much enjoy hearing Fido barking at all hours either. I think Disney needs to rethink this idea and set aside specific rooms if it is necessary to start being pet friendly.

    DEB KOMA Replies: Hi Tari, Disney is doing exactly as you suggest — setting aside specific areas for guests staying with their dog/s at just four resorts.

  42. This is such a horrible idea! I have already heard from AoA for November and we have 4 dog allergic family members! We can’t switch bc we are with 2 other families!! I hope they limit dogs to certain rooms/areas/buildings out of consideration for other guests! Also why would anyone want to bring their pet to Disney to be left alone in a room all day? How cruel! It isn’t like any other vacation destination in the real world where people actually spend significant time in their resort….will people leave the parks to walk their dog? It sounds like a poorly thought out idea!

  43. We are very sorry to hear that dogs are being allowed. We love dogs but this is not a place for them. We always stay at beach club and hope that dogs will NOT
    Be allowed their. We come every other year with our family of 20. Several of our family are VERY allergic to dogs! Does this mean that dogs will eventually be allowed in the parks. They are busy enough!

  44. I love dogs but this is ridiculous. Disney is a people experience and people bringing their pets is not appropriate. This is opening a Pandora’s box. I would never stay at one of these four resorts

  45. A vacation is a time to enjoy yourselves. Pets are NOT part of this experience, they CANNOT understand a vacation. Please find a special someone who does NOT have a pet and ask them to babysit your pet while you are on vacation. We can LOVE a pet maybe more than a child, but we need to learn, as with a child, that sometimes they and us needs a break from each other. Pets need more time to adjust to new surroundings, PLEASE let them have the surroundings they are used to and LEAVE them home with an appreciative sister.

  46. I am not happy about this I am allergic to all animals. I will now have to make sure I do not get a room that had a dog in it. This not a bright idea by Disney. My allergy can get so bad I almost have an asthma attack.

  47. I love this. We always bring our dogs on vacation no matter where we stay and now can stay at a select pet hotel;. For those who complain about not staying at a dog friendly hotel, there are many other ones to choose from. .

  48. Very sad news. I hope this goes no further than a trial run. I go on vacation to relax and enjoy; how long do you think it will be before the dogs are running rampant because the rules cannot or will not be enforced. Dogs don’t need to go on vacation!

  49. When I read that Disney was going to allow dogs in certain resorts I was disappointed. When I book hotels for myself and my husband I always book hotels that DO NOT allow pets. If I am going to spend over $200 a night at a Disney hotel I don’t want to hear dogs barking or whining. Also, let’s be honest, people smoke where they aren’t allowed so what makes Disney think they won’t walk their dogs where they aren’t allowed. Either leave your dog home or put them in the Disney Kennels.

  50. I love all my pets but traveling with them is a chore. I do not want to be woken up by someone’s dog barking to go out in the am or overnight.
    Who at WDW Resorts will “enforce” the “Dog Rules”? Will the dog family have to leave if complaints are made or the family who chose to leave their dog at home for the vacation?

  51. Great move by Disney! Im sure Disney isn’t going to allow dogs at all resorts in the future so all those haters can calm down. You will still have plenty of lodging options available to you and you can then find something else to complain about. For those of us who don’t complain about every move Disney makes this is great news. Finally we will have the option to take our dog with us to experience the magic of Disney. I’m sure most of these people on here complaining about dogs at Disney have no issue with taking GIANT strollers into the parks. Now if you want to complain then by all means complain about that, because that is by far one of the worst things we deal with when at Disney.

  52. This is a very bad idea, as mentioned by other people there are too many negative issues allowing pets. Just another idea for Disney to make more money. I used to enjoy the Yacht club but I will never stay there again or any other resort that takes in pets.

  53. If I understand correctly, Disney is delegating specific areas and rooms as “Pet Friendly”. This should alleviate the allergen concern. As my husband has a Service Dog, my greatest concern is for those pets that tend to be out of the control of their owners and not properly picked up after.

  54. This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous….I just made my final payment to Disney for my upcoming stay at Port Orleans Riverside and days later Disney makes this announcement. My grown daughter and grandson are two members of a party of six who will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside and they are severely allergic to pet dander. WHAT THE #>!! is Disney thinking with this move. THIS WILL BE MY LAST STAY AT A DISNEY RESORT

  55. I think this is wonderful. For the past 6 years, we have only made day trips to Disney because of our shepherd. We lost our dog in May but if he was still alive, it would have allowed us to have him with us at night and bring him to Best Friend Daycare while we are at the parks.
    For all of you naysayers, I’m sure there are only certain rooms that will be allotted. Stop being so Grumpy. Life is to short. Disney has several hotels so I’m sure you won’t have a problem finding a room.

  56. REALLY?!! I guess someone at Disney finally figured out how to squeeze a few more dollars out of the many visitors that have a dog(s)! I cannot imagine the smells plus the dander that will be left behind in the appointed rooms. vetting the animals will also be more complicated than even their lawyers can imagine! Here’s a news flash-people want to go on vacation to get away from their daily routines, NOT listen to the next-door-neighbors dog barking and whining. The people I’ve known that have animals have either boarded them or bought travel trailers etc, so they can take them and stay in a camp ground. I know pets are special, but they do not belong in a hotel room in WDW. Mark my word, there will be nothing but trouble and if they allow them in the parks, I’m out!! What a poor decision

  57. I love animals but I don’t think having dog friendly hotels is a good idea. Yes, there are going to be areas to walk your dog and where the dog can go to the bathroom BUT what happens when someone decides to walk Fido outside the boundary area. Are there going to be fines like smokers are told if they don’t smoke in a designated area? What about if Fido doesn’t like being alone and spends the day barking at everyone that walks by and someone in the next room wants to spend a relaxing day in their room? It’s opening a can of worms. So much seems to be changing and I don’t know how much is for the better. Love the Wine and Food Festival, but we watch how we tour it because the past few years have seen more and more drunken and disorderly people, smoking areas in the parks seem to be disappearing and now this new policy. I hope it all works out in the end, but so many things can go wrong with this.

  58. Guess I won’t be staying at Yacht Club again. I don’t want to be kept up by barking dogs in addition to yelling kids. Nor do I want to sleep in a bed Fido rolled around in and possibly left fleas in. They do not clean these rooms enough between human guests from the stains on carpets and syrup on closet handles I’ve encountered, I would hate to see what is left behind after someone’s dog has been in there. Yuck! I mean they dog would be in the room all day barking and trashing things while the owner was in the parks. Plus a lot of kids are afraid of dogs, nor would any parent know if a dog was friendly. All they need is some kid to get bitten because of the “it is at Disney so it is safe” mentality. Not happy about this at all.

  59. I think this new pet-friendly policy is wonderful. Brilliant marketing decision, really. Disney can now provide more room service for people to remain in their rooms each evening with their pets, charge for the on-property dog daycare (which one would anticipate being expanded in the near future), and sell the merch we know pet owners will be all over. We look forward to bringing our dogs, but so many questions remain: will any DVC suites be pet-friendly in the future (we’re more likely to stay in a 1 or 2 bedroom suite)? Are there adequate walking trails for pets to get their energy released? Will rooms have carpet ‘spot-bot’-type shampooers? Will the pet id tag have an RFID chip embedded to track Fido? Will puppy plunge-pools be in the offering? I feel on-site pet-sitting facilities are merited, as well, so dogs can be dropped off on the way to the bus stop. How about a ‘puppy-cam-app’, through which families can view Fido/daycare center whilst park-hopping? Will most dog rooms be on the ground floor, for ease of egress?
    It would seem the unfortunate Irma events preceded this decision, when locals/cm’s were welcomed to shelter with their pets. It must have largely gone well.
    We know Walt loved animals. This feels like the right move for continuing his legacy.

  60. I too think this is a terrible idea for all the reasons others have mentioned. I hope Disney backpedals on this idea quickly.

  61. Magical news!! We know so many people who will now consider a WDW visit, thanks to the pet-friendly accommodations. Bringing our fur-baby will save us tons of cash on house-sitters, and save our sanity from fretting and missing our pup whilst away. THANK YOU WDW!!!
    To the nay-sayers: choose another hotel! Good grief, you’d think Disney’s permitted gila monsters or elephants to stay there. Loads of chain-stores have permitted pets for decades, and service animals are allowed anywhere, so get over it. Sheesh.
    According to the HSUS, in 2016 65% of US homes have pets: that’s almost 164,000,000 pets. Genius marketing on WDW’s part, to capture that niche.
    My only hope is thst they don’t book up too quickly.
    Way to go, WDW!!!

  62. ugh…. horrible!! I don’t want the rooms, walkways, grass, etc. smelling/looking like dog. We have a dog, and love her, but when it’s vacation time, they stay with grandma or the kennel. Aren’t you in the parks the majority of the time, or maybe at the pool. This is a stupid policy. I hope it is eliminated quick!

  63. LOVING THIS!!’ It is well beyond time. I will vacation and support any dog friendly establishment. Those who don’t like it, go to Universal. I will take a million dogs over people any day.

  64. I’m also a dog lover and I’m very unhappy with this policy. Very few owners TRULY have control of their animals–crowded, hot resorts with squealing children at canine eye level is a prime recipe for dog bites. I don’t know where pets are relieving themselves, but I can’t imagine the smell of steaming dog urine in said concentrated areas in August. I am a runner and I do not want to encounter dogs on the running paths. Does this mean dogs will be walking around the Boardwalk area? What about Disney Springs? AGAIN very few owners have control of their dogs. If the dog’s shoulder is not *behind* the owners leg on a SLACK leash, the owner is not the alpha/pack leader. How many dog bites and kids knocked down from jumping will it take for WDW to learn this was a BAD idea?

  65. Wish I had known this before I booked a vacation at Riverside. Had I known about it becoming a pet hotel I would not have booked it. Very sad, since Riverside is our favorite place to stay. I’m hoping that only certain rooms will be used and I can request a room not used for pets. Really not crazy about dogs in the resort at all. Disney just keeps disappointing us lately.

  66. I would not stay at a pet friendly resort. Between the fleas, smell of the animals, and accidents happening on the carpet I have no desire.

  67. As a dog owner, I think this is fantastic! I would love to bring my dog with me. The ambiance in the resort areas is awesome and I can’t wait to see how Disney makes over the pet areas with Disney Magic. While I don’t think they will let the dogs into the parks, why not at select resorts if the guest is willing to pay the upcharge and follow the rules. I’m sure that Disney will restrict the rooms used to animals and when you make a reservation you will be able to request a NO PET room just like you can request a no smoking room. Pets are required to be vaccinated and on leash while in public areas. Will there be some who let their pets act wildly? Of course. But you have people who let their KIDS act like animals.

  68. This saddens me. We absolutely love Port Orleans Riverside and go to this resort with each visit and plan to go in December and March. Unfortunately we will have to change to another resort. Our daughter is extremely allergic to dogs and will not be able to stay at a resort that allows dogs. I am hoping that there will be designated rooms as I would worry for those with allergies.

  69. Not happy at all. I notice dogs are more frequent on airplanes now, on my trips from CT to MCO, now dogs etc in hotels? I think it’s not a good decision for Disney, and they are adding un-needed stress, and upset. For their employees and us guests ☹️

  70. My wife thinks this is a “GOOFY” idea. I think this is a bad idea. I would not want to stay in a room where a dog has been penned up all day or a room with a history of dogs. No matter what you do if dogs have been in a room over time, you know it. We are dog lovers with a pug. He stays with friends when we visit. If you bring a dog to WDW, use the kennel where they can receive proper attention.

  71. This is a bad idea and they are opening a big Pandora’s Box with this. The campgrounds are one thing but the resorts shouldn’t have dogs (other than service dogs of course). Like many have said people who are allergic may never stay at these resorts again.

    And are all the rooms pet friendly or will they sectioning off areas for them? Also while they say they must be well behaved, it only takes one dog to have a problem and bite someone or something along those lines and Disney could be looking at a lawsuit. Just not a smart move for Disney, a rare miss.

  72. Just a bit of data:

    From ABC news at most 15% of people have dog allergies. From the ASPCA: “Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 35% have a cat. (Source: American Pet Products Association 2015-2016 (APPA)).” There are 27 (or is it 28?) disney operated resorts, making this roughly 15% of available resorts. One of those resorts already allows pets (FW in campers) so that’s a best a partial change.

    As a dog owner I don’t know if I’d take advantage of this, but it is sure nice to have some resorts at the biggest family destination in the world that would take the whole family. When any institution makes a policy to benefit a cohort group they will aggravate another, and I feel for those who are upset. While it’s a bummer that anyone’s expectations have to shift about their expensive, important trip, the numbers sure do add up in favor of making a move like this: 142million > 48million, and the 48 million get 85% of the resorts to themselves.

  73. Finally!!! I’m so thrilled. I’ve ben coming to Disney For 40 years and now for the first time I can stay on property because we always travel with our beloved dog. Thank you Disney! Wonderful news.

  74. I honestly don’t know what Disney is thinking. I understand that people want to bring their dogs with them on vacation and not have to put them in the kennel, but they can’t bring them to the parks…yet…and that means they stay in the room, some barking all day long while their owners are having fun. And what of the mousekeepers? How are they to clean the rooms while making sure the dogs don’t get out? Some of them, I am sure, are afraid of dogs. What if one gets bit?

    This is yet another poor decision by Dinsey, and it won’t take too many more before I simply stop attending. I just don’t get it.

  75. After reading the article my first thought was, “Oh No”. I have 5 Grand-doggies and love them a lot. However, I think Disney should keep to people resorts and let Pet Friends Pet Care take care of the visiting doggies. I do not believe it is on a dog-friendly trial program. If Disney is investing in pet merchandise, it is not a trial. I’m sure there will be some resort guest that have an allergy. Why should they have to worry about a reaction at the Most Magical Place. There will also be guest that are afraid of dogs. If future guest have their favorite resort chosen as one of the selected pet friendly resorts, they are forced to never stay their again. I’m sure Disney thought this through but not enough. I am already booked and fully paid for a December stay at the Yacht Club. I checked and there is no availability at other resorts. When I visit Disney, I will only stay on property. Now I have to stay at an on property pet friendly resort. If I knew ahead of time, I would not have chosen the resort. Maybe Disney should have built a pet friendly only resort that caters to their guest with pets or a resort next to the Best Friends Pet Care. Not at all happy with Disney’s decision.

  76. I have noted with some disappointment that you are planning to allow dogs in resort hotels. The nex t thing they will have access to the parks.I stayed at a dog friendly hotel and the animal jumped onto a sofa in the lounge area. I have seen people try to sneek them in under tables whilst eating. Owners think they can push the boundries.
    I was considering booking the yacht club but will not
    be interested.

  77. Whilst I absolutely love dogs, this saddens me a little. My mother is terrified of dogs so this immediately rules out staying at any of these hotels in the future. Also, will this just be in designated rooms as I would worry for those with allergies. Disney is no place for a dog. Let them have their own vacation in a properly run establishment rather than coop them up all day in the room whilst you are in the parks.

  78. I’m sure pet owners will love it.

    I dislike it. I am highly allergic to animals. Contact with pet dander causes life threatening asthma. I will never be able to stay at those hotels again.

    I will be lodging my views against this policy to Disney.