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If you love Disney, not only is there an app for that, but there are a wide range of Facebook groups that cater to specific Disney interests, as well as a general love for the brand. During the past year, I have become a member of probably a dozen different Disney Facebook groups. Want to know why?

The members in each private group generally are invested in and knowledgeable about the topic. For example, I belong to several Facebook groups dedicated to runDisney events, even though I’m not a runner. My husband, my son and my daughter are, though, and the fellow members are so supportive. They offer training, planning and race tips that I can pass along. But perhaps the best feature of a large online group of like-minded individuals is that if you have a question, you can get an answer quickly. Members generally genuinely like to help each other. They do not think there are any dumb questions, and administrators do not tolerate nasty behavior if any arises. Ask away!

I also belong to a Facebook group that is made up of collectors and enthusiasts of Disney high-end handbags, such as those by Dooney & Bourke, Harveys and Vera Bradley. Although I own a small number of these bags compared to some of my fellow group members, I enjoy reading about their searches for the perfect bags. Because these bags are expensive, many of the women view them as investments and are looking for the best prices. This group has practices in place to keep members from selling to each other at extremely inflated prices. (Those who want to see what the market will bear are encouraged to use other selling sites, such as But the group is not just a marketplace; the members answer questions about the care of the bags, new releases, sales and more. I did not know purse charms were a thing before I joined this group, but I gave several for Christmas gifts this year.

As unbelievable as it might seem, there are Facebook groups run by talented individuals who are happy to give their services to members free of charge. One of my recent finds is a group of graphic artists who are willing to touch up cherished Disney vacation photos or guests. Would it be a perfect shot if someone didn’t step into the frame at the last minute? The artists will attempt to remove the photo-bomber. Wish the wind hadn’t blown that strand of your hair straight up in the air in your engagement photo in front of Cinderella Castle? You might be in luck. Of course, the artists only work with your personal snapshots, not copyrighted or professional images.

Another group of graphic artists creates custom Disney designs that guests often use to make magnets, T-shirts and other goods for their vacations. These are especially popular with passengers who will be sailing on Disney Cruise Line and want to decorate their stateroom doors with personalized magnets or create matching outfits for special occasions such as Pirate Night or wedding activities. The artists fulfill custom orders, but the images are to be used for personal use only. Recipients cannot sell or profit from their work.

Is food your passion — or do you just want to make sure you are not wasting your vacation budget on restaurants at Disney Parks that you are likely to be disappointed in? Yes, there is a Facebook group for you. Members can get recommendations, as well as ask other Disney food-and-beverage-related questions. One such group has more than 30,000 members who are willing to share their dining experiences.

As I hinted before, there also are a lot of popular Facebook groups devoted to shopping and selling Disney merchandise. You can find members who want to sell runDisney race merchandise, costumes for runDisney events, trinkets for Fish Extender giveaways on Disney cruises, and even collectibles. Plus, there are personal shoppers who will go into the theme parks and to the official Walt Disney World outlets to find merchandise for their members.

We at AllEars.Net also have our own Facebook community that is dedicated to helping you plan your next Disney vacation and to reliving the magic in between travel times. Here you will find video tours, the latest Disney news and deals, and tips for making the most of your vacation. You can, of course, ask questions and we will do our best to find answers for you. The AllEars.Net group is a private group, which means you have to request to join. Like most Facebook groups, the process of approving members helps us make sure those you are interacting with have the same interests and are not just there to advertise their businesses. We look forward to having you join us!


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  1. I can’t find an AllEars.Net private Facebook group. I already ‘like’ the AllEars page on Facebook but I hate to think I am missing out on a group too 🙁

    KRISTIN: In the search field, type in AllEars Disney Community. Click on the page and then look for the button to join at the top of the page. (The regular AllEars.Net page will have our logo and the web address as the title.) Hope this helps!