Reviews of Dolphins in Depth - Epcot

A behind-the-scenes experience for Guests interested in learning more about the dolphins and research at The Living Seas, as well as those wanting to increase their awareness and appreciation for dolphin counterparts in the wild.



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Reviewer: Anonymous Review Date: 09/29/2018

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I did the dolphin your when I went on a solo trip. I need a power chair in the parks, but I'm still a short distance walker. I told the staff all of this in advance and used a life jacket. They had a cast member keep an eye on me, but I got to enjoy everything the other guests did and it was wonderful. I do want to stress that you don't swim freely with the animals like in some other vacation venues, but I think this is very appropriate. In this tour, Disney teaches us how these are wild animals and need to be respected as such, not treated as pets. We really learned a great deal and spending time in the water with and touching the dolphins was a very thrilling experience. I liked how that allowed us access while still preserving the safety and dignity of the animals. I was very happy with the help my your made to their conservation fund.


Very enjoyable with special needs safety well maintained; helps with conservation.


Anyone wanting to actually swim freely with dolphins may be disappointed. They should know this in advance.

Reviewer: ppratt3410 Review Date: 01/19/2017

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We did the tour with my mother who is in a wheelchair, my 2 nieces and their parents. We always try to do something nice for the girls so we surprised them with the tour. This was a great experience. The biggest thrill for me was the fact that they had a person to attend my mother in a PVC water accessible wheelchair leaving me to enjoy the experience fully. She also got in the pool so she didn't feel left out.

Our tour was informative and enjoyable. I highly recommend this. It's a bit costly but it's vacation and a portion of the proceeds go towards the preservation fund.


individual attention for my mother


if there is one I'd say cost