Reviews of Undiscovered Future World - Epcot

Learn about the history and creation of Epcot and the legacy Walt set forth for the Walt Disney World Resort". See how each pavilion in Future World celebrates human accomplishment and presents the challenge of the future.

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Reviewer: Karen Review Date: 09/26/2018

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My daughter and I took this tour with some apprehension as Future World had never been of my favorite parts of Disney World. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The tour guide, Michael, was so informative of, not only the resort itself, but the history in the planning of Epcot. We all listened intently through 4 hours of information sprinkled with \'fast pass\' rides on attractions and visiting corporate lounges. The tidbits of personal information included in this tour provided insight into even the reason for the designs of the buildings, the color of the concrete, the purpose behind Future World.


All the information provided, the backstage sites, the corporate lounges, the aquarium.


It was a lot of walking.

Reviewer: mfener Review Date: 10/16/2013

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My wife and I love backstage tours and since we had been to Epcot many times before (and love it!) we felt this would be a fun new experience. And for the most part it was. It's long: over 4 hours, and the last three hours were very informative and enjoyable. The problem was the the first hour, which was a recap of Epcot's history, given while we stood in front of Guest Relations. Our guide was knowledgable and personable and did a fine job, but we wish the tour script called for immediate visits to the backstage areas, all of which were very interesting and exactly what we were looking for. The VIP lounges in the Living Seas and Mission Space were beautifully impressive. The Land and getting a front row seat in Soaring was great. The enormous costume and cast member area was a real treat, especially when we had the chance to peak in at the princesses putting on make-up and getting ready for their "shifts". The large backstage mehanical area for test track vehicles and for the Illuminations barges was also very interesting.

Going backstage and seeing the tremendous amount of activity that goes on behind the scenes gives you a new appreciation for the planning, operation and management of an enterprise like Epcot. The number of cast members, vehicles of all sizes, tons of machinery, and huge support buildings of all kinds are just amazing.

All in all, it was a good tour and we would recommend it to anyone who has a yen to see how magic is created. The perks at the end, including a discounted lunch in China and preferred seating for Illuminatins, were nice even though we didn't use them.


Backstage areas


45 minute Epcot history

Reviewer: MickMinnMom Review Date: 03/04/2013

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My husband & I took this tour a few weeks back with our tour guide Christopher. He was very nice & knowlegable with Epcot facts & lesser-known tidbits & trivia. We all were given headsets to wear so everyone could hear Christopher talking no matter where you were standing. We never missed any info while we were walking around during the tour. There is alot of walking with the tour so be sure you like to walk. We learned alot about the history of Epcot & all the great detail that went into making this park. We went to the Living Seas & even got to go "backstage" there. We had a quick break where we could get a snack at "Seasons" in the Land before we got to take a ride on "Soarin"-without waiting in line. Cool!. (We used this time to also grab a FP so we could ride again later!)We went backstage to the costuming dept & saw where the CM's have "their" areas. We also ended up backstage to see where the globe used in "Illuminations" is stored. Because we took the tour, we received a special 'surprise gift' & were able to come back to the VIP area in front of Italy to watch 'Illuminations' that evening. (that was nice. You could wait to it was about ready to start & just walk up to the private area & have a great view of the show!) We enjoyed the tour alot & always like hearing 'behind the scenes' info about the parks & learning new trivia facts. We felt the cost of the tour was good compared to some others & felt we got our money's worth. I personally am a huge MK fan & probably enjoyed the 'Keys to the Kingdom' tour (which includes lunch in the price) a little bit more. But, Epcot is my husbands favorite park & he really enjoyed it! We would both do it again & would recommend it to anyone. For us, anytime spent at Disney is a good day! And to learn more about the park & to go 'backstage' is always magical!


learned & saw behind the scenes tidbits & places