Where in the World #558

To all who come to this photo trivia game, Welcome! Along the way, the photos can make us relive memories and see details Walt’s Imagineers put into everything we love in Walt Disney World!

I’m very sorry; we had a technical bug with the submissions that we worked out. Everything is fine for this week and I have everyone’s name for #557 that was missed below; I will post them by Sunday the 21st by the latest.

Now for Challenge #557
Where in the World 557

And here’s the answer:

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The bat weather vane on the top of the Haunted Mansion! In hindsight, I should have saved this one for Halloween.

Emma Ramsey was the first to send in the correct answer! Congratulations to Emma and to all our winners this week!  Bob Carr, Ken Russell, Megan Krainski, Smoosher, Hannah Masters, Sandie Albrecht, Michael O’Brien, Mickey Eckert, Terry Harris,  Jeff Blank, The Gallagher Family, Steve Heraly, Cheryl Costello, Joseph M. Zafia, Deb Ragno, The Gunnels Gang, Karen O Brien, Jim Finley, Linda Hoffman, George Mundy Jr., Melissa Haeberle, Linda Ranatza, Cheryl Chambers, Jodie S., Deborah Vido, Maureen and Warren Handy, Pensacola Glenn, Bob Hendrix, Karen Bellamy, Barry Sklenar, Kathleen Bell, Cindy Harding, Shirley Garcowski, Steve Knapp, Chris Kelly, Donald Purney, Douglas Southworth, Dee Dee Kenney, and The Patterson Family!

Challenge #558 Where in the world is this?

This prince is hiding a bit; can you still guess him?

Do you know? Do you have a guess? Please send in your answer before the end of the day on Thursday, October 18th, by clicking on the blue box below.

Please do not post your answers on this blog post.

See you soon, Players!

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Everyone who sends in a correct answer to a Where in the World Challenge this month will be entered in a drawing at the end of the month for some special AllEars® goodies!

Erin Blackwell works on the Where in the World Photo Blog and maintains the Fort Wilderness pages. A website developer by day, she adores Mickey Mouse and his brother Oswald. Her favorite place in Disney World is the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, which is where she loves to hang out with her husband and dogs.

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20 Replies to “Where in the World #558”

  1. I submitted the correct answer too. At the time I couldn’t understand why my name wasn’t there so gave last week’s quiz a miss. Glad that the glitch has been fixed

    1. I’m very sorry about that, Terry, and to all the Players that I missed. I had a glitch in the system about getting the names (we moved to new servers). Everything is fixed and I do have all your names; I’ll make sure to get you posted!

    1. I’m very sorry about that, Cheryl. I had a problem with getting the names (we moved to new servers). Everything is fixed and I posted your name!

  2. your new web site is not listing all the names of players with correct answers.
    Three weeks in a row sent correct answer but name not listed. Please fix this, Love this game but can’t play if you don’t get my answers.

    1. Apologies to all the players whose names didn’t appear in this week’s list. We are working to find out where the problem is, and will correct it as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience!

    2. Linda, I am so very sorry about that! That is too frustrating and I hate that you had that problem for three weeks! I had a technical glitch (we moved to new servers), but it’s fixed and I posted your name!

      1. you guys are great. I know you are working on the problem and will get it fixed. Thanks for getting back to all the frustrated game players. I’m sure we are all still big fans.

      1. Thanks for your patience, Deb! I’m very sorry about your name didn’t posted. I had a glitch in the system about getting the names (we moved to new servers). Everything is fixed and I posted your name!

    1. I’m very sorry about that, Joe. I hate for you and anyone else not to get credit. I had a glitch in the system about getting the names (we moved to new servers). Everything is fixed and I posted your name!

  3. HI Erin – Are you still having issues receiving responses? I’m pretty sure we put in the answer last week and I know we got it. Also, this seems like a fairly slight list for this quiz. I’d think more than that list would have gotten HM.

    The Gunnels Gang