Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast w/Photos


The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater becomes the Star Warsâ„¢ Dine-in Theater for this character dining experience. This special meal is offered from May 4 to June 15, 2014.

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First up, a Darth Vader Meet & Greet after check-in….


Characters include Stormtroopers, Jawa, Greedo, and Boba Fett:




Additionally, the traditional Sci-Fi clips shown in the restaurant will be replaced with Star Warsâ„¢ clips, trailers and music.



Times: 8 a.m. – noon
Price: Adult – $47.99; Child – $29.99 (ages 9 and under)

A digital photo of the party on a commemorative PhotoPass card is included.

Here’s the menu:

Star Wars Breakfast Pastries: Vanilla Cream Turnover, Almond Pastry, and Double Chocolate Muffin


Anchored Appetizers: Greek Yogurt Parfait with fresh berries and Homemade Granola OR Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Berries


** The Dune Sea – house-smoked salmon scrambled eggs, wild mushroom potato hash with multigrain toast slatered with goat cheese butter

** The Kessel Run – grilled beef tenderloin on baby spinach with bacon and cheddar custard on a roasted tomato and cheesy horseradish potatoes

** Tatooine Sunrise – scrambled eggs, Nueske’s bacon, sausage links and breakfast potatoes


** Imperial Delight – Caramelized banana-stuffed French toast with caramel sauce and strawberry compote

** Ackbar Surprise – Smoked paprika-dusted shrimp pan-seared with cheesy grits


** Mos Eisleys Morning – egg white omelet with shiitake mushrooms and caramelized onions, garlic roasted fingerling potatoes, and greek yogurt with berries


Greek Yogurt Parfait with fresh berries and Homemade Granola OR Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Berries


** Kenobi Cuisine – scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and breakfast potatoes

** Gamorrean Goodness – Puffed French toast sticks in cinnamon sugar with chocolate dipping sauce

Complimentary refills on: Blue Milk, Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s Coffee, Minute Maid Light Pomegranate Lemonade, Hot Tea, Hot Cocoa, Soft Drinks, Ice Tea, Minute Maid Apple Juice, Minute Maid Orange Juice, 1% milk or chocolate milk.


** Bellini – peach puree and prosecco $8.75
** Mimosa – orange juice and prosecco $8.50

These Star Wars-themed meals are available for booking now at 407-WDW-DINE or online at

19 Replies to “Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast w/Photos”

  1. Just a comment on Buffet or not. Even though you are served, you can order additional items off the menu. Was just there last weekend for breakfast and was able to get a second entree.

    It was a lot of fun, the characters are interactive with the guests. The storm troopers even try and pick on the weight staff.

  2. Looks like this year is already booked up. 🙁 I’ve been trying since December to get a reservation for the last weekend with no luck. I check every day, but alas nothing has been released. Hopefully something will open up in a month or two.

  3. I love breakfast with Star Wars charcthers are stormtroopers are my emenys they will take me as the prisoner I love it be the prisoner.

  4. Are there Memory maker/photo pass photographers at this breakfast/event? If the lighting is poor, I’m concerned about my point and shoot camera :/

  5. I just got back from my trip to SWW and I absolutely loved this breakfast! Yes, it is expensive BUT there was SO MUCH food I didn’t eat again until dinner. My waiter was extremely helpful and even though it wasn’t technically all you care to eat, he came around more than once to ask if I would like some bacon or another piece of french toast etc. I definitely would do this again!

  6. Way over priced!,,,,
    Was fun but not as fun as I thought it was going to be.
    Not really WORTH THE MONEY
    Have the breakfast at Hollywood and Vine also
    To dark

  7. When we went, they kept bringing us lots of pastries and asked if we wanted more of our entrees. I think they might have had more food than they anticipated or they are now offering more than one entree. As they say, your mileage may vary.

  8. We loved the Star Wars breakfast! We had the Kessel Run and it was wonderful. We got some really good pics with the characters. We had awesome service. It was well worth the price. I would love to do this again next year.

  9. Hey! That’s us in the lower left of the first photo! It really was a great time. We had a lot of fun, and it was very good food.

  10. As a doting Disney-fan-grandma, I rarely quibble over prices on a Disney vacation. But I must let you know this character breakfast was disappointing and WAYYYY over-priced. The Sci-Fi theater is so dimly lit you can barely see the food and photos don’t come out well. Needed more characters roaming around to justify it being a character breakfast. At $48/adult our bill was nearly $350 with added tip and tax!! To add insult to injury, they wouldn’t take Tables in Wonderland nor DVC discounts, which were clearly advertised on the TiW website. There were no disclaimers when booking so I am really teed-off! This experience is simply not worth the cost.

  11. Seriously bummed that it will be gone when we go to WDW in September! I was all over this and very upsetting that not a full time thing. I think it would be very wise of them to do all year round. Even us DVC members can’t drop everything to drive down tomorrow, even if money wise we could.

  12. I thought this was a buffet?

    ALL EARS: Breakfast is NOT a buffet, you select one appetizer and one entree. Dinner is a buffet.

  13. I sure hope they do this next year too!! We are planning a trip next May and I have two little and one big boy that would love this!

  14. Amazing idea but it *** that’s its only breakfast. No one in my family eats breakfast!! We have literally a glass of milk or something in the morning but other than that we don’t eat until lunch around 2. I would love it if this was a brunch thing and you could come in until like 3 or even make it a breakfast at night deal. Honestly I think the Star Wars theme would have more impact at night.

    ALL EARS: There is a dinner Star Wars Event at Hollywood and Vine!

  15. Did you choose one of the entrees or is this a buffet style or all-you-can-eat?? Thanks!

    AllEars: You choose an entree

  16. Almost $100 for breakfast for mom and dad? Disney pricing is way out of hand and unfortunately out of my reach.

  17. This was a fantastic breakfast with amazing star wars characters and food!
    Disney is crazy if they don’t make it a, regular option! ! May the force be with them!

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