Typhoon Lagoon Offering Limited-Time Adults-Only Hideaway

Starting December 26 through to December 31 Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in Disney World will be offering an adults-only area in the park.

Welcome to Typhoon Lagoon

This 18 and older area, called Adult Cove, will be located near Hammerhead Fred’s Bar.

Adult Cove will include food and beverage service from Hammerhead Fred’s Bar, specialty drinks and live music. And, because it is college football bowl season, there will be a TV at the bar, so you can keep up with your team when they are playing.

Typhoon Lagoon

Whether you’re taking a break from the slides, or resting after a dip in the wave pool, Adult Cove will provide an opportunity to sit back and relax.

Adult Cove will be open December 26-31, 2018.

Do you have plans to go to Typhoon Lagoon while Adult Cove is open? Will you visit Adult Cove? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “Typhoon Lagoon Offering Limited-Time Adults-Only Hideaway”

  1. WDW is a place for families to spend time together and honest I do not understand the need for adult only areas. In response to Ken’s remarks, it is a theme parks! It you find kids “a pain in the rear” there are plenty of adult only vacation experiences. Disney is for children and families. If you want to avoid children there are plenty of places to go. We so enjoyed time with my son in Disney when he was young. Now that he is a teenager he has essential outgrown it and we go other places. Instead of trying to get the kids out of Epcot, travel to Europe, which is what we did once our family had become too old for this. For the same price as a Disney vacation we have been accumulating stamps in our passport instead of being upset that there are children in a place that Walt himself design for them.

  2. That’s great. Typhoon Lagoon gets it. Kids are often a pain in the rear and the cause of our stress. Now let’s get EPCOT on board for a few adult only days there. Could you imagine how wonderful that place would be without a single kid in sight. It’s the stuff I dream about.