Light Meter: First Aid at Disneyland

Dear Readers,

I have just returned from my birthday adventures at Disneyland. While I had planned to blog from extremely sunny California, my plans fell through so I submit to you a bit of information until next week’s regular blog.

Should you require medical assistance of any kind, Disneyland always has registered nurses on duty. You can locate the First Aid building just off of Main Street by turning right in between Main Street Photo Supply Co. and the Plaza Inn. You will be required to sign in with your name, signautre, date and time of your visit.

Personally, I had broken out into hives from the sun as I’m a fair skinned redhead. I asked for aloe or first aid cream and was taken to an examining room where the nurse handed me the first aid cream. She inquired as to how I felt, were the hives itchy or painful and at the time, they didn’t bother me at all. As luck would have it, some 20 minutes or less after applying the cream, my arms did hurt and later became itchy. Such is life.

Peace out. Word to your mother,


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