Close Your Eyes and Blink Yourself to WDW!

Part IV

Edited by Debra Martin Koma
Senior Editor, ALL EARS®

This article appeared in the
July 4, 2006, Issue #354 of ALL EARS® (ISSN: 1533-0753)

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EDITOR'S NOTE: A few months ago, we asked you all to daydream with us. "Close your eyes," we suggested, "then click your heels together, or blink your eyes. Now, where in Walt Disney World would you be?" We ran the first installment with your responses, those replies that dealt with transporting to somewhere in the Magic Kingdom, in the June 6, 2006, issue of ALL EARS® (ALL EARS® Issue #350). The second installment ran on July 4, 2006 (ALL EARS® Issue #354), and the third ran August 8, 2006 (ALL EARS® Issue #359).

As I noted previously, many of you who responded took this opportunity to not only transport yourself to your favorite spot in Walt Disney World, but to be Time Travelers, hoping to recapture a favorite moment… and that's OK. What better way to daydream?! And now, here is the fourth and final installment of "Dream a Little Dream…" looking at where in the World your fellow Disney-lovers would be, if they could just Close Their Eyes and Blink themselves to Walt Disney World — this time featuring those who would materialize somewhere in Walt Disney World besides the theme parks or the resorts:


Michelle Price: I would be on the monorail from the terminal to the main building at Orlando International Airport – that's where it always hits home that I'm finally in Orlando and on my way to Disney World!

Bryan Gibson: If I were to close my eyes I would open them to be in a car driving under the archway into WDW. It really is the best part of arriving because when you see that archway it's like coming back home. Coming from the UK means you can't just pop down to the world but have to wait for the annual vacation and at the point of entering WDW you know you can forget all the outside world and become a child again and totally relax.

Kathleen Cameron: The wheels have just hit the tarmac at Orlando International after a 9+ hour flight from the UK. OK, so in an ideal world I'd use Star Trek technology to get to WDW, but the minute the wheels hit and you feel the 'push' as the engines reverse … I'm home… Roll on November 2006 for another visit!

Peg & Chris: My husband and I decided that if we could close our eyes and wish ourselves anywhere in WDW it would have to be on the Magical Express bus just as it's pulling up to either of our two favorite resorts, Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge. The excitement begins as the bus enters WDW property and continues to build until we are literally bouncing in our seats as we pull into our resort. There is no better feeling than knowing that the Disney Magic is just beginning.

Jackie Davidson: When I close my eyes and click my heels three times I am stepping through the airport doors onto the sidewalk breathing in the most amazing smell… the Orlando air. For me, it is unlike anything I've ever smelled before. I find myself skipping to get to my rental car, giddy that I have my whole trip to look forward to. It is an instant high.

Joyce Johnson: I'd be in Cinderella's carriage, drawn by white ponies with my two daughters, on our way to the Wedding Pavilion for a vow renewal between my husband and myself. Yes, I'd be in heaven on Earth!

HapperCamper280: I would be back at the Wedding Pavilion, with my entire family around me, watching my daughter come down the aisle for her Fairy Tale Wedding… it is a picture-perfect, sunny day, and we're blowing bubbles as they cross the bridge following the ceremony… on the bus over to an awesome dinner at Ariel's, followed by a private fireworks dessert reception at Epcot… hard to top that day!

Karen and Roy P.: If I could close my eyes and wish to be somewhere in WDW, it would be in Casting and the interviewer would have just told me that I could work at Disney World. That is my dream. That's what I want to do when I grow up. (And I'm 53, so I don't have many years to wait until I grow up!)

Tim Farrell: I would blink myself into the middle of DiveQuest at the Living Seas. I did it once and I can't wait to go back and do it again. Swimming with sharks and sea turtles and all the other fish was (and is) incredible.

Debbie Marvinney: I would choose to be at DisneyQuest. Seeing seven adults and seven kids shooting at pirates with cannons and trying to beat each others' scores, then running back in line to do it all over again, was priceless. We must have played at least five times and could not stop laughing. We were upset when they had to close at 11:00. Nothing beats the excitement and fun of watching my sisters and brothers-in-law laughing like we were kids again and our children seeing their parents having a blast.

Jeffrey Beauchamp: Eating corn dogs and curly fries with the whole family on the balcony of the Boardwalk. Seeing ear-to-ear grins and hearing endless giggles on Teamboat Springs at Blizzard Beach. Listening to screams of "Wheeee!" from my kids on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. "Let's dunk Daddy!" In Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club Villas. Little or no wait to get on Mission: Space with Noah. Emily and her princesses at Cinderella Castle. Disney World is great at any time and with any people, but it's never as magnificent as when you see it again for the first time through the eyes of your kids.

Amy Calvo: If I could close my eyes and blink myself to anywhere in the World, it would be right outside the Grand Floridian Day Spa on a warm, sunny day with the Monorail whizzing by above me, a cool breeze from Bay Lake on my squeaky-clean skin, the grass beneath my freshly manicured toes, and the sweetest man in the World next to me, ready to start a magical day. (And by that, I mean my boyfriend, not Mickey… although he's a close second.)

Robby Gorman: Sitting at a front row table in Jellyroll's after a great day in the parks, dinner at Flying Fish, and communicating with a smile with my husband. The smiles say "Isn't this great? There's no place I'd rather be and no one I'd rather be with!" Then we'd walk back to our Boardwalk view room at the Boardwalk enjoying just being in the best place on Earth.

Ray, Picayune, MS.: If I could close my eyes and blink myself to my favorite place in the Big Ole Mousy World, I would first realize that all sounds are muffled, interrupted rhythmically by the sound of rushing air. Then come the bubbles, all tingly as they zoom past my ears. And just before opening my eyes, I would feel the warmth of my daughter's hand tightly gripping mine and the movement of the cool, salty water lazily passing us by as we float effortlessly, on the surface. With scuba gear firmly in place I open my eyes, exhale, and find myself looking down at the slow moving sharks some 27 feet below… I would then look over at my daughter and the core of my heart would bubble over with joy at the sight of the ear-to-ear grin I see through her mask as we enjoy the snorkeling session of the Epcot Seas Aqua Tour.

RobRoy: Spoodles! No, no, no. Not inside, outside. I would open my eyes, and I'd be sitting at a table on the Boardwalk around noon. I'd have a slice (or three) of Spoodles pizza. That pizza is good, but eating anything in WDW always makes it better. There would be soft music in the background (1920s, I think), playing on the Boardwalk sound system. Out on Crescent Lake, the Friendship boats would pass and add some "music" of their own. The temperature would be in the mid-70s, on a bright sunny day. From our vantage point, we could see the lake and the beach, and portions of the Yacht and Beach, the Swan and Dolphin, and the Boardwalk. As always, it is a breathtaking sight! I'd be sitting with my wife on her birthday (the first full day of our vacation). This would be a double delight, because she was born in February. Not only would this be a special day for her, but we would be escaping a cold New Jersey day.

Cindy Starr: If I could close my eyes and click my slippered feet together and be anywhere at Disney World it would be on a boat, in the evening, with my family around, anchored in the best spot on Bay Lake. The evening would be clear and warm, the sodas cold. The music from the Wishes fireworks would be playing and the fireworks would be in full bloom over the castle.

Michelle Floyd: I would "magically" appear on the monorail going to the Magic Kingdom. This is probably one of the most magical feelings I have ever had. You are on the trains looking out; all of a sudden the Magic Kingdom appears. You can feel the excitement from everyone. From the oldest adult to the youngest child, you hear the oohs and aahs from everyone, especially those who are on their first visit. Everyone begins to talk and share experiences with each other, even though you may not know anyone. You are truly entering a "whole new world."

Morgan: If I could close my eyes and be anywhere on Walt Disney World property I would probably open my eyes and see a white veil draped over my eyes and I would be in a beautiful white dress right before the doors open to the Disney Chapel. Yes, I would be getting married! I love the idea of walking down the aisle toward my Prince Charming and that beautiful stained glass window behind him showing Cinderella Castle, as if letting you know that you're living your own fairy tale. And who knows maybe Mickey and Minnie will be there, too!

Rob Leax, Hatboro, PA: Whenever I close my eyes and open them up I see my 8-year-old daughter and I at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue. It was my 5-year-old son's birthday but he was sick and stayed at the resort with my wife. When they asked whose birthday it was, my daughter (who is very shy) raised her hand. The performer asked if it was her birthday and she said it was her little brother's who was sick. The audience just ate that up, and so did I!

Cindy in Newfoundland, Canada: When I asked the members of our family where they would be in Disney World (we have been twice) when they opened their eyes, the responses I received were as varied as the World itself. My 16-year-old son said he would be at the entrance sign on the road to the World in anticipation of the adventure to come. My 13-year-old son said that he would be at Planet Hollywood about to enjoy one of the best hamburgers he had ever tasted. My 9-year-old daughter said she would be on the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster with the lights counting down to take off. (This beat out dining at Cinderella Castle — she is an adventurous kind of princess.) My husband said that he would be standing in front of the espresso machine in the concierge lounge at Animal Kingdom Lodge. For myself, there are so many choices (I am the main instigator of the trips). I finally decided on standing on the International Gateway bridge with my family watching the IllumiNations fireworks.

Lisa Kinney: If I could be anywhere in the "World," it would be on the monorail on a hot July night circa 1978. After the heat and exertion of the day, sliding onto the bench seat and experiencing the almost frosty conditions was like paradise. The small children in the car were sleeping on the shoulder of a parent who was too tired to even talk. The cars were at capacity and I would have to snuggle up against my mother to make room. I would sit close to her in the semi-darkness, feeling tired yet contented. Cinderella's castle is wonderful; opening day at Epcot was magnificent; but resting in my mother's embrace, safe and happy, that is where I would click my heels to and truly call home.

Cory PI: If I could close my eyes and blink and be at WDW I would place myself in a rocking chair at one of the baby centers with a nursing babe in my arms. As I sit and rock I get to dream of the child I hold and all the wonderful trips ahead… to share, teach and delight a child as they grow up. The years when just walking is the wonder of the parks and the hardest part of the trip is keeping them from pushing the stroller that they are suppose to be riding in… to the excitement of MICKEY (or Jasmine, or Pooh, or…)… to measuring them to see if in the past year they have grown enough to ride that first thrill ride that they just know they are now big enough to get on… to wanting to go off on their own with friends when they still are too young to do that… and then to the years when you can't wait for their friend's mother to say that her child can go to WDW with your family so that you don't have to keep your kid in tow and listen to them! All the Disney hugs, smiles, tired feet and then the tears when it is time to go home… To start over, with a babe in arms, what heaven that would be!