Wednesday, 19th of December 2018 Menu Changes to Lunch Menu at Raglan Road

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Wednesday, December 19th 2018 changes to Raglan Road Lunch Menu

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Proscuitto Chicken Sandwichnamechanged from Pancetta Chicken Sangerto Proscuitto Chicken Sandwich
Removed Our Pie to Tryfrom Menu Items
Added Earl Greyto Menu Items
Added Cashel Castleto Menu Items
Added The Anglo Irishto Menu Items
Added Hipsters Lamentto Menu Items
Added Rib Oto Menu Items
Added StewBaato Menu Items
Added Raglan Risottoto Menu Items
Added Joycean Clubto Menu Items
Removed Entreesfrom Salmon Cider SquaredMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto Salmon Cider SquaredMenu Categories
Added Beveragesto Earl GreyMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Apple CrumbleMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Fluffy Lemon CloudsMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Triple SinfulMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto Cashel CastleMenu Categories
Added Entreesto The Anglo IrishMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Hipsters LamentMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Rib OMenu Categories
Added Entreesto StewBaaMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Raglan RisottoMenu Categories
Added Sandwichesto Joycean ClubMenu Categories