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Inspired by The Edison venue in Los Angeles, this lavish "Industrial Gothic" -style restaurant, bar and nighttime destination is themed to a 1920s-period power plant, recalling an exuberant era of invention and imagination. It will feature exceptionally good classic American food, craft cocktails and live entertainment including cabaret and music.



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Reviewer: mschu2112 Review Date: 10/09/2018

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We ate here at the end of September and were looking forward to trying it as it was something new. I was hoping that some of the old Adventurers Club mystique would be there in the new steam punk vibe. While some of the decor was interesting most seemed to be confused as to what it wanted to be. After checking in 15 minutes early we waited 30 minutes past our reservation while others arriving after us were seated. Then after being seated we had a hostess, that while nice, should not have been a hostess. After placing our app order and meal order she came back to tell us that what I had ordered was no longer available. Instead of bringing a menue at that point I had to wait. Then our app came, but we still did not have water or drinks yet. Finally after finishing the app we got a menu. Alternatives were scarce. Finally after 90 minutes we got our meals. Not much better than a standard chain meal. My wifes chicken came in a plastic basket. The salmon came with a plate full of 1/2 cut tomatoes. It was also greasy. After that it took 45 minutes to get desert. The key lime creme brule was poor. Overall it took 2 hours and 15 minutes from when we sat down. If you count the wait it was 3 hours. We felt forgotten and attention to service was lacking as well as food quality. I am not sure this place knows what it wants to be or what it wants to serve as the menue is all over the place. To boot later that night I got ill with a touch of food poisoning. HUGH disappointment and not worth of a Disney Springs establishment. Will never ever go back here.


Cool clock at entrance.


Food, service, menu, decor, basically everything!

Reviewer: citcatt1 Review Date: 09/26/2018

Rating: (6) Would Recommend:

Ahhh, the old Adventurers Club! A couple of friends and myself decided to go to the Edison for an early dinner labor day weekend. Even though it was crowded we managed to find a seat although it was at a tall table with uncomfortable seats. The food was OK,the restaurant itself was interesting and had the same bones as the old Adventurers Club. There was no music or entertainment when we were there. It was just ok.


Interesting decor


Food choices

Reviewer: Jazzfool20 Review Date: 05/19/2018

Rating: (7) Would Recommend:

Had drinks a few weeks ago, early 5/18, and stayed for the music. Overall it was good. I went in cautiously optimistic, having heard it had a vintage vibe, and dancing. The good: the drinks were excellent (nice and strong), and the atmosphere was very industrial chic. Not my favorite, but it works. Service was good. The band began playing around 9:30, and started off great. Mixing classic swinging tunes, with post-modern jukebox stuff. As the night went on though it went downhill. I was hoping very much to dance, as I'm an avid social dancer, but no one seemed up to it at first. I finally got a hostess to dance with me, who knew how to follow - thank goodness! I was also able to coax one or two ladies to dance, but as I said, as the night went on the music got worse, just louder, and more and more raucous, and less swinging. By midnight, I couldn't take anymore and left. They've got a good thing going, but seem to cater to the drunk "bump and grind" type crowd, rather then those who'd actually like to dance. Also the floor was terrible; ultra-hard concrete! Overall I guess, I'd recommend it, but with some reservations. This place could be GREAT, but they definitely have some work to do.


great drinks, atmosphere


clientele, price

Reviewer: Librarian Review Date: 04/29/2018

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While the decor is interesting, it is very dark (black is predominant color, and very loud. The background music is so loud people were talking at the tops of their voices to hear each other. But the worst of the problem was the fact that the restaurant was filthy. In my menu, which is in a half-sized 3-ring binder, several pages were covered with dried on food. When I showed the server, she brought me a new one. A few minutes later the manager came over to tell me he was going to have his “girls” go through the menus to see if any needed cleaning ---- First, “girls?” Second, this should be done before a menu is given to a diner. In addition, there was what looked like chunks of food or dry dog food on the floor. Not under the table, where someone might have dropped a bite, but out on the floor, as if there had been a food fight that had never been cleaned up and there was what looked like gum stuck to the floor.

In addition, the food was just average. I tried The Edison’s signature, supposedly patented, burger – known as the “Edison.” It comes on a grilled bun (the top of which was burned) with lettuce (1/2 leaf), tomato (one slice so thin you can see through it), cheese (possibly a quick spray), bacon (so overdone/leathery I could not cut it with a knife), pickle slices (just as thin as tomato), special sauce, and fried onion strings (about a teaspoonful). The burger comes with French fries, mine were over cooked, a “house made” pickle slice and a whole pepper which the server warned me was very hot.

In all, unless you just want to spend the evening drinking (children are not allowed in after 11:00 pm) I would avoid this place at all costs.


Arrived at The Edison on time for reservation and was seated very quickly and the staff is very friendly.


Restaurant filthy, menus disgusting, and food at best average

Reviewer: Collette Review Date: 03/22/2018

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

We went for an early dinner and got seated right away. It was fun to see how well the power plant theme was carried out. When there's no live entertainment they project old silent black & white comedies on the walls. Service was just okay. We loved the Balls in a Box, which are tasty lamb meatballs in a tomato sauce, for an appetizer. Other tables had the bacon on a clothesline, which also looked good. But the very best thing of all is the Black Cherry Milkshake, huge enough for two people to share (at $16 it better be). So good!!! Read carefully what comes with your entree. We thought it was too bad there aren't more veggies on the plate, and there are no small side salads on the menu, but if you ask really nicely for one they'll do a smaller version of one of their entree-sized salads. Other accompaniments cost extra, too, like many upscale steakhouses tend to do now; but definitely a dearth of healthy veggies.


Good food, great atmosphere


Somewhat expensive; not enough veggies

Reviewer: SpartanFood Review Date: 03/05/2018

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

The Edison drips in character and atmosphere from when you step in - in what we described it as a speakeasy + steampunk. The wait time was way too long but it was made up by the food, friendly staff and entertainment. A bit on the pricey side of things but the food came out great and we enjoyed relaxing to the jazz band playing and the dancers and singers taking the stage and dance for. Oh, one small note they do not offer Sweet Tea for some reason. Definitely a fun place to go - more for grown ups then the kids but worth it.


Food, Service and a Fun Atmosphere


Wait Times