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Spice Road Table in the Morocco pavilion opened January 20, 2014. It features Mediterranean small plates, with 60 seats indoors and 120 seats outdoors.

Reviewed by bookworm_julie Review Date: 02/04/2014

Rating: (3)
Not Recommended

They offer two sampler platters (one meat, one seafood), and we each ordered one. I had the meat and while I could tell it was clearly cooked properly and was well seasoned, it was not to my liking. I did enjoy the chicken roll. My friend had the seafood one and didn't finish it - it was not too her liking either.
To get a full meal you would easily have to spend a lot of money. At $7 to $10 per small plate, you'd need many orders to make a complete meal.
The service was so so - we were mostly ignored and we were the only people in the place. We left hungry and went to France for dessert.


opportunity to try many different things on the menu


really expensive for the food you get
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Reviewed by lizzie1974 Review Date: 01/28/2014

Rating: (9)

I was so excited to eat here last week. Technically, it was still under the soft opening status. We went for lunch and had the seafood sampler platter and hummus & olives. The calamari was the best we've ever had anywhere. Period.
There were some issues with the service but I'm assuming it's because it's still a new place. There were plenty of servers but ours in particular seemed to disappear for extended periods of time.
If they work that out, this will be one of the best places to eat.


Great food, very beautiful


service could use some tweaking
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Reviewed by richard Review Date: 01/26/2014

Rating: (9)

I was actually the official First Guest on Jan 11 2014! I expected a rush of 50 or so people, but there were only a handful of us lined up for rope drop at France, and I just happen to be a fast walker.

I got a free meal (disclaimer), pictures taken, etc. The manager asked me to write something in his scrapbook for opening day. Here's what I wrote:
"This is the kind of food I've always hoped to find at the Morocco pavilion! The spicing is wonderful -- it really lives up to the name of Spice Road Table. This restaurant will be popular for many years to come. Best wishes to all of you."

Of course I wanted to say something nice, but I meant what I wrote. I had the Tingis Sampler, with Lamb Slider, Harissa Chicken Roll, and Merguez sausage (lamb). The first two are to die for, especially the chicken roll, which I didn't expect much from as it looks like an ordinary spring roll. The "lamburger" was cooked perfectly and the mint tzatziki sauce made it irresistible. Overall this sampler is heavy on meat, and I noticed another table had the first two items with hummus as the third item, which was a good idea. I didn't think to ask whether they had been allowed to substitute in the Sampler or paid the a la carte price for each.

For dessert, I had the Chocolate Pyramid, which sounds formidable but is just a modest pyramid of chocolate mousse with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Overall, the food is delicious and portions are on the small side, as intended. If you are starving or looking for good value, you should probably look elsewhere. But otherwise I think you will enjoy it.


Wonderful Flavors, Nice View


Somewhat Pricey
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Reviewed by rickg Review Date: 01/25/2014

Rating: (6)

We ate at SRT the second night it was open. We ate inside next to a window. The view was excellent. Our waiter was very attentive. We had the Tingis Sampler which consists of a Lamb Slider, Harissa Chicken Roll and Merguez Sausage. The Lamb Slider and Harissa Chicken Roll weren't bad. The Meruez Sausage was way too spicy for me and I didn't care for the taste. Also we had the Salted Cod Croquettes. The Salted Cod Croquettes were, indeed, very salty. The sundried tomato aioli and the black olive tapenade to dip them in was very good. For dessert, we had the Chocolate Pyramid with Almond ice cream and the Saffron Lemon Custard. Both desserts were excellent. I think for the money spent, there are many other restaurants I would prefer to eat at at EPCOT.


Very good theming and good location to watch Illuminations


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