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Last Updated: August 2018
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House Baked Cookies $3.50
Leone Candy - cinnamon, ginger $4.00
Coffee Beans - covered in milk chocolate $4.95
Italian Wafers Box - covered in milk chocolate $5.00


Prosciutto e Marscarpone - the prosciutto is sliced razor thin to melt effortlessly with the creamy imported Marscapone cheese. The small panini (sandwiches) are sold for $4 for one; $7.50 for two; $9 for three. $4
Carciofi e Fontina - roasted artichokes and Fontina Valdostana cheese come together in this unique panino, combining south and north of Italy. The small panini (sandwiches) are sold for $4 for one; $7.50 for two; $9 for three. $4
Vivoli Panini
Mozzarella e Pomodoro Arrostiti - one of the most famous Italian panini combines fresh slices of creamy mozzarella with oven roasted tomatoes. The small panini (sandwiches) are sold for $4 for one; $7.50 for two; $9 for three. $4


Biscotti Assortiti - an assortment of six traditional Italian cookies, perfect for dipping in your espresso, or you can use them as a scarpetta (little shoe) in your gelato to scrape any remaining tasty bits $5
Assorted CookiesAssorted Biscotti
Tortine - a daily selection of freshly baked tarts made from pasta frolla (sweet pastry dough). Then each tortina (tart) is hand filled with a daily selection of fresh and traditional Italian ingredients $4
Cannoli - crisp pastry freshly filled with sweet ricotta, and garnished with chocolate chips and pistachio nuts $4.50
Croissants - freshly baked croissants filled with chocolate or apricot $4

Ice Cream

Gelato & Sorbet - choose from the following flavors (selections may vary): Strawberry Sorbet Fragola (strawberry) Limone (lemon) Ananas (pineapple) Arancia (fresh Florida oranges) Mango (mango) Crema (fresh cream custard) Cioccolato (imported Italian chocolate) Nocciola (Italian Piemonte hazelnuts) Pistacchio (Sicilian Bronte pistachio) Caramello Salato (salted caramel) Cocco (freshly shredded coconut) Banana (banana) Amarena (brandied Italian sweet cherry) Stracciatella (chocolate chip) Riso (sweet rice) Peanut Butter Bacio (chocolate hazelnut) Caffe (coffee) Vanilla Chocolate Pistachio Orange Mint Chocolate Chip Also available in three cup sizes: Piccola- up to two flavors $5 (DDP Snack); Media- up to three flavors $6; Grande- up to four flavors $7; cone- one scoop $6; cone- two scoops $7
Vivoli GelatoCup of GelatoGelatoGelato
Honey Pot Shake - orange blossom honey gelato spun with milk in a white chocolate dipped waffle cone topped with whipped cream and red sprinkles
Cannoli Shake - cannoli gelato spun with milk, served inside a chocolte pistashio dipped waffle; topped with fresh whipped cream, crushed canoli shells & pistachios, drizzled with chocolate $11.25
King's Shake - peanut butter and banana gelato spun with milk, drizzled with chocolate sauce and crushed peanuts topped with whipped cream $10.25
Open Faced Croissant Sundae - a buttery croissant topped with choice of three scoops of gelato, one sauce (either chocolate or caramel), and whipped cream $10.00
Waffle Bowl - up to three flavors with whipped cream and chocolate sauce $9.75
Fresco - Sorbetti float, fragola, limone sorbetti, lemonata soda, fresh whipped cream $9.75
Coppa Piero - crema gelato, milk and whipped cream, cocoa nibs and fresh biscotti $9.75
Tropicale - pineapple sorbet, coconut gelato, Gazzosa soda, pineapple and cherry $9.75
Vivoli Milk Shake - choice of two flavors of gelato, whole milk and whipped cream $9.75
Affogato - two scoops of gelato, a shot of espresso added to the center $9.75
Chocolate Caramel - chocolate gelato, caramel gelato, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce $9.75
Nutella - vanilla gelato, nutella brownie, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, biscotti $10.75
Creamsicle - vanilla gelato, orange sorbet, orange soda, whipped cream, cherries $9.75


Still Water $3
Italian Soda - Limonata, Aranciata, Aranciata Rossa $3
Iced Tea - lemon or peach $3
Soft Drinks - Coke, diet Coke $3.50
Bottled Water $3.50


Single Shot Espresso $2.75
Double Shot Espresso $4
Cappuccino $5
Latte $5
Espresso with Milk $3
American Coffee $3