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Menu Date: December 2016

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Discounts Available:

-- Annual Passholder 10%

Disney Dining Plan:

-- Table Service Meal (2017)

Annual Passholder discount only valid at lunch Monday through Friday.

All adult entrees and combinations include garden salad, vegetables with udon noodles and sukiyaki beef rice.

Meals for kids 9 and under include miso soup, seasonal vegetables with udon noodles and sukiyaki beef rice.


Atsu Age Tofu - deep fried soya curd with butter, soy and scallions $5

Wafu Ribs - sake, soy sauce and ginger braised pork ribs $14

Assorted Tempura - shrimp and vegetables served with Japanese tempura dipping sauce $12

Garden Salad - Mixed greens, tomato and vegetables with your choice of our original ginger dressing or creamy sesame dressing $6

Edamame - young soybean pods, served chilled $6

Miso Soup - soy bean based soup with wakame, tofu, green onion $4


Shrimp Tempura Roll - 8 pieces with cucumber and seaweed wrap $15

Spicy Salmon Tartar Roll - 8 pieces with cucumber, avocado and seaweed wrap $16

Volcano Roll - grilled california roll topped with shrimp, scallops and volcano sauce $18

Sushi Sampler - 2 pieces spicy roll, 2 pieces of California roll, 3 pieces nigiri $15


Ebi - 10 grilled shrimp $30

Hotate - cold water ocean scallops $35

Julienne Beef - 8 oz. thin sliced beef topped with teriyaki sauce $34

NY Cut Steak - 7 oz NY cut strip loin, hand cut daily $34

Salmon - 6 oz. fresh scottish filet served with spicy yuzu sauce $32

Filet Mignon - 6 oz. beef tenderloin USDA choice steak $36

Asakusa - steak and shrimp $37

Nihonbashi - steak and chicken breast $35

Ueno - chicken and shrimp $36

Tori - 8 oz boneless chicken breast $30

Yasai - seasonal vegetables, mushrooms in kami nabe and tofu $24

Side Dishes

Asparagus - grilled, served with spicy cod roe sauce $9

Ebi - 5 pieces grilled shrimp $15

Lobster Tail - 4-6 oz northeaster cold water tail $28

Mixed Mushrooms - oyster, white and shiitake in butter, soy and simmered in kami nabe $14

Tori - 4 oz. boneless chicken breast $14

Tuna Tataki - 4 oz seared tuna loin topped with scallions and tempura crunch $16

Wagyu Steak - 3 oz thin sliced sukiyaki style $56

Hotate - 4 pieces northeastern cold water sea scallop $16

For Children Ages 3-9

Julienne Steak - 4 oz. sliced beef topped with teriyaki sauce $14.5

Ebi - 5 grilled shrimp $14.5

Tori - 4 oz chicken breast $14.5


Chocolate Ginger Cake - a layered cake with ginger flavored filling and a rich chocolate icing $6.95

Green Tea Cheesecake - a creamy blend of cheese, eggs, & milk with Matcha Green Tea, topped with raspberry sauce $6.95

Soft Serve Ice Cream - vanilla, green tea, or vanilla-green tea swirl $4.95


Iced Green Tea, Hot Green Tea, Iced Tea $2.95

Low Fat Milk $2.95

Soft Drinks - Coke, diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Orange $2.95

Specialty Cocktails

Shochu Cocktails - Japan's other native alcoholic beverage, created from natural barley and has a clean fresh finish $8.00-$9.50

Takara Plum Wine - a rich, sweet and aromatic plum wine. The plum flavor used for this product is based on "Ume", a special plum cultivated in Japan which is very tart in flavor $5.75


Bottled Beer $6.00

Draft Beer $5.75-$7.50


Wine - by the bottle $20.00-$58.00 or by the glass $5.75-$9.75

Sake - by the bottle $19.00-$95.00 or by the glass $8.50-$15.00

Sake Sampler - three samples $17.50

Sake Cocktails $9.00

Chu Hi - a refreshing cocktail made with Japanese Shochu (a distilled barley spirit), soda water, and a choice of orange or lemon juice $8.00

Nigori Genshu (Sake) - Nigori or "cloudy" sake that is creamy and sweet with hints of vanilla, a fruity nose, and a mild flavor, making it a great dessert wine $11.00


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