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Categories 10 and 11 are cabins that are "inside staterooms" and have no view at all outside the ship. The difference between the 2 categories is that a Category 10 is larger (204 sq.ft.) and has the split bathroom with sink and shower/tub in one area separate from the sink and toilet. The only difference in the lettered subcategories are ship location.

Category 10 - Deluxe Inside Stateroom
Category 11 - Standard Inside Stateroom
Category 10A, located on
Decks 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Category 11A - Decks 8, 9, 10
Category 11B - Decks 5, 6, 7
Category 11C - Deck 2
204 sq.ft
169 sq ft.
Split Bathroom
Regular Bathroom


Following is a detailed description of Category 11, keep in mind, all applies to the Cat 10 except as described above.

Category 11 staterooms are the most basic offered on the Disney Dream. The cabin has a queen-size bed, single convertible sofa, and one bathroom with sink, toilet, and tub/shower. Some offer an upper berth pull-down bed. The cabin sleeps 3-4 and is 169 sq feet. These cabins are located in interior hallways. There is very little storage for those who wish to unpack. However, suitcases easily fit under the bed.

Amenities include: 22" LCD flat screen TV on swivel arm with remote, iPod docking station, full length mirror, small refrigerator, in-room safe, phone with voice messaging, and a privacy curtain.

Standard Inside Staterooms are Category 11A-11C; ; Category 11B - Decks 5, 6, 7; Category 11C - Deck 2

The Category 11 staterooms also feature a Disney exclusive, the Magical Porthole! This magical window provides you with a real time view of what is happening outside of the ship via high definition cameras are located on the exterior. The porthole display is sprinkled periodically with, well Disney magic. You may catch a glimpse of very short animation featuring either Pixar or Disney characters. The virtual porthole is silent - you will have no idea when the animation will appear (and it is infrequent). There is an on/off switch next to the bed. At night, the image looks like the snowy static that appeared on tvs at one time, when the signal was off for the night. Night views are very difficult as you'll see in the video below.

The magical porthole during the day was a real plus for this small inside cabin. We were able to relax and not feel like we had no idea what was happening outside. That said, there is nothing like having an actual oceanview cabin. The inside staterooms have been selling out quickly - so much so that currently (Feb 2011), it is less expensive to get a category 9 deluxe oceanview stateroom. While that remains the case, I'd strong suggest the oceanview!

We'd love to include feedback from a family who has stayed in a magical porthole. Please email us!

Stateroom Photos

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Cabin has been decorated with Bon Voyage package (extra charge)

Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream

Cabin 9603 Disney Dream


Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream
Cabin 9603 Disney Dream

Stateroom Video


Virtual Porthole Video

This video was taken over the course of 5 days and 4 nights and is
the consolidation of several hours of footage.
The virtual porthole has no sound and you have no idea when the animation may appear.
Based on our stay, the animation is very brief and infrequent.