Disney Cruise Line
Disney Magic
Inaugural West Coast Cruise
May 28, 2005 - June 4, 2005
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Wednesday June 1, 2005



Coming into Mazatlan around 7:00am

Coming into Mazatlan
around 7:00am

Escorting the Magic to Dock

Escorting the Magic to Dock

Area you approach leaving the ship.

Mandatory Shuttle to the entrance of town

Mandatory shuttles take you to the entrance

Passenger van takes us to historic Mazatlan

A 10 minute ride in passenger vans to the historic area of Mazatlon.

Continuity of Life Monument

Continuity of Life Monument

La Mujer Mazatleca

Lots of statues along the water front like this one "La Mujer Mazatleca"


Cliff Diver

Cliff Diver


Canucks Sports Bar

Canucks Sports Bar - in Mazatlan

Areas that need restoration

Some areas in need of restoration...

Newly renovated areas

...others already have been renovated.

Betty's Bakery

One stop was Betty's Bakery which is also her home. We were told it was the oldest town bakery and still used as such.

Melville Apartments

Melville Apartments and Suites (newly renovated)

Melville Courtyard

Melville Courtyard

Hospital Militar

Hospital Militar - open to anyone


Casa Machado Museum

Casa Machado Museum - Dining Room (circa early 1900s)

Casa Machado Museum

Casa Machado Museum - Bedroom (circa late 1800s)



Exterior of museum

Museum Exterior (upper floor)

Cafe where we had chips and salsa and a cool beverage

Entertainment at the Cafe


Majestic Angela Peralta Theater

Majestic Angela Peralta Theater

Photo before renovations

Before renovations.

After renovations

After renovations

Street Vendor

Street vendor




Flea market near cathedral

Flea market near cathedral




Inside cathedral
Station of the Cross

Transporation back to Disney Magic

Our transportation back to the Disney Magic

Seeing the Magic

Seeing the Magic from the tram.

View of Mazatlan from our cabin

Mazatlan from our Cabin


Sharon and Sandy

Sharon and Sandy enjoy champagne and a fruit and cheese platter (courtesy of room service) before dinner.

Linda and Deb

Linda and Deb

Sasha from Croatia

Our server - Sasha. All of us had Sasha as a main dining room server several years ago.


Sasha, Sharon and the Chocolate Soufle

Ah.. the chocolate soufle!

The evening was over way too quickly.