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Villains Dinner
1900 Park Fare
December 7, 2000

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The first "official event" I attended was Thursday night's Villains dinner at 1900 Park Fare. Our hosts were Linda Bell and Sorcerer Rob.

I arrived early and found a group of folks in Mizner's Lounge on the 2nd floor. Jennifer and Dave (Passporter WDW) had sponsored a Photo Treasure Hunt on the Seven Seas -- A joint RADP/PassPorter community event. They began in the Magic Kingdom at 3:30 pm for a wild and wacky photo treasure hunt encompassing the Magic Kingdom and the monorail resorts, ending at the Grand Floridian. The winners were in the lounge enjoing the spoils of victory!

"We finally went in, and I saw that the Queen of Hearts gave me a look of recognition and bowed her head a bit to me. As it should be. We had a room in the back so that we did not have to mingle too much with the lesser beings. I sat at one of the heads of the table--that Jenn person had the utter gall to sit at the other end of the table. I broke her ankle at Splash Mountain--hope she learned her lesson. I did manage to get Jack and his wife, what's-her-name, at my table, but she sat between us! Cunning broad. I saw some of my colleagues, Ratcliffe, Captain Hook.....they appeared to have had their spirits broken! Not evil at all. They seemed rather embarrassed in my presence, in fact--pretended I was not there. " Paragon


Susan, Jenn and the Queen of Hearts Susan, the Queen of Hearts and Jenn Bookbabe.

"Thanks to the hosts for an enjoyable time. We were in a proper frame of mind when we arrived, Laurie was giving me evil looks on a regular basis because we were late. No worries, mate, show up with a group of more than 15 at the Park Faire and you'll have time to count the ornaments on the second best looking Christmas tree at Disney. The wait was enjoyable, though, thanks in part to the presence of people who have evolved past my tentative approach to introductions, like Mac(hi-I'm-Mac-who-are-you)Flash88 and Deb Wills."Don Jennings

"I was disappointed in the dinner- the Villains part. Except for the Queen of Hearts (who scared Rachel to the point she found another door to use so as not to have to pass her:-)), there were no female Villains. I was SO looking forward to seeing Cruella!! I hoped for Ursula and the Evil Queen or the Hag as well. All we had was Prince John, Gov. Ratcliffe, and Captain Hook. I had written a poem for the lady villains, too! Sigh- they walked around and Captain Hook scratched a few people on the head with his hook." Mickeymom


Captain Hook tries to get Deb to walk the plank. Deb uttered a low... no avail! Everyone else in the room just laughed!






I finally get to meet Mac and Jack! What a great couple! Mac always sends me great emails and it was great to meet in person!





Despite having to wait close to an hour to be seated, most everyone had a nice evening. Some folks were unable to sit in the alcove room with us and were at other tables in the main part of the dining hall. This wasn't much fun but it seemed as though everyone took it in stride.

Here is Robert Brooks and his family. Robert gave me a couple Disney music CDs which are just wonderful (Thank you!)


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Hunchback of Notre Dame - 12/11/00

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