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From Dotti and Pete Saroufim's visit to Wide World of Sports in the summer of 2003...
Wide World of Sports
Wide World of Sports

Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando opened for a "soft opening" March 28, 1997. These photos are from that event.

Wide World of Sports

This is the view of Disney's Wide World of Sports as one walks up to it. Ticket windows and a merchandise store are on the ground level, the Stadium and Fieldhouse being up the stairs/ramps one level.

town green

Town Green
. The building on the far left ushers Tennis Complex Guests into its 10 soft/clay tennis court area.

Wide World of Sports Entrance

Standing back on ground level behind the Stadium/Fieldhouse Complex, the Stadium is on the right, the Fieldhouse on the left.

behind home plate

This is just about behind home plate... top of the lower level and showing some of the Stadium's seats, and a small portion of the lawn seating available. Notice how close to the field level those lower seats are... perhaps 3.5 feet... the roof of the dugout even with the lowest seats (note Guests with their feet resting on the roof's edge).

Same seat, right view. 80% of the Stadium's seats are between first and third bases (not counting lawn seating)... the remaining 20% being seen at the back of this photo...

"Play Ball!" Everyone got a picture of the first ball pitched, I got the second (both strikes)... the game between the Orlando Cardinals and the Palm Bay Americans.

Many thanks to gardenia for her original reporting and photos!