Disney World Refillable Mugs Get a Holiday Makeover

This past Halloween season the Walt Disney World resort refillable mugs got a Halloween makeover. The design was so cute, and so collectible, it was an instant hit, and sold out quickly.

We weren’t surprised to learn, then, that the mugs are sporting an all-new look for the coming holiday season!

Disney World Holiday Refillable Mugs

These new mugs feature Mickey, Minnie and Pluto decorating a gingerbread house. Well, from the looks of it, Pluto is ready to eat the house!

Mickey sure is concentrating on his work, he even has his tongue out as he focuses on icing the cookies.

Disney World Holiday Refillable Mugs

Minnie looks to be enjoying mixing up the batter for the cookies!

Disney World Holiday Refillable Mugs

This mug is perfect for enjoying a hot or cold drink while you take in the gingerbread displays around the property — the Contemporary’s Gingerbread Castle is already complete!

We don’t know if the mugs are available at all Disney resort hotels yet, but they will be soon — after all, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party starts next week on November 8!

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2 Replies to “Disney World Refillable Mugs Get a Holiday Makeover”

  1. The same thing happened to us. We stayed at POR, and they were sold out the beginning of October. Why advertise something if you can’t fulfill the demand…

  2. I hope they stock up more than the Halloween ones! We were fortunate to get one early in our stay last month and they were sold out before halfway through our trip.

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