First Look: Sneak Peek at the NEW World of Disney Store in Disneyland!

Yesterday, we brought you a sneak peek at the NEW World of Disney in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. Today, we’re here to show you the awesome new World of Disney in Downtown Disney Anaheim at Disneyland Resort! Let’s have a look.

New T-Shirts at World of Disney

World of Disney at Downtown Disney Anaheim has been undergoing a major refurbishment for the past few months, and the store reopens today! (Spoiler alert: we already love this new t-shirt area.)

World of Disney at Downtown Disney

Inspired by a vintage animation studio, you’ll find touches of Classic Disney throughout the bright, open space.

Fun New Apparel and Accessories at World of Disney

New T-Shirts at World of Disney

In addition to a bunch of fun new t-shirts for men, women, and children, there’s a food-themed collection and a Disney California Adventure-themed collection.

Disney California Adventure Merch at World of Disney

The Minnie collection gets to enjoy some time in the spotlight, too. Ready to rock those dots with a Spirit Jersey, t-shirt, hoodie, hat, or bag? Here’s your chance!

Minnie Mouse Apparel at World of Disney

Exclusive Mickey Mouse Club Gear

In celebration of the Grand Reopening of World of Disney and Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, Disney has released the exclusive Mickey Mouse Club collection.

New Mickey Mouse Club Goodies at World of Disney

With everything from clothing and accessories to plushes and home goods, the whole family plenty of ways to celebrate the leader of the club.

At World of Disney at Downtown Disney, the displays are just as exciting as the new merchandise! This ear hat is actually a screen that plays classic Disney animations.

Mickey Mouse Club Gear at World of Disney

Holiday Merchandise Has Arrived at Downtown Disney!

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, right!? Ready or not, it’s time to stock up on festive ear headbands, Spirit Jerseys, and accessories.

All-new Holiday section at World of Disney

Details Inspired by the History of Disney Animation

Remember when we said that the all-new World of Disney is inspired by Disney’s animation studios of old?  The checkout counters are designed to look like animation desks and ink and paint file cabinets.

Animator’s sketches on the checkout counters at World of Disney

What kind of doodles would you find on a Disney animator’s desk? Why, Minnie Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, and the Three Caballeros, of course!

Checkout Counters at World of Disney

Remember — this is just a first look! We’ll be back soon with a full reveal of this new store and some great merchandise!

What do you think of the look and feel of the all-new World of Disney at Downtown Disney? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Replies to “First Look: Sneak Peek at the NEW World of Disney Store in Disneyland!”

  1. You could put any non-Disney merchandise in there, change the sign out front and be up and running as a different store in a few hours. Nothing says “Disney” any more, at least from these photos. ZERO curb appeal, unless you like bricks.

  2. The old store was over-filled with chachkies, kitsch, toys, pins, keychains, food and thousands of stuffed animals and it was great.

    It drew you in and made you anxious to see what was there. Even if you didn’t buy anything you would just stop in to play around and see what was new.

    From the walk-thru video here, the new store looks very boring, generic and it’s trying too hard to look like a Gap or a industrial, millennial food court. The giant characters that were placed all around are now gone. Almost as if they’re trying to avoid the fact that they’re Disney and just want to sell clothes. I can’t imagine how boring it would seem to a child. It’s looks like the magic is gone.

    Too bad because Disney knows better. I can’t see myself spending more than a minute or two walking through this new store and while it used to be a definite stop when in that area, there wouldn’t be any real need or desire to ever see it more than once.

  3. I don’t like it either – too plain. It’s Disney merchandise, Disney design geniuses !! – it’s supposed to be kooky – not (dare I say) yuppy Disney Springs !!

  4. I don’t like it. I liked the way it was years ago. You had more to chose from and could find anything you wanted in that store.