Wandering the Land
September 25, 2007

Disney's HalloweenTime returns to the Disneyland Resort
for the 2007 Halloween season!

This display is visible on the tram ride from the Mickey & Friends parking structure.

A mask can't disguise this floral Mickey at the park entrance!

Floral jack'o'lanterns.

Jack'o'lanterns lurk in the windows on Main Street, and the buildings are draped with festive garland.

A huge Mickey jack'o'lantern in Town Square greets guests as they arrive...

...And gives them a rogueish wink as they leave.

A pumpkin carver is at work in the Woody's Halloween Roundup area.

New this year at Disney's California Adventure is
Goofy's Candy Corn Acres in Sunshine Plaza.

Goofy has planted a variety of candy corn crops, including candy corn carrots...

Candy corn pumpkins...

And candy corn cactus.

There's even candy corn in the palm trees!

Goofy's prize-winning candy corn.

Which Heimlich finds to be large in flavor, too!

Chip and Dale participate in games at the Candy Corn Festival.

Minnie looks especially "sweet."


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