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Menu Date: August 2016

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Kurobuta Berkshire Sausage - grilled with spicy onion, pineapple, and whole dijon mustard-shrimp sauce $7.00

Spicy Tempura Calamari - lightly fried calamari with spicy miso sauce $9.25

Chicken Karaage - Marinated Crispy Chicken Breast with onion sauce $9.50

Sesame and Chili Edamame - Pan Fried Young Soy beans, tossed with garlic, chili and sesame oil $6.50


Vegetable Miso Soup - sauteed onion, potato, and Daikon with green onion $5.00

Asari Miso Clam Soup - soybean soup with asari clam, white and green onion $6.95

Seafood Yuzu Shio Ramen - ramen noodles with grilled shrimp in Yuzu-seafood broth $9.00

Garden Salad - Mixed Greens, Tomato, and Cucumber. Choice of ginger dressing or creamy sesame dressing $6.95

Seafood Salad - mixed greens with calamari, crab and shrimp $8.95

Grilled Shrimp Salad - mixed greens, cucumber, tomato and Yuzu-Mascarpone dressing $9.25


Nigiri - Tuna - one piece $3.00

Nigiri - Shrimp - one piece $2.75

Nigiri - Salmon - one piece $3.00

Nigiri - Crab - one piece $4.00

Nigiri - Yellowtail - one piece $3.50

Nigiri - Eel - one piece $3.00

Nigiri - Seabream - one piece $3.50

Nigiri - Scallops - one piece $3.50

Omakase Nigiri (6 kinds) - 6 pieces of fresh nigiri paired with complimentary garnishes; tuna, yellowtail, salmon, seabream, crab and scallops $20.00

Sashimi - Sashimi Sampler - tuna, Salmon and Yellowtail and Seabream $16.00

Sashimi - Tuna Tataki - thinly sliced seared tuna with truffle oil. Served with Yuzu-Ponzu Sauce $12.00

Sashimi - Salmon Ponzu - thinly sliced salmon with truffle oil served with Yuzu-Ponzu sauce $14.00

Uramaki - Spicy Crunchy Roll - inside out roll. 8 pieces. Tuna and salmon mix, topped with tempura crunch, dynamite and volcano drizzle $12.00

Uramaki - Volcano Roll - inside out roll. 8 pieces. California Roll topped with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, smelt roe and tempura crunch and spicy chili mayo $16.00

Uramaki - Pagoda Roll - 5 pieces; tempura sushi roll with cream cheese and apsaragus inside with spicy salmon, smelt roe, Ito-Togarashi, volcano and eel sauce $16.00

Uramaki - Philadelphia Roll - inside out roll. 8 pieces. Salmon, cream cheese with green onion and sesame seed $8.95

Uramaki - Dragon Monster Roll - avocado, cucumber, cream cheese topped with eel, smelt roe, micro green, eel, and Dynamite sauce $18.00

Uramaki - California Roll - inside out roll. 8 pieces. crab meet, avocado, cucumber, smelt roe and Japanese mayonnaise $14.00

Uramaki - Fire Cracker Roll - tempura shrimp roll with Wakame salad and jalapeno finished with eel sauce, shredded red pepper, and Sriracha drizzle $16.00

Uramaki - Tropical Roll - salmon and avocado roll topped with fried plantain and mango-sweet chili coulis $16.00

Uramaki - Vegetable Roll - cucumber, Kanpyo, asparagus, pickled ginger, and carrot topped with avocado and sesame seeds $12.00

Uramaki - Rainbow Roll - inside out roll. 8 pieces. California Roll topped with tuna, yellow tail, salmon and avocado $13.95

Matsu - two tuna, two salmon, two shrimp, yellowtail, eel, egg, two pieces of spicy roll, and four pieces of Rainbow roll $27.95


Jumbo Ebi (Shrimp) - Panko crusted, Lightly Fried. Includes Miso Soup, Sunomono, Noodle Salad and Sukiyaki beef rice. $29.00

Teriyaki Butter Grilled Chicken - boneless breast with teriyaki butter emulsion and seasonal vegetables $21.00

Panko Oyster - four crispy Japanese-style jumbo oysters with Asian remoulade sauce $9.95

Panko Chicken - Boneless breast, lightly fried. Includes Miso Soup, Sunomono, Noodle Salad and Sukiyaki beef rice. $27.00

Gomoku Delluxe Dabeyaki Udon - udon noodles with shrimp tempura, grilled chicken and vegetables in BONITO-Dashi broth $24.00

Vegetable Naveyaki Udon - udon noodles served with fried tofu and vegetables in KONBU-Dashi broth $20.00

Shrimp and Crab Tempura - lightly fried seafood and vegetables with flavored sea salts $24.00

NY Strip Steak - grilled with garlic ginger sauce $29.00

Kurobuta Tomahawk Tonkatsu - panko crusted Berkshire pork with tonkatsu red wine sauce and grilled pineapple $26.00

Side Dishes

Brown Rice $5.00


Green Tea Mousse Cake - alternating layers of delicate green tea sponge cake with a matching light green tea mousse, topped with a lush covering of fresh whipped cream and dusted with green tea $6.50

Ginger Mousse Cake - layered sponge cake with ginger mousse filling and ribbon of rich chocolate icing to top it off $6.50

Soft Serve Ice Cream - green tea, vanilla or vanilla-green tea swirl $4.95


Green Tea - Hot or Iced $2.95

Low-fat milk $2.95

Iced Tea $2.95

Soft Drinks - Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange, Lemonade $2.95


Frozen Beer


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