Finding Renewable Energy Uses at Walt Disney World

I have been a tech geek for as long as I can remember. I am also very concerned about our environment. These two things can come together in the craziest of places. Like riding on a Walt Disney World Transportation Bus. I looked up (remember to always look up — and down — everywhere on Disney property) and saw a sign touting Disney’s use of R50 fuel in the bus fleet.

R50 Renewable Diesel
Sign on a Disney Transportation Bus touting the use of R50 renewable diesel fuel in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Nikon D750/24-120VR, 1/125s, f/4, ISO 1000, EV +0.3, 27mm Focal Length.

After a little investigation, I found out R50 is called Renewable Diesel, which is made up of a blend of used cooking oil, non-consumable food waste and 50 percent diesel fuel. As you can imagine, the Walt Disney World Resort generates a lot of that kind of waste. By switching 337 buses to use R50, it estimated a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases contributed to the environment. That is a great start!

You may have read about the huge new solar farm Disney opened earlier this year that will provide enough energy to power two of its theme parks. That solar farm joined the Mickey Mouse shaped one opened in 2006 near Epcot.

It is nice to see Disney invest in such technologies.

I frequently use my camera or phone’s camera when I see something interesting to remind me to investigate it later.

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One Reply to “Finding Renewable Energy Uses at Walt Disney World”

  1. Disney has always been conscientious about setting an example in this regard, and thanks to them and a generation of like-minded people making environmentally “woke” decisions, our planet will still be with us for a long time to come. Great article, Scott! Thanks!