More Details on Costumes in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

If you’ve wondered how the cast members of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be dressed to impress in the brand new land, look no further! We have the details here.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Earlier this week, we had a sneak peek at some of the costumes, when they were revealed at a Disneyland after-hours cast party.

Galaxy’s Edge Costumes
Rise of the Resistance Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Costumes – Rebel Costume
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Rise of the Resistance Imperial Officer Costume

As you may have read if you’ve been following the development of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the land is located on the planet Baatu and centers around the Black Spire Outpost. Disney envisions cast members in this newest land to be residents of the Outpost.

Galaxy’s Edge Costumes

As such, they’ve designed costumes for everyday life in the village, thus immersing all people in Black Spire, from visitors to residents.

Galaxy’s Edge Costumes

Of course creating a story behind the looks and creating the looks themselves are very different things, and costume designers had to stitch together two important elements: the world of Star Wars and the climate of central Florida.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Batuu Resident Costume

Designers worked with mesh to make costumes lighter, with nylon to make costumes flexible, and with cotton to make costumes breathable.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Batuu Resident Costume

So even as costumes reflect iconic styles and silhouettes from the Star Wars universe, they’re ready for the heat of summer and the rigors of theme park life.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Costume

We think these are some snazzy looking Baatu-ans (we think we just invented that term, but let’s go with it!), and we can’t wait to see them in the elaborate world of Black Spire Outpost and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

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