Disney Pic of the Week – Flowers

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Tiptoe through the tulips and Tinker Bell will trip your toes. She’s feisty and she doesn’t appreciate people stomping around the garden. That’s why Disney plants flowers away from Guests’ reach. Okay, maybe they don’t. Just don’t sit on them.

Flowers add gorgeous color and delightful scents to Earth. Not, not Spaceship Earth, I mean the planet we live on. As Disney Parks are on Earth, flowers can be found there as well. I’m not really going anywhere with this. Oh look! Pretty!

Marigolds bloomed at Disneyland in Halloween-like colors. Smart flowers!

Scott will be here on Thursday with his flowery photo.

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One Reply to “Disney Pic of the Week – Flowers”

  1. Hi, Lisa–

    Love your photos and sense of humor. One thing, though: don’t apply for a job in a greenhouse–those are chrysanthemums, not marigolds… That’s like calling the Backstreet Boys “New Kids on the Block”. Oy.

    Lisa responds: Oh well. I never claimed to be a horticulturist.