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A restaurant at Disney's BoardWalk which showcases classic Italian cuisine including handcrafted mozzarella made daily, fresh cavatelli pasta and pizzas baked in wood-burning ovens.

Trattoria al Forno is open daily for breakfast (7:30-11 a.m.) and dinner (5-10 p.m.). It opened December 18, 2014.





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Reviewer: mcmouse Review Date: 03/31/2015

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We had a dinner reservation here on March 17th. We were pleasantly surprised. The service was excellent. Our server stopped back to our table numerous times to refill and check on us. Both hubby and I ordered the lasagna and it was great. It was just the right size serving. It came with arugala and was very tasty. We both had a glass of wine that our server suggested and it paired nicely with our dinners. There was no room for dessert. We felt the prices were very reasonable and the atmosphere was lovely. We'll definitely return on our next trip.


delicious food



Reviewer: Ron S Review Date: 03/29/2015

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We dined there this past Friday March 27 and had the best meal of our trip. The food and service were excellent. My wife had Semolina Tagliatelle alla Carbonara - with Guanciale while I had Sauteed Shrimp - with lemon, caper and anchovy butter with polenta. We both loved our entrees. This was a vast improvement of Cat Cora's Kouzzina.


Great Food & Service



Reviewer: miketp Review Date: 03/24/2015

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I am surprised by some of the negative reviews. Our server was friendly, polite, and helpful. He made excellent recommendations for wine pairings and brought a small free sample for my wife to try. She was very impressed with the chicken Parmesan. I had the beef bolognese and it was fork tender. We'd split a caprese salad and both felt the heirloom tomatoes were super fresh and delicious. We will definitely eat here again. The pizza delivered to the next table looked great. My only negative was that even with reservations we waited 20 minutes.


Service foot quality


Wait time

Reviewer: alfy Review Date: 03/23/2015

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We were seated on a Friday night at about the time we reserved. Our table was a two-seat setup in the middle of a row of four-seat tables in the middle of the room, undoubtedly arranged that way so they could be pushed together in varying combinations. Not the best table, but not the worst. Our server promptly brought a flask of room-temperature water and bread, but no bread plates. We ordered pre-dinner drinks and our entrees at the same time. Unfortunately, the pre-dinner drinks arrived 10 minutes after the entrees when we asked the dinner-plate deliverer where the drinks were. A supervisor chanced by the table later to ask how we enjoyed the meal and we pointed out the discrepancy. It turned out the server had failed to turn in the drinks order. The server returned later and informed us that "due to her incompetence," the drinks would be comped. No apology. She must have been scolded. Our entrees, linguini a la vongole, were quite good, with lots of small clams, al dente pasta and a light olive oil-and-white-wine-based sauce. The drinks, spritzes, were correct. We hope they'll work out the bugs as this restaurant offers great promise and an authentic menu. As it stands, Via Napoli is still the best choice among the Italian restaurants in the Epcot area. (We have heard that too-quick service can be a problem in WDW table service restaurants, and have been advised to order the courses separately if we're not in a hurry. We will take more care to do that from now on.)


Food quality



Reviewer: Disney_Barbie Review Date: 01/26/2015

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All and all, we were very disappointed by our experience at Trattoria al forno.
Our experience was enjoyable for the first 5 minutes or so. We hoped to try this new restaurant even though we did not have reservations & we were thrilled when a pleasant hostess got us a table with only a short wait. When being escorted to our table we admired the decorative changes made to the renovated dining room & really liked what we saw (Kouzzina used to be one of our favorite Disney restaurants & we had been almost 10 times) so far we were enjoying our experience.
Unfortunately the dining experience only went downhill from there. Our server had less knowledge / enthusiasm about the menu than a typical fast-food worker does. She informed us that “everything on the drink menu was bad, except for the Molto Bello” (which as you can imagine was very discouraging to hear from your server) My husband decided to try the Molto Bello, but I ordered a Bellini (which was actually quite good). Our server proceeded to make a nasty comment about being “better than her” for not accepting your drink recommendation, I was a little startled by this, far from typical Disney service.
We went on to order an entrée & wine flight each. Judging by her reaction, it seemed like wine flights were a major inconvenience and for the first time in my life I felt like I was “bothering” a server by ordering something on the menu. When our wine flights arrived they were actually not the ones we ordered, but since she disappeared before we realized this and didn’t re-surface for quite a while we decided just to accept these ones. One of the wine glasses served in our flight was absolutely filthy, covered in fingerprints / smudges and was so nauseating to look at that the wine was entirely undrinkable.
It was around this time that we began to think it was odd that an Italian restaurant didn’t bring us any sort of bread or something. There even seemed to be olive oil on the table, so we thought it was odd & we wondered if perhaps it was something we needed to have ordered from the appetizer menu (which we would have happily done if we had realized).
We found our entrees to be mediocre. My husband got the Chicken Parmesan & I got the Eggplant Rollatini. For the most part the meals were similar to that at large chain Italian restaurants, nothing to complain about, but nothing too special either. They were both covered in a lot of sauce, which unfortunately tasted much like jarred sauce from a grocery store. The great saving-grace of the meal was the eggplant was not breaded, which I really appreciated because you could really taste the eggplant … once you scraped off the sauce. So the eggplant was by far the most pleasant part of the whole dining experience.
We entered the restaurant planning to order coffee & desserts, but honestly by the time we were done with our entrees, we both felt that we didn’t want to extend this painful dining experience any longer than necessary, we decided to stroll over to boardwalk bakery & get coffee & tiramisu there instead (which happen to be delicious by the way)
When we were walking out, we realized that all the other tables around us did have bread. Our sever just never brought / offered us bread.
All and all it was a major disappointment & couldn’t hold a candle to Kouzzina. Granted, the majority of our disappointment was in the services provided, but there are so many places (Italian & otherwise) so close to that area where we have always gotten amazing food & service, that I see no purpose in ever again trying Tattoria al Forno.
When we’re in the mood for Italian, I think we’ll stick with Via Napoli in Epcot or Il Mulino at the Swan (both wonderful!) If we’re not stuck on Italiana, there are so many wonderful dining choices right in the crescent lake area that we’ve had countless good experiences at (Flying Fish, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Captain’s Grille, Crew’s Cup, Kimonos)





Reviewer: sschroeder Review Date: 01/19/2015

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

My girlfriend and I had dinner at Trattoria al Forno on Saturday January 17, 2015. We were able to secure reservations for 7:15 pm two weeks prior to our visit. We arrive early and waited until our designated time and were promptly seated. We observed a few walk-in parties being told that there we no more reservations for the rest of the evening. The décor is wonderful, atmosphere crowded, busy, and moderately loud. Kids all over the place. Service was very good, considering the restaurant was packed, we only had to remind our waitress a few times for water, the bill, etc. We tried the Caprese Salad, Romaine Lettuce, and the Smoked Prosciutto, Potato, Rosemary and Mozzarella pizza. Excellent quality and freshness. To our surprise the potato on the pizza really worked! Almost like a pizza with potato chips on it. Extensive wine collection, great cocktail and beer selection. Hey, you can’t have pizza without a beer! Overall our impression was positive and we look forward to returning.


fresh, quality Itailian food


crowded restaurant

Reviewer: mickeyflex Review Date: 12/21/2014

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

We ate here tonight. It was good, but I'm sure will improve. The bread and olive oil were super. My wife ordered the lamb shank, which was spectacular and the polenta made a perfect pairing. I had the Braised Beef "Bolognese." I was disappointed in this as it was on the dry side and the sauce was more a barbeque sauce than a traditional red gravy I was expecting. The house made cavatelli was the highlight of the dish. Our kids both had the Campanelli Pasta Marinara with Turkey Meatballs and it was superb. The pasta was perfectly al dente and tasty, the meatball juicy and flavorful, and the gravy had a deep tomato taste with perfect seasoning. For desert, my daughter had the vanilla gelato while my son had the strawberry basil. Both were exceptional, but my son's choice was incredibly tasty, with the basil adding just the right amount of peppery herbaceousness to counter the sweetness of the strawberries. My wife had the Bomboloni, which my kids both said were okay donuts. I had the tiramisu, which was the best I've ever had.


kids' spaghetti


beef Bolognese
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