Triton's Breakfast Menu
4 night cruise
December 2007

Refreshing Liquid Starters

Orange, Grapefruit, Apple, Pineapple, V-8, Tomato, Prune and Cranberry Juice

Eye Openers

Coffee - Regular or Decaffeinated

Custom Blends of Breakfast Teas, Decaffeinated

Hot Chocolate

Lighter Fare

Ariel's Secret - a large buckwheat crepe filled with scrambled egg beaters, spinach and silky tofu with herbed tomato relish

Chef Louis's Kick Off - fresh fruit selection served with low-fat granola and creamy yogurt

Fresh Fruit and Yogurts - whole and fresh fruits selections, half grapefruit, plain or assorted flavored yogurts and low-fat yogurts

Nature Power Breakfast Muesli - granola, orange juice, yogurt, dried fruits, honey, milk and cheese

Mango Mountain Hike - fresh blend of mangoes, honey muesli and low-fat yogurt

Mornin' Tug Boat - fresh blend of strawberry, bananas, almonds, raisin granola and low-fat yogurt

Cereal Selection - fruit loops, special k, corn flakes, frosted flakes, cruncheroos, rice krispies, granola and all bran

Cream of Wheat - served with brown sugar and cream

Oatmeal - honey drizzled and with toasted pecans

Baker's Goodies - fresh selection of danish from our bakery

Toasted to Order - wheat, white or rye bread, assorted bagels and english muffin

*Sugar Free Preserves and Maple Syrup available on request

Triton's Signature Favorites

Atlantis Secret Tower - stacked french toast (3) and grilled pineapple, topped with strawberry coulis. Served with maple glazed fruit salad

Little Mermaid's Morning - two belgian waffles stuffed with dulce de leche and rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Served with watermelon wedges.

Traditional Eggs Benedict - served with grilled roma tomatoes and link sausages

Treasure Omelet - mushrooms, broccoli, spinach and red peppers tortilla style

Chilled Royal Lox - smoked salmon rolls served on whole wheat pancake with capers, dell and red onions cream cheese

Hearty Choices

King Triton's Shell - a large omelet filled on savory toast with grilled tomato, bacon and baked beans topped with caramelized onions

Scuttle on the Run - scrambled eggs, grilled ham, bacon, sausage and hash browns available in a jiffy

Sebastian's Trio - french toast, belgian waffle and buttermilk pancake served with cinnamon butter, maple syrup and whipped cream accompanied with bacon

Omelet Decisions - omelet with your choice of peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushroom, ham and cheese. Served with hash browns and bacon

Sleepy Kids Special

Mickey's Speical Combo Platter - Mickey Waffle with scrambled eggs and a pancake tower

Flounder's Melon Boat - on a sea of strawberry flavored yogurt

Peanut Butter and Jelly Typhoon - a large pancake with peanut butter swirl, drizzled with red jelly and served with a cup of fresh fruit

Max's Light Bite Omelet - two egg omelet filled with turkey sausage and sweet corn kernels

Specialty Drinks

Cappuccino $2.75

Espresso $2.00

Cafe Latte $2.75

Mimosa $2.99

Bloody Mary $2.99