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From time to time, Hidden Mickeys author Steve Barrett discovers new Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World and passes them along to AllEarsNet.com's newsletter, ALL EARS®. Here are past "Hidden Mickey Alerts" that Steve has shared with us:


March 2010

1. A silhouette of Roger Rabbit is in an outside window of the Hollywood & Vine Restaurant. Face the restaurant entrance and look to an upper left window. (Thanks to Sharon Dale, Elton Hughes and Jill Sullivan, and Michael Nemeroff.)

2. Inside the Star Tours Gift Shop, at the "Build Your Own Lightsaber" station, a classic Mickey is on the front lower right panel. It's formed by bullet holes with surrounding black burn marks as the "ears" and a center raised circle as the "head." (Thanks to Tony Garon.)

3. Inside Walt Disney: One Man's Dream, in one of the last scenes before you reach the theater, four Hidden images are to the left of the Animatronics robot. Donald Duck is on a coffee mug on a desk to the far left, and Mickey Mouse is near Donald on a glass with pencils. Mickey is also on the top of a Pez dispenser and on another coffee mug. (Thanks to Lea Ann.)

January 2010

1.    On the rocky edge of the mermaid lagoon in Peter Pan's Flight, three flowers on the grass form a classic Mickey; the "head" is yellow and the "ears" are light orange.  (Thanks to Jesse and Sarah Kline, and Donna McMurrey.)

2.    Inside the Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant, on the left side of the "When You Wish Upon a Star" wall mural (near the exit to the restrooms), a tiny white classic Mickey is near a sparkling star. It's to the left of the Fairy, at the level of her mid right thigh, and her right thumb points to it. (Thanks to Scott Mueller.)

3.    On the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction in the Mexico pavilion, a dark classic Mickey tree is in a photo of a shoreline to the right of your boat.  Donald Duck is parasailing in the scene, and the tree is on the right side of the scene in front of buildings on the shoreline.  (Thanks to Jennifer Lynch, Jake Thompson, and Marc Lorenzo.)

October 2009

1. A white classic Mickey is at the top of a ladybug on the middle level of the closest chandelier to the front lobby entrance. (Thanks to Jay Stonefield and Ray Pilgrim.)

2. Inside Sanaa restaurant, a classic Mickey is above a booth on a white wall to the left as you enter. (Thanks to glaslady and Jay Stonefield.)

3. Inside Sanaa restaurant, classic Mickeys are in the woodwork in the middle of many of the dining tables. (Thanks to Sondra Dewey and Jay Stonefield.)

May 2009

1. In Mickey's PhilharMagic show, study the jewels that Ariel tosses out in the water in front of her. On the right side of the screen, a black classic Mickey is inside a rotating finger ring. The Mickey image is visible as the ring is partially sideways to the viewer, but it disappears as the ring turns fully open. In the photo, images are duplicated because of the 3-D screen effects. It took me a long time and many visits to spot this great Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Christine H. and Donna McMurrey)

2. In the last scene of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, a small classic Mickey wire loop hangs from the bottom of the lantern on a post closest to the boat on the left side. Watch as you approach the lantern, and the Mickey image will be visible for a short time as the background lighting changes. (Thanks to Christy, and Tim Devine)

3. In Minnie's Country House, tiny classic Mickeys are along the bottom right of a portrait of Clarabelle Cow on the right wall of the second room. (Thanks to Bill Iadonisi)

December 2008

1. During the holidays, a nutcracker has a blue classic Mickey-patterned snowflake on his hat. You can usually find him greeting folks around the Germany pavilion at Epcot.

2. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios is filled with new and repeat Hidden Mickeys. Note that Hidden Mickeys at the Osborne Lights change from year to year. Two of my favorites are a blue classic Mickey on the town hall tower and a white classic Mickey in the smoke from the train.

3. Study the floats in the various holiday parades for Hidden Mickeys. Here's a silver classic Mickey above the rear tire on this vehicle in the Hollywood Studios parade.

(Thanks to Sharon Dale for these holiday Hidden Mickey images).

June 2008

1. Finally, my sister Donna McMurrey was able to get a decent photo of an amazing classic Mickey in the Great Movie Ride, Disney's Hollywood Studios. Jesse Kline told me about this image months ago, but it is really difficult to find and photograph.
Indiana Jones and his helper are lifting the Ark out of its stone container. A small white classic Mickey is on a broken tablet or flat rock which leans against the foundation that the Ark container sits on. Two white men are painted on the side of
the container, and the Mickey image is below and between them. It's just to the left of the head of an orange-brown snake. Hard to find, but worth the effort!

2. Donna also found some classic Mickeys in the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot. On the right side of the inner street, two small Hidden Mickeys are inside the Crown & Crest Shoppe. One is inside a left rear cabinet post; you have to put your head
inside the cabinet to see it. The other image is behind the cash register. Stand near the "Cast Members Only" door and look back behind the register. These Mickeys have stayed in place for a
while, so I hope they don't disappear!

3. Sharon Dale let me know about Pooh's signature, not a Hidden Mickey, but a cool image anyway. Walk into the last room before the park at the rear of the UK Pavilion. This room is used for a character meet and greet. At the rear of the room, find Pooh's signature on an envelope at the right side of a lower cabinet shelf near an old typewriter.

May 2008

1. Another classic Mickey-shaped lock can be found inside the faux ticket office, upstairs in the Main Street Railroad Station, Magic Kingdom. Walk up the outside stairs to the office window, which faces Main Street, and look for the lock hanging on the right wall. (Thanks to Donna McMurrey.)

2. I finally found this one! A small classic Mickey tar spot is in the parking lot of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Walk straight ahead from the circle drive exit from the car unloading area at the AKL entrance. About 45 feet before the "E1" sign, search the pavement in front of the second grass island from the main parking lot crossroad. (Now you realize how hard it is to find!) (Thanks to Mike Demopoulos.)



3. At the Yachtsman Steakhouse, Yacht Club Resort, study the lantern on the check-in podium for a cool classic Mickey image. Usually, it's on the back side of the lantern, so you must pass by the podium and look back at the lantern. It's worth the trip to spot this one!

April 2008

1. Along the Streets of America at Disney's Hollywood Studios, search for two full-body images of Mickey himself. Inside the left of two windows of the Venture Travel Service, a photo of Walt Disney is hanging on the left upper wall. Walt is holding a Mickey doll in his right hand. Look for a small window for Sal's Pawn Shop toward the walkway to Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show. A watch with an image of Mickey is hanging inside the window. This one's tough to spot! (Thanks to Cara Di Cicco and Dom Fiandra for both of these Hidden Mickeys.)


2. While in the Studios, seek out the side arches over the entrance area to the Animation Courtyard, next to the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant. Donald Duck and Goofy are subtly etched into the lower part.

February 2008

1. A proportional bubble Mickey appears in The Little Mermaid. When Sebastian arrives into the theater, look behind and to the left of the blue shell to find three bubbles forming a classic Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Daniel & Yaëlle Berset)



2. Also in The Little Mermaid, at the beginning during the scene of the music concert in King Triton's Palace, there is a shot that pans over the audience. Among the audience is Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy! Mickey and friends are sitting under the dolphin on the right. The inset photo shows them up close. (Thanks to Disney Barbie of Southampton, England, Emma, and Mandy Newby)

3. In Lilo & Stitch, watch carefully in the scene when Lilo is teaching Stitch to dance at the outdoor market. Above them, formed by some Hawaiian melons, is a neat classic Mickey! A red circle around the melons has been added to the photo. (Thanks to Alex Valdes and Sharon Dale)


January 2007

1. Just inside the entrance to Conservation Station in Rafiki's Planet Watch, Disney's Animal Kingdom, spot this classic Mickey on a lizard's left ear. He's above the deer, at the top right corner of the border of the changing screen. (Submitted by James Baublitz and Jesse Kline.)



2. Further inside Conservation Station, find a butterfly with a tiny, black classic Mickey. Look on the front of the tree with the cockroach display inside. The butterfly is on the left front of the tree, about 6-1/2 feet up from the floor, and the Hidden Mickey is on its lower back, between the wings.

3. In Mickey's Toontown Fair, Magic Kingdom, search for the rooster DJ. He's on a "Wacky Radio" sign, on the shack in front of and to the right of The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm. The knot in his necktie is a classic Mickey. (Submitted by Mike Ireland.)


4. The inside carpet along the entrance queue to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Disney-MGM Studios, has wavy, distorted (psychedelic?) classic Mickey shapes. Several folks have tuned me in to this Hidden Mickey, but let me know if you think it's too far-fetched to be counted.



December 2006

The Animal Kingdom's Festival of the Lion King is one of the best shows in Walt Disney World. But did you know some subtle Mickeys are hiding in here? (You may need to look for these Hidden Mickeys after the show concludes. When guests are exiting, you can often walk down to the floor and study the stages.)

A classic Mickey impression is in the "rock," below the stage on the baseboard and near the steps, facing the Elephant section.

December 2006

Festival of the Lion King

A white classic Mickey is at the middle front at the bottom baseboard of the float with the giraffe and Timon. Watch for it at the beginning of the show as the float appears.

December 2006

Festival of the Lion King

An upside-down white classic Mickey symbol is below the giraffe's front leg at the bottom right side (baseboard) of the float with Timon.

November 2006

In Mickey's PhilharMagic, watch closely as Donald chases Aladdin and Jasmine on their magic carpet in the sky. Stare at the bottom left of the screen for three round buildings on the ground clustered as a classic Mickey. They're visible from above only for a few seconds. (Submitted by Trent Sexton.)

November 2006

Walk through the front door of Mickey's Country House to spot Mickey's key ring on the opposite wall. One end of the black key is shaped like a classic Mickey. (Submitted by Tawny L. Peedin.)

November 2006

Mickey's Country House

Continue on to Mickey's garage. The front middle window of a bird house on a table is shaped like a classic Mickey. (Submitted by Robert Keller.)

November 2006

Mickey's Country House

Along the right side of the entrance queue at The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm are fans mounted high on metal supports. The fifth fan, after you pass through the barn, has a classic Mickey in the decorative ironwork inside the support. (Submitted by and Greg Conlin and Benoit Paquin.)

October 2006

When you're at Mission: SPACE, search for these classic Hidden Mickeys:

Along the Mission: SPACE entrance queue, look for the Mission Control room behind windows. Three classic Hidden Mickeys appear on the overhead monitors from time to time during the video loops. One shows up on the far right monitor, on the lower part of the surface of Mars, which is on the left side of the screen. A second one, also on the rightmost monitor, is formed by three "status lights" at the lower right side of the screen.

Count two monitors to the left to find three small waveform images that come together as a third classic Mickey on the lower left of the screen. Because of the glare from the monitors, my photos are suboptimal, but you can still make out the classic Mickeys on the screens.

October 2006

The outdoor cement walkways in front of Mission: SPACE contain several decent and some questionable classic Hidden Mickeys in the mosaic design. One is already posted on my website: the head is a black stone and the ears blue stones. This tiny classic Mickey is located in the middle of a blue tile area, to the left (as you face the attraction) and near a gold stripe. A second set of white stones forms an imperfect (but close enough?) classic Mickey. This one is toward the bottom of a blue tile stripe, four feet toward the Mars planet from a black disc, which is near the lowest part of the blue tile stripe. Two other stone classic Mickeys are near a drain, which is in a circle of tiles to the left of the Mission: SPACE sign outside. Good luck!

September 2006

Folks continue to spot new Hidden Mickeys at Expedition Everest! Here's a good one:

Walk up the steps outside and across from Serka Zong Bazaar shop and find the tablets on the left side. An upside-down classic Mickey is etched on the second tablet from the edge closest to the shop. (Submitted by Dick Larson.)

September 2006

I finally have decent photos of the yeti with Mickey ears along the entrance queue. I include two descriptions from guests who spotted this cool Hidden Mickey:

While traveling through the standby queue for Expedition Everest, take a careful look at the items in the cupboards in Tashi's Trek and Tongba Shop. As you round the last corner of the shop before exiting, the cupboards appear in the corner on your right. The cupboard contains several canned goods, and small yeti figures appear on the top shelf. Look closely to find a yeti sporting black Mickey Ears.

On the stand-by line for Everest, there is a room after the room with the red walls and before the museum room. It is decorated like a shop. Along the back wall, there are cabinets with food. To the right of the cabinet filled with corn, there are yeti dolls. One of the smaller ones is wearing a Mickey Mouse eared hat. (Submitted by Jesse Kline, Tim Rachuba, and Justine Gamale.)

August 2006

Pooh's Playful Spot, a new children's play area in the Magic Kingdom, has (no surprise!) a few new hidden images:

A side profile of Mickey Mouse is carved into the bark, outside on the back of the big tree. It's at the upper left corner above the lower window. (Thanks to Bob Ondercik and Kristy Mantarro for this great Hidden Mickey.)

August 2006

Pooh's Playful Spot

Inside the big tree, a classic Mickey is formed by embedded rocks above the frame of the smaller children's entrance. (Angela Coutavas sent me this Hidden Mickey sighting).

August 2006

Pooh's Playful Spot

Above the frame of the larger entrance inside the big tree is a depression in the wood shaped like a submarine! Maybe this is a tribute to the previous attraction at this location (the "20,000 Leagues" submarines)? (Angela Coutavas spotted this jewel as well.)

July 2006

I had heard about this tiny, classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey at Splash Mountain, but I'd not spotted it until recently. During the first part of the ride, when your boat is outside, look to your right for a barrel with "Muskrat Moonshine" painted on the side. A classic Mickey is formed by holes in the paint, above the "s" in Muskrat. (Thanks to Jesse Kline for this HM tip.)


July 2006

The Merchant of Venus Shop in Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland was recently refurbished. Two new Hidden Mickeys are in the mural. Face the cash register and look up at the mural on the wall behind the register on the left side. Near the Tomorrowland Transit Authority track (in the mural), a relative of Stitch is wearing Mickey Mouse ears. A second relative of Stitch in the mural on the left side is holding a Mickey balloon. (Thanks to Tawny Peedin and Erin Blackwell for these HM sightings.)

June 2006

A Cast Member (Sharon) told me about this interesting "hidden character" along the exit wall from Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. It's Stitch's spaceship flying through space in a corner of the first mural on the right as you exit.

June 2006

The pirate's map mentioned in the last Hidden Mickeys Alert has been lost (or, at least, relocated)! A Cast Member told me that Disney no longer sells the maps, so the posted map in the gift shop at Pirates of the Caribbean has been removed. However, take heart! A very similar map (with continents shaped like Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Mickey) is now in a display window of the new Adventure room at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

May 2006

Find some hidden characters in the gift shop at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean. As you walk from the ride exit, look on the left wall for a small "pirate's map," which has continents shaped like Goofy, Donald, Pluto and of course, Mickey. (Thanks to Jesse Kline for this hidden character sighting. Our MouseFest 2005 Hidden Mickey Hunt group liked this one.)

May 2006

Some really decent Hidden Mickeys are popping up at Typhoon Lagoon. At Crush 'n' Gusher, ride up the elevator and look left as you get off to spot the paint circles on the floor: a perfect classic Hidden Mickey. (Thanks to Brad and Courtney for writing me about this Hidden Mickey.)

April 2006

Canada: A fish with a classic Mickey has reappeared! (The first such fish ornament was shattered a few years ago.) It's in the Northwest Mercantile Shop, which is to your left as you walk up the steps into the pavilion. The fish is hanging on the outside of a box at the left rear of the first room as you enter the shop. (Thanks to Jesse Kline and Joseph Fortenbaugh for telling me about this new Hidden Mickey.)


April 2006

Morocco: At the rear of the pavilion, across from the entrance to Restaurant Marrakesh, two small Hidden Mickeys are in a mural on a rear wall of the character meet and greet room. One is at the top of a tower on the right side of the street (it's not perfectly proportioned, but it's close enough). Another classic Mickey is toward the front of the mural, on the left side of the street and near the rear part of a double archway. This second one is tiny and looks somewhat like a bush. (Thanks to Jesse and Jordan Kline, and Leslie Sharkey for alerting me to these Hidden Mickeys on the mural.)

March 2006


Inside the gift shop at the exit from Mission:SPACE at Epcot, stare at the ceiling at both sides of Mickey's side profile to find side profiles of Goofy (with his ears stretched out) and Donald! (Thanks to Michelle Anderson for telling me about these Hidden Characters.)

March 2006

On the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride in Animal Kingdom, study the rock formation as your vehicle arcs around the lion area. Spot Donald's cap first, then his face and eyebrows, and watch as his beak moves into position to complete his face!

March 2006

Outside the Stage 1 Company Store at Disney-MGM Studios, search for the spilled purple paint that forms a classic Mickey (it's close enough) on the cement below a lion's head on a wall near the Muppet Show exit. (Thanks to Dusty Madere, Malcolm Cleveland, and Darren for informing me about this Hidden Mickey.)

January 2006

I'd been searching for this Hidden Mickey for years. Other folks had spotted it, but directions to it were hard to come by. Recently, an anonymous benefactor slipped me precise directions. So one morning, a group of us hiked off through the Animal Kingdom (excuse me, Disney's Animal Kingdom) to corral this elusive Hidden Mickey. Following the written directions, we walked along the Maharajah Jungle Trek until we passed the tigers and made a left turn to the Elds Deer exhibit. We looked to the left, back toward the tiger area, to a huge mural painted on a wall that separates the tigers from the deer. Parts of the mural have crumbled away, forming vertical cracks that expose red bricks. Mickey was said to be hiding in the right center of the mural, below the third (from the left) of four brick cracks and about three feet to the left of the middle bird of some birds in flight. We looked for some orange flowers in green leaves. Five minutes into the search, a bright-eyed member of our group, Sheri Ondercik, shouted, "I see him!" She had to point and describe his location until we all had finally spotted Mickey with his right hand up and waving at us! It's as if he was acknowledging us for a job well done!

January 2006

A new Hidden Mickey is in the right section of the background of the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show at Disney-MGM Studios. A full-body drawing of an early rendition of Mickey Mouse is near a chair in the lower right side of a window, which is under an "Antiquites" sign and near a large "Cafe" sign. ("Antiquites" is also printed in the window). Thanks to Lou Mongello (that's right, Lou -- the WDW trivia expert) for finding this unique Hidden Mickey.

September 2005

A new classic Mickey is behind the Mouse Gear shop in Epcot's Future World. Exit the shop at the rear toward Test Track, then make the first right onto a walkway toward World Showcase. Just before the path changes to an octagonal shape, look down near the left railing to find a small three-circle Mickey shape indented in the concrete. Way to go, Imagineers! (Thanks to Rob Coile and his daughter for alerting me to this little gem. My friend Bob Ondercik and I found this Hidden Mickey a few days ago.)


Epcot HIdden Mickey
September 2005

The robotic dog in the last scene to the right along the exit walkway in Space Mountain has a blue classic Mickey "dog tag" hanging on the front of his neck. Let's hope the Cast Members leave it there! (Thanks to C.T. and Rick Haas, who both let me know about this Hidden Mickey.)
Space Mt. Hidden Mickey

August 2005

At the Magic Kingdom, look in the windows of the "Watches" Shop on Main Street. In several areas (especially the lower left), the watches are arranged as classic three-circle Mickeys.

Hidden Mickey in Watch Shop

August 2005

At the Animal Kingdom, find the parked car (a Corvair) across from TriceraTop Spin in DinoLand USA. Some playing cards showing Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy and Pluto are on the dashboard.

Hidden MIckey in Corvair