Reviews of Disney's QUICK SERVICE Dining Plan

Disney's QUICK SERVICE Dining Plan

The Magic Your Way Package Plus Quick Service Dining offers you an easy and affordable way to experience a wide variety of participating Disney restaurants. The package includes everything in the Magic Your Way Base package -- Disney Resort accommodations, a Magic Your Way Base Ticket, etc., plus an arcade card valid for 30 minutes of game play at resort arcades (one per room) -- and a Quick Service Dining Plan that offers the following:

-- 2 Quick Service Meals per person per night: One Entree OR one complete Combo meal, dessert (lunch/dinner) & One single non-alcoholic beverage

-- 1 Snack per person per night: Choose from items such as frozen ice-cream novelty, box of popcorn, single piece of whole fruit, medium fountain soft drink

-- One refillable drink mug per person

The new Quick Service Dining Plan prices: Adults $34.99 per person per night; children 3-9 $11.99 per person per night

Everyone in the room must be on the same package and ticket options. All tickets must be used within 14 days of first use, unless the No Expiration Option is purchased. All dining credits must be used by midnight the last day of your stay, otherwise they expire.



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Reviewer: Disney nut Review Date: 09/29/2018

Rating: (5) Would Recommend:

cheapest of the dining plans


its nice to have meals paid for in advance


may or may not save you money

Reviewer: tlynn Review Date: 09/29/2018

Rating: (7) Would Recommend:

Splurge on the one with sit down option


Fast and easy to use. Lots of locations to use. The snack credits can be used on a variety of items.


I wrongly thought the sit down meals were all character dining. There are many great restaurants that are considered sit down like momma melrose, sci if diner, etc that I did not realize were considered sit down. I would spend the extra money to get one sit down.

Reviewer: Claire Review Date: 09/29/2018

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

The Quick Service Dining Plan was the best for our family. Not having to worry about budgeting for meals, it was all loaded on our Magic Bands. This meal plan is absolutely great if you are not wanting to pay tips on a table service meal which can be additionally very costly if choosing the Dining Plans.


Quick Service is what it is...quick. Ordering off your phone app and then picking it up at the counter when ready is a great bonus and so convenient.


You don't get Character Dining experiences like on the Dining Plan. You would have to make a reservation for a Table Service Meal. Whether you can use like two Quick Service credits for this I do not know. Maybe this is one to find out when I'm next there but I am assuming not.So I would budget that as an extra paid meal.

Reviewer: Eeyorelover6977 Review Date: 09/28/2018

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

I have used the quick service dining plan now for the past 5 years and I love it. I would NEVER go without it. I love that I do not have to worry about carrying money around or being tied down by reservations.


pre paid



Reviewer: GinaDD Review Date: 08/25/2017

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

We were fortunate to get the free quick dinning promotion offered for late August. We were disappointed (at first) that the free promotion didn't include sit-down service. But as we ate "around the world" we discovered that counter service at WDW goes well beyond burgers and nuggets. We found really great, inventive counter service meals. This plan was also accepted at many of the third party restaurants at Disney Springs. (The Polite Pig was a favorite!)


Plentiful portions!


Reviewer: maddox4 Review Date: 04/19/2017

Rating: (6) Would Recommend:

On our last trip in March 2017 I kept track of what I had prepaid on the dining plan and what we actually would have paid at each location. We spent $12 in total more than if we would have paid out of pocket (I also took into account the drink mug). The 2 snack per day instead of the desserts at each meal was better for us. While it is also nice knowing you have paid for everything ahead of time, when we go back in Sept. 2017 we will not be purchasing the dining plan. We usually stay in DVC studios or 1 bedrooms so will take advantage of the "kitchen" option for some of our meals besides the usual breakfast in the room as we have done in the past.


paid in advance



Reviewer: bethocindigo Review Date: 10/20/2016

Rating: (4) Would Recommend:

With the new Magic Bands where you have the option of charging everything simply to your Resort room, I have found that this Quick-Service Plan is WAY too expensive and obsolete.

It FORCES you to take a drink AND a dessert when most of the time, you're just TOO FULL to eat another bite after the LARGE entree. I don't like caffeinated drinks and carry a 'Camel' filtered water bottle around with me in the park anyway so that's a waste too.

There is NO WAY that my family can eat $42 in food a day because the entrees (Plus fries and sometimes a few smaller side dishes) are usually no more than $15 if you add in a drink. And they only give you 1 snack

We would much rather pay for everything separately because I prefer to eat smaller portions and enjoy tasty snacks AFTER my stomach has settle and digested a few hours.

This is a waste of money when its now SO MUCH easier to just charge everything to the room.


Easy to use and the cashiers are VERY helpful when you want to know your options


$42 PER PERSON a day.......REALLY?

Reviewer: LISAE Review Date: 08/16/2016

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

When we have visited in October/November and February we have felt the need for many table service meals and have really enjoyed them. On our previous summer visit two years ago we found that the table service meal was more like an endurance test during two weeks in the Florida sun.
This time we had the quick service dining plan for our two weeks (last week in July and first week in August).
We found that this was still too much food in the hot weather but enjoyed having the freedom of not having booked reservations.
We ordered water from garden grocer before our arrival, if we hadn't we would have needed to use credits for this.
In the event we brought quite a few snacks back home with us as we found it impossible to eat all the allowance of food.
It did give us the flexibility to have lots of frappucinos and ice-cream sundaes. Also as we weren't necessarily eating two full meals a day we did on occasion order pizza and salad and eat one large meal.
Definitely a must-do for me in the Summer and not having to allow for tips was an added bonus.


ideal for a Summer meal plan


wouldn't be enough food for us in cooler weather.

Reviewer: Koon Review Date: 01/01/2016

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

Our family loves this plan as we use snacks for breakfast and that makes it an all-inclusive vacation. There's no considering if you need to choose a cheaper item in the menu for this meal, and if you play your cards right, multiple people can eat off of one credit since at some places the portions are plentiful! A great choice!




Reviewer: bellebookworm9 Review Date: 01/11/2014

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

My party of four used the quick service plan for the first time from 1/6-1/10. We were able to get it for $21.99/person/night with a cast member discount and that made it an excellent value. It saved my family (three people) probably $250. We only used the refillable mugs once, so they weren't a great asset, but even without those our savings would have been around $200.

We enjoyed meals at Landscape of Flavors (breakfast/lunch/dinner), Sunshine Seasons, Boulangerie Patisserie, Columbia Harbour House, and Be Our Guest. We also had several table service meals that we just paid for out of pocket. If I were able to get the plan at a discount, I would use it again.


Plenty of food, great choices


Cost vs. out of pocket without discount
1 2