Wandering the Land
September 4, 2007

Photos from Disney's Electrical Parade
at Disney's California Adventure.

The Blue Fairy leads out the parade.

Mickey and Minnie

Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat - now you see him, now you don't!

The spinning bee is just a blur!

The colorful caterpillar atop his brightly glowing mushroom.

From caterpillar to butterfly and ladybug.

Cinderella's mouse friends are ready for the ball.

The Royal Court under their illuminated canopy.

That clock - where unfortunately it's always midnight!

Captain Hook and Peter Pan battle aboard the pirate ship.

The circus comes to town, led by a hippo pulling a calliope.

Dumbo waves his magic feather.

Colorful clowns entertain the crowd.

And a big pink pachyderm takes a glittering shower.

Elliott, with Pete on his back blows smoke...and then disappears.

The final float is a patriotic salute to America.

The impressive glowing bald eagle at the end of the parade.