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Last Updated: October 2018
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Kalua-Style Pork Sandwich - Pulled pork, Asian slaw, BBQ hoisin sauce. Choice of sides: bag of chips or side of fruit $12.00
Island Hot Dog - Served in a pretzel bun, pickled daikon, onion sauce. Choice of sides: bag of chips or side of fruit $12.00
Poke & Noodles - Choice of tuna poke or marinated tofu, cucumber, edamame, green onion, soba noodles. Tuna Poke $13.00, Marinated Tofu $11.00
Hawaiian Nachos - Tortilla chips, Kalua-style pulled pork, hoisin sauce, pineapple salsa, togarashi aioli $11.00
Spicy Asian Wings - Asian honey glaze, sesame seeds and togarashi aioli. $12.00
BBQ Pork Bao Buns - Three pork belly steam buns, pickled cucumber, BBQ hoisin sauce $12.00
Chicken Nuggets - Carrots and a side of fruit. $7.50
Power Pack - Carrots, sliced apples and yogurt $6.00

Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)

Skipper Sipper - enjoy one of theses and you'll join the legendary ranks of the brave, charming and witty Jungle Cruise skippers. We apologize for this inconvenience! Tropical juices, organic agave nectar, Falemum, mint and freshly squeezed lime juice topped with soda water
Schweitzer Falls - the amazing...the colossal...the stupendous...the eighth wonder of the world...Dr. Albert Falls' favorite (over the rocks!) Tropical juices and Sam's Gorilla Grog topped with Sprite
Polynesian Punch - Sam's Gorilla Grog and hibiscus grenadine served in a souvenir sipper

Specialty Cocktails

Uh Oa! - whoever is brave enough to conjure up this concoction cursed by Uh Oa, the Tiki goddess of disaster, must be forewarned: when you mess with Polynesia, the Tiki gods will squeeze ya (often with a lime)! Light and dark rums, orange, passion fruit, guava, and grapefruit juices, Falemum, cinnamon, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Recommended for two or more guests. Served in a souvenir Tiki bowl.
Krakatoa Punch - there's no escaping falling in lava with this exotic eruption of flavor! Reserve and spiced rums, tropical juices, Orgeat (almond) syrup, organic agave nectar, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Served in a souvenir Tiki Mug.
Hippopoto Mai-Tai - dare to enter this hippo pool with...Bang! Bang! Two shots of Rum! Don't worry this drink is only dangerous when you start to wiggle your ears! Light and dark rums, orange Curacao, Orgeat (almond) syrup, Organic agave nectar, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Served in a souvenir Tiki Mug.
Shrunken Zombie Head - every time business shrinks for our favorite head salesman he celebrates with one of these supernatural potions. Reserved and aged rums, tropical juices, Falernum, and cinnamon
Angolada - While sailing the Yangtze Lotus down the Congo, Trader Sam discovered this old family recipe. Navy Strength rum, Cream of Coconut, Angostura bitters, and juices of lime and pineapple
Pago Pago Cocktail - Some people dance the slap dance, some dance with fire. The others relax with one of these in hand! p.s. Don't dance with fire!
Aged rum, Chartreuse, Creme de Cacao, and juices of pineapple and lime
Rosita's Margarita - and now, Senors and Senoritas, please place your ice into the center...of the glass, that is, as we present this enchanted cocktail from Rosita. (P.S. What happened to her?) Reposado tequila, orange Curacao, organic agave nectar, freshly squeezed lime juice and Falernum
Ka-Blue-Ie! - gorillas, rifles, dynamite and river water don't mix...or do they? (Always makes a splash!) Light rum, Cream of Coconut, pineapple juice, and a splash of blue Curacao
Mosquito Mojito - trading for the ingredients of this refreshing antidote for malaria didn't cost Sam an arm and a leg. But it did cost him a mint! Strawberry rum, organic agave nectar, Falemum, mint, and freshly squeezed lime juice topped with soda water
Piranha Pool - it will take some skillful navigating to get you through this one! A mixture that's sure to attack your thirst for adventure! Strawberry vodka blended with pineapple juice, cream of coconut, strawberry puree, and blue Curacao
Passionate Python - dark and aged rums, red passion fruit, and tropical juices garnished with an orange peel "python"
Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum - welcome to our tropical hideaway, you lucky people you! If you have one of these starting right away you may be ordering two! Reserve rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple and orange juices dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg
Lost Safari - best served with a rhino chaser, this drink gets its point across in the end. Bottoms up! Dark and spiced rums, tropical juices, and Sam's Gorilla Grog
Safari Swizzle - Refreshing as a scoop of deepest river water...Sam stirs up rums, lime juice, mint, and Angostura bitters. It'll float your boat. Rum, fresh lime juice, mint and organic agave nectar topped with Angostura Bitters
Shipwreck on the Rocks - have too many of these and you'll be setting a course for Davy Jones' locker! Bourbon with freshly muddled lemon and mint with organic agave nectar. Served in a souvenir Tiki Mug.
Zambezi Sour - Trader Sam traded four gallons of Gorila Grog and a two day, seven night cruise for a barrel of bourbon and this is the result. Bourbon, falernum, simple syrup, and juices of lime and grapefruit.
La Florida - Many have searched for the Fountain of Youth. Did Trader Sam discover it? We don't know, but he found this drink! Aged rum, creme de cacao, pomegranate, lime juice, and sweet vermouth.


- Sam is pleased to offer the following beers which he acquired in trade. In fact, today he's having a two-for-one special: a beer with two heads for just one of yours!
Draft Beer -
Kona Longboard Island Lager- Hawaii$9
Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale- Hawaii $9
Modelo Especial - Mexico $9
Bud Light- America $8
Karl Strauss Tower 10 - America $10
Karl Strauss Featured Beer- America $10
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin - America $10
Bottled Beer -
Coors Light $7.50
Corona Extra- Mexico $8.50
Budweiser- America $7.50
Heineken- Netherlands $8.50
Anaheim 1888 $8.50
Hangar 24 Orange Wheat Ale- America $9.50
Kona Big Wave - Hawaii $8.50


- Many of Trader Sam's cannibal friends are into wine. Literally.
Sparkling Wine (glass/bottle)
Louis Pommery Brut $11/$49
Banfi Rosa Regale - Brachetto D-Acqui, Piedmont $13/$55
White Wine (Glass/Bottle)
Reichsrat von Buhl - Maria Schneider Jazz Riesling, Pfalz $11/$49
Coppo Moncalvina Moscato D'Asti - Piedmont $10/$45
King Estate Pinot Gris - Willamette Valley $11/$49
Paul Dolan Sauvignon Blanc - Mendocino County $10/$45
Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay $11/$49
Red Wine (Glass/Bottle)
Mirassou Pinot Noir - California $10/$45
Francis Ford Coppola Director's Cut Zinfandel $13/$55
Villa San-Juliette Cabernet Sauvignon - Paso Robles $11/$49
Kunde Merlot - Sonoma Coast $11/$49
Kenwood Vineyards Jack London Zinfandel - Sonoma County $14/$59
Uppercut Cabernet Sauvignon - Napa Valley $13/$55
Beso del Sol All-Natural Red Sangria - made from a 100% natural marriage of Spanish Tempranillo grapes, orange, blood orange, and lemon juices with a touch of natural cinnamon. $9.50
Beso del Sol All-Natural White Sangria - made from a 100% natural blend of Airen white Spanish grapes, lemon, peach, and mango juices. $9.50