Glo's Souven-EARS

A Visit to the Chapeau

Most every child (and probably an equal number of adults) who goes to Walt Disney World returns home with some sort of headgear -- silly hats, baseball caps, hair wraps, ponytail holders, headbands, or maybe even a Princess Tiara. But most personal of all are the traditional Mickey Mouse Ears embroidered with your name.

Mickey Ears are available at a number of locations throughout the World, but the easiest place to get them is right at the beginning of Main Street USA in a little shop called The Chapeau. The Chapeau has the traditional black Mickey Mouse Ears for children, however, your little ones are not limited to these. You can also find pink Mouse Ears for your own little Minnie fan, black pirates' hats, black cowboy hats, and green Peter Pan hats complete with a real red feather for the little guys. All children's caps and hats sell for $6.50, including personalization.

As in all of Disney World, the fun isn't just for the children! Traditional Mickey Mouse Ears are available in an adult size for $7.99. In addition, caps with Mouse Ears are also available for the same price.

If you're celebrating your honeymoon at Walt Disney World, you should make The Chapeau your first stop in the Magic Kingdom -- those popular white "bridal veil" Mouse Ears and the black-eared top hats sell for $10 each. Unfortunately, these cannot be personalized.

The Chapeau is also the place to stop when the temperature drops into the 40s or even 30s! It doesn't happen often in Florida, but if it does and you find yourself stranded with no gloves or hat, this is the place for some nice warm gloves and stocking caps. Nothing too stylish, but who cares about style when your fingers and ears are beginning to feel like icicles?