ALL EARS® Celebrates 100 Issues!

This article appeared in the August 21, 2001, Issue #100 of ALL EARS® (ISSN: 1533-0753)

ALL EARS® is excited to announce the release of the 100th issue!!!!

I never imagined when I began the newsletter in September 1999 that it would grow into the ALL EARS® you see in front of you today. I can scarcely believe that well over 17,500 subscribers receive ALL EARS® each week.

It may seem easy, but it takes a lot of work "Behind the Ears", so to speak, to get each issue off the ground and in the mail to you each week. I'd like to introduce you to the folks that help make ALL EARS® possible.

First and foremost is ALL EARS® Senior Editor, Debra Martin Koma. Some of you may know her as dcdeb on the RADP (rec.arts.disney.parks) newsgroup and IRC. Deb polishes the articles you read each week, so that they are crisp and clear (she hopes). She also writes some of the articles you read each month, like last week's Overlooked Attractions at Epcot.

A freelance writer and mom, not necessarily in that order, Deb considers writing for ALL EARS® the best possible use of her time. Some of you confuse dcdeb with me. An easy mistake to make, since, after all, we both live in the Washington, DC area and we share the same first name. Fortunately, she's such a great person I don't mind in the least when she is mistaken for me! (dcdeb notes, "Same here. Who *wouldn't* want to be confused with Deb Wills! If anyone has a better name to suggest for me, though, please let me know!") When asked where her favorite rest spot in WDW is, she replied: "I want to see it all, do it all -- commando all the way! No rest for this tourist!" ALL EARS® just wouldn't be the same without her expertise and I would like to now publicly thank her for all her hard work. (dcdeb blushes.)

Our copy editor is Mary Brennan, who hails from the beautiful state of Rhode Island. Mary scrutinizes each and every issue of ALL EARS® and checks for typos, bad links and information errors (and boy, does she catch some doozies!). She is not only diligent, but reliable, trustworthy and thorough. (She must have been one heck of a Girl Scout at one time!) Her efforts transform the rough draft into the slick final product you see each week. Mary, also a DVC member, is an avid pin trader and collector. Mary is a stay-at-home mom of three growing children who are alternately proud and embarrassed of her Disney obsession. Thank you, Mary, for all your time, hard work and devotion! What would we do without you?

You may also see the names Zamgwar and Czarina attributed to particular issues of ALL EARS® from time to time.

Zamgwar is often found on the RADP newsgroup, posting about his exploits in Waking Walt or Taking a Walk with Walt through the parks. For ALL EARS, he has written a series of articles on "the little things" that make Disney so special. A self-proclaimed theater mercenary ("If you've got the checkbook, I've got the light design!"), Zamgwar says the WDW spot that gives him the "shivers" is "standing with my wife on the bridge between Boardwalk and Beach Club behind France late after Epcot closes. France's music continues to play into the wee hours and it's impossible not to kiss." Thank you, Zamgwar, for giving us all smiles!

The Czarina, also known as Eureka, can also occasionally be found on the RADP newsgroup. For ALL EARS®, she writes wonderfully creative restaurant reviews of Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line restaurants. After a hiatus of several months, Eureka will be back writing for ALL EARS® soon. She lives in New York City and frequents WDW almost as much as I do! Her favorite WDW moment is, "sitting on the Tomorrowland Terrace, watching the twinkling lights of Fantasyland as dusk falls, and finally being buzzed by Tinker Bell, flying straight over my head as the fireworks start." Thank you, Czarina, for your charm and wit.

Oops, I almost forgot to tell about me, Deb Wills, chief cook and bottle washer :) When I'm not in Orlando, you can find me in the Maryland suburbs, where I have a full-time job that has nothing to do with travel or Disney! WDWIG and ALL EARS® are labors of love that have blessed me with some incredible experiences, through which I have made friends for life. I seem to always have more ideas than time to implement them, but that never stops me from dreaming.

Here's a little bit about *you*, our beloved ALL EARS® subscribers:

Readers represent more than 50 countries across the globe -- but of course 75 percent are from the United States.

The largest group of US subscribers are from New York and Pennsylvania (15% combined).

When I started ALL EARS® two years ago, I intended to communicate with folks (about 200 at the time) about changes or additions to my site, Deb's Unofficial Walt Disney World Information Guide. I quickly realized, however, that the newsletter could and should be much more than that. The first series of articles I worked on became what is known as the "Meet the Author Series". ALL EARS® readers were invited to send in questions for Disney-related authors and we then presented an interview of the person. It has been a privilege to interview all of the authors including Disney Archivist Dave Smith.

Gradually, the newsletter has evolved into topical articles of general interest: things like the Disney Cruise, restaurant and resort reviews, current events.We also try to bring you the latest in-depth information available on what's happening in Walt Disney World. Earlier this year, we featured an interview with Suzanne Bonham, a food and beverage services manager at Jiko, Animal Kingdom Lodge. We were at the Animal Kingdom Lodge opening week and provided daily updates of photos and stories to the website, as well as a comprehensive look at the lodge in an issue of ALL EARS®. We added regular features like Tip of the Week and News Bites to every issue and made the first issue of each month a Bits and Bites article of what's happening that month at WDW.

We hope you'll stick with us for our next 100 issues! We have plenty more up our sleeves -- reports on the 100 Years of Walt Celebration, Food and Wine Festival, author interviews, a series on the Disney Vacation Club and, next May, an in-depth first-hand report on the inaugural sailing of the new Disney 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise!

Our goal has been and continues to be to publish the very best Walt Disney World newsletter available and deliver a bit of Tinker Bell's pixie dust to your email box each week.

ALL EARS has a bright future and I am very excited to be at the leading edge of such a great publication. We strive for accurate, dependable and reliable information. Based on your emails, I believe we are meeting those goals!!

We are always open to suggestions and encourage you to email us any time at

Thank you all so very much for subscribing and being part of this great community of Disney fans! I hope to see you at Walt Disney World!!

Our great readers sent in congratulations letters which we share now....


I think there should be a 15-month celebration at WDW for the 100th issue of ALL EARS®!! How do you look in a blue Sorcerer's hat? Thanks for everything. We'd be lost--literally and figuratively---without your tips!! Best wishes for 100,000 more!! Bob Parlapiano

I just wanted to say thank you! ...Getting ALL EARS® ... takes away my homesickness for the World, and helps me remember all the special little things that make us love Disney as much as we do. Thanks for what has become to me my weekly pick-me-up! I look forward to the next 100 issues! MeaNJoY

ALL EARS® is my favorite email--even when a trip to WDW is not in the near future, I read every line! Thanks for all the tips, laughs and great columns that remind me of the great times my family has enjoyed and the inside scoop on what to look forward to on our next visit. Happy 100--Here's to 1000 more! Jenice Vesely

I think I've been a subscriber almost from the beginning and I often tell my Disney friends about your site or forward things that I've read to them. I especially like, "If you Close Your Eyes where would you be in WDW" and think you should run that again. My second favorite item is tips from readers. Tony Santini Philadelphia

Congratulations... it's the first think I'll open in my Inbox on the day that it arrives! - Justin

Congratulations on your 100th!!! Yours is truly the best and most informative Disney site on the web. Although I've visited WDW over 35 times since 1985, I still find new and useful information in your site. Keep up the great work! Patti Eastampton, NJ

Great job, congratulations on your continuing success. I look forward to your newsletter and every time I find one in my mailbox I make sure I find a quite time in my day to read it over. My favorite parts are the Tip of the Week and News Bites. Donald DeFord

Just wanted to write a quick note of Congrats and a BIG thank you for your incredible effort over these past two years on both wdwig and the newsletter. In the past year and half that I have been accessing your site it has given me incredible insight and planning tips for my twice yearly visits to WDW. I have sent many a fellow visitor planning a vacation to WDW to your site. You have done an incredible service for all the fans of WDW. Rosemary Boyle Lasher

Just a word to say happy birthday! I am from Beauport, near Quebec city in Canada. From time to time, I visit your site to remind me of the good times we had and to know what's new in Disney. Dream is essential to a good life! Johanne Fortier

I'm so happy and excited for you guys to be having your 100th issue today, I can't remember when I started to subscribe but the information on the deals, ride rehabs, and parks have been PRICELESS to me all these months, I hope this newsletter will never come to an end because as I quote Walt Disney " as long as there is imagintation is the world, disney world will never be complete" and who better to spread the news about the ever changing "world" then you. joe °o°

To Deb and all the people behind the scenes. Congratulations on the 100th ALL EARS®. All your hard work is much appreciated by us 'readers'. Kevin Stringer

100 Congratulations from the Gombar family! We just started to receive All Ears this past winter... Being a librarian, I am a researcher by nature. Through my searching, I came upon you and your newsletter. I have been hooked since! Thanks for the info and the tips, and everything else in the "World!" Peg Gombar

I just wanted to say Congratulations on 100 issues...I have really enjoyed receiving your emails weekly. Especially since WDW is a long from home!! One of your Subscribers from the UK. Eda Ayyildiz

I really enjoy receiving your news letter every Wednesday up here in Canada. One day shortly after you started your news letter I was checking out your site again and saw the subscription box for the news letter. I have been faithful reader ever since. Each week you give me back a little piece of the Disney Magic. Keep on going your readers really appreciate you. Many Thanks Maxine

Congratulations!! I've so much enjoyed finding ALL EARS® in my inbox each week, it just doesn't seem possible that it's been 100 issues already! You are doing a great job. I've especially enjoyed Zamgwar's articles and everything else about overlooked or unnoticed attractions at WDW. Thanks to your recent Cirque du Soleil article, I got a ticket and went to the show when I was at WDW last month. Wow! Not being a circus fan, I had never even *considered* seeing Cirque until I read about it in ALL EARS®. Well, I'm a new fan, and will be taking my daughter when we're there in December! You are all terrific! Laura Bousquet

I just finished reading your 100th ALL EARS® and I wanted to tell you that I think you do a wonderful job. My husband and I first logged onto WDWIG about five years ago, after our first trip to WDW when we decided that we HAD to go back, "just once more," which has turned out to be about six or seven times more since then. Now we're getting ready to bring our 4-month old son with us, for the first of many trips. Keep up the good work, and here's to another 100! Virginia L'Bassi

Your e-mail is the only e-mail that I never delete. Mike Decimo

Thank you for the newsletter, you give me a perfect Disney fix every week. I look forward to your newsletter and find it very entertaining. °o° Carol Powell

We live in Warrington which is in the north west part of England and we always enjoy reading your newsletters and visiting your brilliant site. We've visited Disneyworld 5 times now, mostly with our 2 kids. It's nice to know that there are so many others out there who share our love of the Disney magic. It's very easy for people to be cynical about Disneyworld and the Disney sentiments and, yes, I know it's a business, but then so is the nuclear industry - I know which one I'd rather spend my holiday time in. Keep spreading the pixie dust. Cheers, Paul.

I only discovered your website just before your 99th newsletter. I'm so glad I bought "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2001"!!! I don't always have access to a computer, but I decided I needed more Disney information. I'm a Disney-a-holic in training!! I just can't get enough of it. It was so much fun to see how many of the "Overlooked Attractions" at Epcot I have found!! I look forward to your next 100 with much anticipation!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! TTFN!! Tina Brannen :-)

Thanks for a great "ALL EARS®". I enjoyed reading about you guys! Thanks, also, for brightening my day just by looking at my inbox! Dorothy in PA

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for the wonderful job you do! This list is not only invaluable when planning a trip but it keeps me going when I can't get to WDW! Between this and the wdwig site...I feel there is more information on one of my favorite places on Earth then anywhere else! Rich Kostner Illinois

I really love your weekly messages, as it keeps me in touch with what is happening during the year at my favorite place on earth. Even with all my experience, I find out new and useful things all the time from you guys. Keep sending out ALL EARS®. I really love it. Linda Lebo from Pennsylvania

I love your newsletter! It always seems to come after a very tough day at work, and it lets me dream of my many times in the "World". I look forward to every issue. Gene Broadway, Columbia, S.C.

Congratulations on your first 100 issues. I've been a Disney fan for years. My first trip to WDW was in '72, and I remember it very well. My mom and I had chills when we entered the gates of the Magic Kingdom, and to this day, I get the same set of chills when I first hit Magic Kingdom. I'm so glad I found a lot of other folks who get that same reaction. And to find a newsletter put out by folks who love WDW as much as I do is too wonderful for words. Thanks so much for sharing all of your tips, news and everything else with us. Y'all do a great job, and I know many WDW fans appreciate it. Karen


Editor's Note: This story/information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all current rates, information and other details before planning your trip.