Gluten Free
Guest Experiences

Bethann P. Schaffzin
September, 2008

Disneyland was so amazing! First I emailed Chef Chris Justesen ( and he called me directly both before we went (on a Saturday morning) and after we returned (to see how our experience was). For this trip, we had less than one day at the park and chose Disneyland as opposed to California Adventure. Once under the railroad bridge, Chef Chris told me to make a left into City Hall and get the gluten-free list of food destinations within the park. As we walked around Disneyland, we were able to locate a place to eat just about everywhere. We ended up eating at Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland (where we happened to be at lunch time) and all of us, kids included, had amazing gluten-free meals.

They were reasonable in price, fast, and we had lots of tables to eat at once our food was brought out. At Chef Chris' suggestion, I asked for the head chef there (a woman whose name I cannot recall at the moment) and she came out, went through our gluten-free options and then asked me to wait for a few moments and she brought out the meals herself. We had a wonderful time and no one had so much as a stomach ache! We cannot wait to return.

If someone with gluten intolerance or celiac disease is headed to Disneyland, I urge them to email Chef Chris at and/or Leave your cell number and you will get a call. They deeply care that everyone regardless of limitation have a great and safe time at Disneyland. Kudos to both Chef Chris and Chef Bill!


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