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MouseFest 2008
An International Gathering of Disney Fans

December 7 - December 15, 2008

Join Founder Deb Wills, members of the All Ears® Team
and many other fellow Disney fans
for 9 days of Disney fun on Land and Sea!


What is MouseFest?

Join the Team at MouseFest!


For a complete schedule listing and to register visit:
The Official MouseFest website



Walt Disney once said, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

MouseFest, a gathering of hundreds of Internet community members at Walt Disney World, is a real-life example of Walt's quote.

For a number of years, there has been ever-growing annual holiday gatherings in Orlando of Disney Internet fans connected through Disney-related websites and message boards in Walt Disney World to share their love of the Most Magical Place on Earth.

So, imagine if you can a gathering that encompasses ALL these groups... a gathering that unites the enormous family of Disney enthusiasts from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, from all over the country, from all over the globe! Imagine all of these people convening at Walt Disney World for a 4 Night Disney cruise, followed by several days of fun and merriment, special meals, events, and an all-round spirit of Mickey Mania!

Since 2003, hundreds of Disney fans from all over the world have participated in the annual MouseFest events. Nearly 200 sailors begin MouseFest on the Disney Wonder 4 Night Cruise! The MouseFest Cruise is co-hosted by Deb Wills ( and Jennifer and Dave Marx (Passporter).

Once back on land more than 20 unofficial Disney website representatives, Disney book authors, and podcasters attended a variety of get-togethers throughout the week, most notably the huge MegaMouse Meet held Saturday, December 13.

More than 500 Disney-lovers stopped in at the MegaMouse Meet, visiting with the webmasters, podcasters, and authors they have read for years, as well as meeting up with others just like them from other Internet communities, many meeting in person for the first time friends they had made in cyberspace.

Now you've seen a glimpse of MouseFest!

And guess what?


That's right -- Everyone is invited!
In general, there are no limits on who can join the events, and no age requirements! (Of course, certain events do require tickets or deposits, may have capacity restrictions, or may not be of interest to young children.)


MouseFest and

For MouseFest 2008, is hosting/sponsoring
a number of meets on Land and Sea.

Come join in the fun with Deb Wills and members of the team.
(These are only the events that Deb and the AllEars team are hosting/sponsoring.

Many other events are on the official schedule found at )

Disney Wonder MouseFest Cruise Events

Walt Disney World Land Events


Disney Wonder MouseFest Cruise

Sunday December 7-11 , 2008
Specific Events to be announced this summer!
All Ears® Team Members scheduled to be on the MouseFest 2008 cruise are:
Deb Wills, LindaLou, and LindaMac!


Walt Disney World Land Events

Thursday, December 11-15, 2008
Specific Events to be announced this summer!
All Ears® Team Members scheduled to participate at MouseFest 2008 land are:
Deb Wills, Debbie Koma, Mike Scopa, Andrea (Anita Answer) McKenna, LindaLou, Glo from Miami, Jack Marshall, Lisa Berton, Laura Gilbreath, Scott Thomas, Michelle Scribner-MacLean, Barrie Brewer, LindaMac and Fred Block!


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