Glo's Souven-EARS

Pet Souven-EARS

You're at Disney World shopping for souvenirs and you think you've seen them all -- T-shirts, baseball caps, key chains, and character toys of every variety. But what about a souvenir for your very own four-footed "character" -- your PET!

At the Emporium on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, MouseGear in Epcot, and various other WDW shops, you can now purchase an old-fashioned aluminum milk can filled with Cat Treats for $9. The counterpart to the Cat Treats are Dog Treats (also $9), which come in a bone-shaped tin. But the doggie souvenirs don't stop there.

You can find a Mickey icon metal pet name tag ($4) that you can have engraved (in the MK, at the Uptown Jewelers on Main Street). There's also a red bandanna ($5) that says, "My owner went to Walt Disney World and all I got was this lousy bandanna!" In addition, red nylon dog collars printed with the Fab Five come in three sizes and sell for $6. You can buy a matching 4-ft. leash for $10.

I've saved the two best pet gifts for last: One is a portable water bowl made of navy nylon fabric, trimmed with Disney characters, complete with a snap clip ($9). It weighs about an ounce and looks more like a folded cap when not in use. It's perfect for traveling in the car with your pet or for those nice long hikes in the woods. Last, but surely not least: soft, fuzzy black Mickey ears for your dog or cat ($7), complete with an adjustable chin strap. No self-respecting Disney-lover's pet should be without them!

If you can't get to the World to buy these items yourself, contact Walt Disney World Mail Order. Visit: for details.