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High School Musical Pep Rally

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C'mon and get Wildcat fever. It's infectious as guests learn fun cheers and cool dance moves, wave pom-poms and sing along to the biggest hit songs of today's most popular entertainment phenomenon come to life in "High School Musical" Pep Rally, a new immersive show for the whole family. Throughout the park, a multi-talented team of entertainers re-create the world of East High — basketball court and all — a place where best friends break into elaborate musical numbers like magic. Guests may even find themselves shooting hoops or joining in as the whole street turns into a rockin' party as great songs fill the air, from the Disney Channel sensation "High School Musical."


Pep Rally cheerleaders The High School Musical Pep Rally is a traveling stage show. Its route runs from the gates next to the entrance to Hollywood and around the Sunshine Plaza, then through the Golden State area before ending near the Orange Stinger in the Paradise Pier area. It stops in two places: Sunshine Plaza and Paradise Pier near the Golden Dreams theater; for a 15-minute performance.

The energetic singers and dancers get the audience involved as they perform several songs from the movie High School Musical, including "Get'cha Head in the Game," "What I've Been Looking For," "Stick to the Status Quo", and "We're All in This Together." During a high-energy basketball number, guests have the opportunity to try their hand at shooting baskets. The cheerleaders and basketball players enlist audience members to come out and join them as they learn the Wildcat cheer routine: "Wildcats everywhere, wave your hands up in the air!"


Including the two performance stops the Pep Rally takes about 45 minutes from start to finish. With performances several times a day there's not usually too big a crowd, but for a front-row spot, arrive a few minutes early. The stage stops along the outer edge of Sunshine Plaza, between the Greetings from California Store and the Information booth. The other stop is in front of the Golden Dreams theater.

To participate in shooting hoops or learning the cheer routine, stand near the front.

Get'cha Head in the Game
Get'cha Head in the Game
Basketball game
Guests shoot baskets
Cheerleader routine
Cheerleader routine


This show is especially popular with fans of the High School Musical movie. Kids both large and small are encouraged to shoot baskets and come out of the audience to learn the cheer. Before the stage moves on it shoots out a shower of confetti streamers.


The High School Musical Pep Rally officially premiered in October 2006. Read about the Walt Disney World version of this show HERE.

What I've Been Looking For
High School Musical stage
Stick to the Status Quo
Cheerleaders get the audience involved

Learning the Wildcat cheer
High School Musical stage

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