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Menu Date: January 2018

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- Low-cal Offerings

Cheese Pizza Bread - Tangy pizza sauce, Italian seasoning & mozzarella served on our Artisan bread $5.99

Pepperoni Pizza Bread - Tangy pizza sauce, Italian seasoning, mozzarella & pepperoni on our Artisan bread. $6.99

Quinoa Chicken Salad - Field greens, arugula, grilled chicken, feta, quinoa, red onions, fresh strawberries, Mandarin oranges, olives ad balsamic vinaigrette. $7.49

Turkey Wrap - Turkey, cheddar, romaine, Roma tomato and light mayonnaise in a whole wheat wrap. $7.49

Buffalo Chicken Wrap $7.49

Chicken Bacon Avocado Wrap $7.99

Thai Chicken Wrap $7.49

Chicken Caesar Wrap $7.49

Spicy Tuna Wrap $7.49


Earl's Cobb - Field greens, grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cranberries and ranch dressing; gluten free $7.99

Chicken Caesar - Romaine, grilled chicken, shaved parmesan, housemade croutons and caesar dressing $7.99

Berry Chicken Almond - Spinach, grilled chicken, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, almonds and balsamic vinaigrette; gluten free $7.99

Greek - Romaine, grilled chicken, feta, tomato, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini peppers and zeesty Italian dressing; gluten free $7.99

Thai Chicken - Field greens, grilled chicken, Chinese cabbage mix, sweet chili sauce, wonton strips and Thai peanut dressing $7.99

House Salad - Field greens, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, croutons and your choice of dressing $5.99

Soups - Check for daily soup selections including: Tomato, Chicken Tortilla, Broccoli and Cheddar, Potato Bacon, Chicken Noodle, Hearty Vegetable or Wisconsin Cheddar; Cup $2.99; Bowl $3.99


- Fresh made to order on our artisan bread. Double meat $2 more.

The Earl's Club - turkey, bacon, swiss, lettuce and Roma tomato and sandwich sauce $7.99

The Original 1762 - roasted beef, cheddar and horseradish sauce $7.99

All-American - Turkey, cheddar, cranberry sauce, lettuce, Roma tomato & ranch dressing $7.99

Chipotle Chicken Avocado - grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar, avocado, lettuce and chipotle sauce $7.99

Tuna Melt - Albacore tuna salad, swiss and mayonnaise $7.49

The Full Montagu - roasted beef and turkey, cheddar and swiss, lettuce, Roma tomato and mustard sauce $7.99

Caprese - fresh mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, basil and balsamic $7.49

Holiday Turkey - Turkey, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise $7.49

Hawaiian BBQ - Grilled chicken, ham, swiss, pineapple and BBQ sauce $7.49

Italian - Salami, capicola, ham, mortadella, mozzarella, Roma tomato and Italian seasoning and Italian dressing $7.49

Veggie - Swiss, roasted zucchini, Chinese cabbage mix, avocado, lettuce, Roma tomatoes and cilantro $6.99

Ham and Swiss - Ham, swiss and mustard sauce $6.99

Buffalo Chicken Wrap - Grilled chicken, cheddar, romaine, tomato, buffalo sauce and ranch dressing $7.49

Chicken Bacon Avocado Wrap - Grilled chicken, bacon, romaine, avocado, tomato, cucumber and balsamic vinaigrette $7.99

Thai Chicken Wrap - Grilled chicken, romaine, Chinese cabbage mix, sweet chili sauce and Thai peanut dressing $7.49

Chicken Caesar Wrap - Grilled chicken, shaved parmesan, romaine and caesar dressing $7.49

Spicy Tuna Wrap - Albacore tuna salad, romaine, tomato, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini peppers, chipotle sauce and balsamic vinaigrette $7.49

Side Dishes

Mac 'n' Cheese $4.99

Side Salad $3.99

Coleslaw $2.59

Potato Salad $2.59

Pasta Salad $2.59

Potato Chips $1.29

Potato Wedges $3.99

For Children Ages 3-9

Pizza Sandwich - Mozzarella and marinara sauce $3.99

Grilled Cheese - Cheddar and Swiss $3.99

Turkey and Swiss - Turkey, swiss and mayonnaise $3.99

House Salad $3.99


Cookies $1.99

Cookie Bites $3.99

Brownies $2.29

Brownie Bites $3.99

Brownie Creme Sandwiches $2.49

Cupcakes $2.49

Strawberry Shortcake $2.99


Sports Drink $4.59

Fountain Beverages - $2.99 - $3.49

Bottled Beverages $3.49

Earl Grey Lemonade - $2.99 - $3.49

Iced Tea - $2.99 - $3.49

Coffees $2.49

Hot Teas $2.49

Hot Chocolate $2.49

Milk $2.49

Frozen Lemonade $3.99


Mocha Latte $4.29

Cappuccino $3.99


Domestic Beer $5.99

Imported Beer $6.99

Craft Beer $6.99


Wine $7.59


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