Pin Trading -- A Child's Perspective

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This article appeared in the November 11, 1999, Issue #10 of ALL EARS® (ISSN: 1533-0753)

What I think about Pin Trading:

I think it's really fun getting cute pins to wear, but the best part about it is getting to trade with people. The Disney Cast Members are all real nice, and fun to talk to and trade pins with.

I am collecting animated animals from Disney movies. So far I have: a Dumbo, a Winnie the Pooh, an alien from Toy Story, a Cheshire Cat and Cleo the fish from Pinocchio. I love all my pins and I really emphasize it's a great idea to start collecting. It's a super way to make friends. Even on the way home, in the Dallas airport, we saw a girl who had pins and we had fun looking at each other's.

On our trip to Disney World, my sisters and I all got pins, and we all loved it! My sisters are ages 17 and 8. I saw kids of every age collecting them, and I'm sure grown-ups have a cool time with them, too.

It doesn't matter how many you have, either. I saw several people who only had one, and you don't need any more than that to start trading! It's nifty to trade while you're there, but when you get home you have some pretty pins to wear anywhere you want to, and happy memories of how you got your pins.

Here's a poem I wrote about pin collecting:

Disney Pins A pin for you, a pin for me. My sister thinks that pins are fun, and I totally agree!

There are blue pins and green pins, and aquamarine pins. Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

All these characters and even more are on these pins, and fun galore! Pins are fun to collect, and you can trade them, too. A pin for me, a pin for you.

I collect Disney Pins, and you should too!

Rebecca Roden, Age 10 1/2


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