October 26, 1997


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Lisa Harris organized this fun meet, which had approximately 18 RADP'ers gathering early one Sunday morning in the Magic Kingdom.

First Row (kneeling): David Luner, Robin Beal, Barbara Bennett, Kenny Rudd, Rich Pearlstein.

Second Row: Mike Henigan, Gene and Aven Baral, Randy B., Allan Bennett, Brian Bennett, Katrin.

Back Row: Wayne and Jennifer Geer, Chet Polo, Beth Bieber, Lisa Harris, Carol DiPace, Deb Wills

When I arrived, Brian Bennett and family and Rich Pearlstein were already engaged in an intense Disney discussion. Quickly, people made their way to the Partners Statue and found this wide eyed group of radp'ers awaiting the rope drop! We had to look for a while, but did manage to find a CM (Thank you Adam! who actually knew about RADP) who was willing to take photos with about 10 cameras!

As we all listened to the Magic Kingdom open for the day, we quickly headed through Adventureland and over to the Mountain Ranges. Folks were loosing site of Lisa, who was walking quickly, so I loaned her my CANAM RADP meet hat to hold high in the air for us to follow.

Boat Number 1 included: (Front to back, left to right): Randy B. and Lisa Harris, Chet Polo and Beth Bieber, David Luner and Robin Beal, , Katrin Haussmann and Brian Bennett.

It didn't take but about 10 minutes in line before 16 radp'ers filled 2 complete boats on a visiting to my Laughing Place!

Boat Number 2 included: (Front to back, left to right): Rich Pearlstein and Kenny Rudd, Aven and Gene Baral, Deb Wills and Carol DiPace, Wayne and Jennifer.

While everyone wanted to GO AGAIN….we thought it best to keep moving (it was a little cool and we got a little WET!). Brian Bennett and Rich Pearlstein left at this point and off to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad we went.

A way cool ride on BTMRR left many of us wanting more thrills.

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