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3 ounces canola oil
120 shrimp 41-52 count, cooked
6 ounces of broccoli slaw
Yellow onions, julienned
1 ¾ pound of carrots, shredded
Red Bell pepper, julienned
Cabbage, shredded
Mushrooms, sliced
2 ½ pounds of Lo Mein noodles
1 ounce of ginger, minced
1 ounce of garlic, minced
2 ounces of rice wine
3 ounces of Soya sauce
10 ounces of vegetable stock
1 pound of Bok Choy, Bias cut
2 ounces of house seasoning (Black pepper and salt)
3 ounces of Thai Chili sauce
.05 ounce of sesame oil

Method of Preparation:

In wok, heat canola oil, saute garlic and ginger. Add shrimp, vegetables, noodles, rice wine, soya sauce, and house seasoning. Add stock and heat. Finish with sesame oil and serve.