Recipes Caribbean Pasta Shutters Caribbean Beach Resort

1 ounce Red Peppers
1 ounce Green Peppers
1 ounce Diced onions
1/4 ounce Jalapenos
2 ounce Heavy cream
1 ounce White wine
1 ounce Tomatoes
4 ounces Chorizo Sausage
¼ ounce Cooking oil
.25 ounces Goat cheese (per serving)
1 ounce Spinach
4 ounces Cooked Orechiette Pasta

Add ons:
6 pieces Shrimp
5 ounces Chicken Breast

Method of Preparation:
1. In large pan, bring water to a boil and add 4 ounces of Orechiette Pasta
2. Cut vegetables (small diced red, green, and jalapenos peppers, and onions) (medium diced
tomatoes and Chorizo sausage)
3. In hot sauté pan, add oil, onions, peppers (red, green and jalapenos) and cook until tender
4. Add Chorizo sausage and any other add-ons you would like to have
5. Deglaze with white wine
6. Add heavy cream and add pasta, tomatoes, and spinach
7. Sprinkle goat cheese on each serving