Recipe Big Bowl Chicken Soup Pop Century

Yield: 12/14 Servings — adjust accordingly for smaller batches


2 lbs. pulled chicken
3 lbs. cooked udon noodles
1 lbs. bok choy (Bias Cut)
8 oz. slicked mushrooms
6 oz. bamboo shoots
10 oz. hot chicken broth
1 oz. minced ginger
1 oz. minced garlic
10 oz. water
1 oz. canola oil
2 oz. rice wine
1 oz. soy sauce
1/2 oz. sesame oil
3 Tbsp. house seasoning


1. Heat wok to 175 degrees and add canola oil.
2. Sauté garlic and ginger.
3. Add chicken, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.
3. Add vegetables, white wine, soy sauce, chicken stock, and water.
4. When water is at a boil, add hot noodles & bok choy.
5. Turn wok off.
6. Finish with hot broth, and green onions.