RADP Meet Scrapbook

RADP Meet Scrapbook

Disney Internet Fans from All Over the World Gather!

What, you may ask,
is a RADP meet??!!!

stands for rec.arts.disney.parks. It is a newsgroup on the Internet
where Disney fans from all over the world share stories.

I have been
on the newsgroup since 1995 and seen lots of changes during that time.
People come and go…but one thing remains constant…and that's the love
for Disney and the Mouse and Pixie Dust that many of us share!

We began
having organized meets in December 1996. Little did we realize
that first meet of 20+ people would grow, in 5 years, to over 400! That's
right, counting all the individuals that participated in the 2000 Fifth
Annual Holiday RADP Meet
, we believe there were over 400 of you!

RADP Meets
have been attended by persons all over the World – from places as far
as Japan and Australia, to the United Kingdom, Germany,
, all parts of Canada and the United States.

While the
majority of RADP meets take place in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida,
other meets take place around the United States and Canada.
The first large meet outside of WDW actually took place at Niagara
Falls, Canada
, in 1997. Since that time, there is now an annual meet
in Las Vegas, Washington DC, and North Carolina, to name
a few.

For those
who have attended and want to relive the memories and for those of you
who are curious as to what a RADP meet actually is, the following scrapbook
shares with you a glimpse of the fun we have had!

2003 — Coming December 2003

2003 Festivities

2002 Festivities

2001 Meet Festivities!

5th Annual RADP Meet Schedule of Festivities! Dec. 2000
5th Annual RADP Meet Reports – Dec 2000
4th Annual RADP Meet Festivities!
3rd Annual Washington DC Meet
North Carolina Meet – 6/13/99
RADP Cocktail Party – 6/6/99
Magic Kingdom Meet – 6/5/99

Annual Holiday Meet 12/98

New York City – 10/17/98
Las Vegas – 1st Annual – August 1998
Tower of Terror MGM Studios – 6/8/98
Countdown to Extinction – Animal Kingdom –
June 1998

North Carolina – 2/98

Fountainview – 12/14/97

2nd Annual Holiday RADP Meet – 12/6-7/97
Wilderness Lodge Flag Lowering Dinner- 11/30/97

Splash Mountain – 10/26/97
1st Annual Washington DC Meet – October 1997

Connecticut – October 1997
Albany, New York – October 1997

Boston, MA – 8/6/97
Grand Floridian Cafe – 7/24/97
Washington DC Meet – 7/22/97
Friday the 13th Virtual Tower of Terror Experience
– 6/13/97

Friday the 13th – Tower of Terror 6/13/97

Mexico – Epcot RADP Meet – 6/1/97
Epcot Fountainview – 5/20/97
California Grill – 4/23/97
Epcot Future World – 3/20/97

Fountainview – 12/15/96

First Annual Holiday Meet – 12/96
Holiday Carol by Eureka – 12/96