December 1996 Christmas Carol

December 1996 Christmas Carol


Written by Eureka
(Barbie Czarina) and here with her permission. 12/96


Here's a little'season's cheer
For Disney fans who can't, this year,
Travel to either coast, and must miss
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas.
So gather round the glowing screen
With folks still friendly, though unseen:
A toast to Radpers near and far!
(K. Cottrell in particular).

Let us first wish Michael Pitzel
A nice, big plate of wiener schnitzel,
Some Valium, and a degree
In patent law by New Year's Eve.
(Hey, no one'said this stuff would rhyme
Perfectly. Well, not every time.)
Joyous Noel to DrD
Married this year to his Floe'.
We hope the postponed honeymoon
At Disney World comes very soon.
What ho and Merry Christmas, Toad!
Semper Absurda! May the road
You wildly travel always zoom
And bring you to the Hidden Room
Where llamas spit and weasels moo —
And may your movies do well, too.
Mistress Meli, quite contrary,
Lost her e-mail; not a very
Silent Night for her, we fear —
Better luck in the New Year.
May hidden Mickeys come your way
Like four-leaf clovers every day!

Let us now thank the'saints and sages
For those with Disneyfied web pages:
Buzz Lightyear from Southern Cal,
Also known as Uncle Al.
A merry D-I-G to all!
(A lump of coal for Pressler, Paul).
Deb with her Digest full of grace,
And just back from her laughing place,
DVClubber, lots of new
Info, and a baby too!
Ditto Kosters — best of luck
With Michael, and a Happy Muck!
Mr. Sterrett's Ultimate
Disney Links are'such a hit.
And all who labor over FAQs,
'Tis the'season — hey, relax!

Here's hoping Oside's Christmas sock
Contains a share of Disney stock,
Some cash for Paul, the Count de Money,
And for Lisa (POOH) some honey!
Books for Lani, and for Carla,
A big plush Figment for her parlor.
To barb, 1-800-Flowers —
Gardenias in bouquets and showers.
A lurker's kiss from Karen Harland
For Squier, Sean, under a garland
Of Disney's finest mistletoe —
And now, we think it's time to go.
May we'survive the New Year's strife,
And meet beneath the Tree of Life!
We dedicate this doggerel
To RADP's Santa — Ken Cottrell!

(With love and apologies to anyone who doesn't appear in this bit of nonsense
and wishes they did; also, to anyone who is in it and wishes they'd been
left alone)


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