Boston RADP MEET August 6, 1997

August 6, 1997

boston group

Dotti Writes:
Woo Hoo!!! The first official Boston RADP did indeed happen today and what fun it was!

Adults in the Photo: Back Row Left to Right: Dotti, Mary, Rick, Mickey Balloon, Nigel, Liz, Mike, and Melanie. (Anyone who'd like to identify the kids; please let me know!)

Mary's Children: Andrew in light blue shirt and MM hat (which he had autographed (instead of an autograph book) at WDW in April).
Helen in blue shirt and coveralls. Molly in her Beeee-u-tiful 'Beauty' dress (which she wore to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival and I photographed her in front of the BanB topiaries…*two* Beauties) 🙂 .

Eighteen of us met at the Sabra Restaurant in Newton, MA for almost 3 hours of food, drink, and non-stop Disney chatter, all to the subtle sounds of Disney music in the background and a 4 foot, mylar, helium filled Mickey watching over the proceedings!

This was my first radp meet and, although deep in my heart of hearts I *know* this, I was still amazed at how friendly everyone was, how comfortable we all felt together, and how easy conversation was. We *did not* however follow Barb's advice and throw the keys in a bowl to see who everyone would go home with! And there was absolutely *no* pinching (at least that *I* saw)!

Our party consisted of:

Nigel Conliffe who was as entertaining and adorable as Barb said! And Barb, he gave me many more huggles that the one that you instructed him to! Nigel Writes:
Oh man, the food was good, the company was good, people were nice. It's a wierd feeling to meet a bunch of strangers (and they don't get much stranger!) and feel like you've known 'em for ever. And I used to think that I was a Disney addict; compared to the fine folk I met yesterday, I am but a neophyte (-:. Thanks to Dotti for organizing it, and finding us a great place to eat. We _must_ do it again!

Melanie, her two daughters, her sister Laurie and her friend (who I'm embarrassed to admit that after at *least* 5 times asking, I *still* forgot her name – sorry Melanie!) who were sitting *way* down at the other end of the table (or so it seemed). I'm really sorry that I didn't get more of a chance to visit with them. Her two daughters are not only sweet, but gorgeous!

I had a great time at the meet. It was worth getting LOST 4 times to meet people who love WDW like I do. The person that you could not remember her name is TRACY. She was a bit quiet thats why her name got lost in the shuffle. My kids are still talking about the BIG Mickey balloon. It was pretty COOL. I cant wait untill my pictures come out. We will have to send one to Deb Wills to add it to her site. Count us in for the next meet, I know I wont get lost again. Thanks everyone for being so great.
Take care. We all had a great time.

Liz Jennings, fresh from her busy weekend orchestrating the Niagra Falls meet (and looking not the least bit tired!) had great pics to pass around…it's so much fun to put faces to nicks! My boys already miss her boys (as I miss Liz!)

Mary (kt-scarlett on irc) , my psychic buddy from Rhode Island :), and her three wonderful children were a pleasure to finally meet. Mary brought me a *big* bag of Disney stuff for the kids at Children's Hospital…not only soaps but many items she purchased…A neat woman with a *big* heart!

Mike Bachand (who wrote the Boardwalk Villas faq), with his *great* t-shirt, is a delight – easy to get to know, full of Disney info, and more than willing to share with all of us. He had the perfect spot at the middle of the table…holding court for those on either side!

Mike Bachand comments…..
Yes, it was a really great time! I want to thank Dotti for organizing this meet, she really did a great job! Also, a 'thanks' to Dotti's borther-in-law for the use of his fine restaurant. (McDonald's it's not, thank goodness!!) I really enjoyed meeting Dotti, Tony, Liz, Mary, Nigel, Melanie, Laurie, Rick, and all the kids.

It really is something special when a bunch of Disney fans get
together. It's instant bonding! Seems like we all knew each other for years. How fast time goes by when you're in the company of good people and enjoying good consversation.

Thanks for a great time.

Rick Nordeen, aka nataclue, was the first to arrive so we had a bit of time to chat before the confusion of 18 people speaking at once….a relative newbie to radp, I hope Rick stays a *long* time…he fits right in! (And, yes, that *was* a compliment!)

Rick adds:
I echo your sentiments Nigel. The food was wonderful, and the company could not have been more wonderful. This might sound strange but I feel as if I have an extended family. One that truly cares not only about Disney but the world, and people around them. It was only yesterday but it is already a fond memory. Thanks Dotti for planning such a marvelous event,
and thanks to all who attended for sharing a little of themselves. With people like you this is truly a magical place…

Tony (hubby) even joined us, hot and tired from public transporation…this man *never* takes time from work!

Oh yeah…and of course *I* was there! (with 2 of 3 sons)

We watched and waited for Scott Kirsner who never arrived 🙁 Hope he's not still traveling on the T looking for the restaurant!

My middle son asked on the way home if there was to be another radp meet. "Why?" I asked. "Because I *loved* it and I want to do it *again*!" he answered. *My* feelings exactly!!

Dotti (who thinks that radp'ers are more fun than a barrel of monkeys!)

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