Recent Menu Changes to Tangierine Cafe

Sunday, July 12th 2020 changes to Tangierine Cafe Lunch/Dinner Menu

Soft Drinkscostchanged from 2.59 / $3.05to 4.00/$4.50
Lemonadecostchanged from 2.99to 4.50
Domestic Beercostchanged from 6.99to 8.00
Imported Beercostchanged from 7.99to 9.00
Sangriacostchanged from 6.99to 9.95
Frozen Fruit Drinkcostchanged from 6.99to 9.95
Tangierinecostchanged from 7.99to 9.95
Kasbahcostchanged from 7.99to 9.50
Casablancacostchanged from 7.99to 9.95
Mimosacostchanged from 7.99to 9.95
Tangierine Cocktailcostchanged from 9.99to 12.95
Strawberry Daiquiricostchanged from 9.99to 12.95
Tangierine Daiquiricostchanged from 9.99to 12.95
Cafe Lattecostchanged from 4.99to 5.50
Cappuccinocostchanged from 4.99to 5.50
Moorishcostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Cafe Espressocostchanged from 3.99to 4.50
Coffeecostchanged from 2.99to 5.50
Morocco Mint Teacostchanged from 2.99to 3.50
Harissa Rotisserie Chickencostchanged from 18.00to 17.95

Tuesday, July 30th 2019 changes to Tangierine Cafe Lunch/Dinner Menu

Mediterranean Lamb Wrapcostchanged from 12.99to 14.95
Mediterranean Chicken Wrapcostchanged from 11.99to 13.95
Mediterranean Falafel Wrapcostchanged from 9.99to 10.95
Moroccan Kefta Wrapcostchanged from 13.99to 14.99
Mediterranean Sliders Combocostchanged from 14.99to 16.95
French Friescostchanged from 3.99to 5.99

Sunday, December 30th 2018 changes to Tangierine Cafe Lunch/Dinner Menu

Vegetable Plattercostchanged from 12.99to 14.00
Chicken and Lamb Shawarma Plattercostchanged from 14.99to 16.00
Chicken Shawarma Plattercostchanged from 13.99to 15.00
Lamb Shawarma Plattercostchanged from 13.99to 15.00
Taboulehcostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Lentil Saladcostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Marinated Olivescostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Tangierine Couscous Saladcostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Hamburgercostchanged from 8.99to 9.00
Chicken Nuggetscostchanged from 8.99to 9.00