Sunday, 30th of December 2018 Menu Changes to Lunch/Dinner Menu at Tangierine Cafe

Sunday, December 30th 2018 changes to Tangierine Cafe Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Vegetable Plattercostchanged from 12.99to 14.00
Chicken and Lamb Shawarma Plattercostchanged from 14.99to 16.00
Chicken Shawarma Plattercostchanged from 13.99to 15.00
Lamb Shawarma Plattercostchanged from 13.99to 15.00
Taboulehcostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Lentil Saladcostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Marinated Olivescostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Tangierine Couscous Saladcostchanged from 3.99to 5.00
Hamburgercostchanged from 8.99to 9.00
Chicken Nuggetscostchanged from 8.99to 9.00
Added Moroccan Kefta Platterto Menu Items
Added Saffron Rotisserie Chickento Menu Items
Added Entreesto Moroccan Kefta PlatterMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Saffron Rotisserie ChickenMenu Categories